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Review on Cordiant Comfort 2 SUV 215/65 R17 103V summer by Jnis teins

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I'm satisfied with it, there are only some small flaws.

Therun ofCordiantCOMFORT 2 SUV 235/60R18 107H tires installed on AUDI Q5 reached 700 kilometers on springcomld asphalt. On the first kilometers (pressure 2.3 atm),Comfort 2 pleased with a relativelycommfortable ride, but at high speed, high-frequency vibrations periodically occurred and the same “floating”rumble from the rear wheels drowned out the aerodynamic noise of the car.Coupling properties at first strained. ASB under heavy braking worked earlier than we would like. In addition, it was very difficult to catch the edge of the most effective deceleration before the electronics began to operate. However, after arun of 250-300 km, the tires became more flexible. The high-speed "beep" from the rear wheels is gone. At speeds over 130 km / h, the noise from the tires is blocked by aerodynamic ones. Behavior - between "good" and "mediocre". They keep a straight line at high speed well, but when adjusting the direction, thecomntrol accuracy and informationcomntent of the steering wheel is not enough. Coupling properties on dry - "good". Tires allow you to effectively upset the car without requiring them to be preheated, and the “point” of ABS activation is now clear. Wet grip - "good. " Acousticcommfort - rating from "excellent" (smooth asphalt) to "mediocre". Of thecommplaints, only the booming, resonant voice acting of medium-grained asphalt, and the increasing noise on rough asphalt, remained. Ride is between “good” (tires are a little stiffer than we would like) and "mediocre" (vibration at high speed). With the transition of pressure from 2.3 to 2.0 atm, the steering wheel became a little denser, but lazier in reactions, and at high speed the car had a tendency to “swim” on the road, requiringcomnstantcomursecomrrection. Braking has become even more efficient and understandable. The resonant boom disappeared in the noise of the tires, it became a little “softer” and more pleasant in tone. Tires began to shake the car a little less on small bumps. More information about tires on our. Zen channel

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To supplement my review, I have attached some photos that show the highlights of my experience.


  • Sufficient grip on both dry and wet pavement. Acceptable behavior. Good smoothness.
  • Reactions to the steering wheel are not as accurate and understandable as we would like. Light vibration at high speed. The colder the weather (plus 10 degrees and below), the stronger the vibrations that appear at high speed with a peak around 130 km / h. As the tires warm up with a mileage of 30-50 km, the vibrations weaken.

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July 13, 2023
Has some pros: Inexpensive and good quality tires Cons below: Balancing with weights over 30 grams
July 04, 2023
With its pros: The price-quality ratio is top notch. Cons: For the money, there are no cons