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Review on Wells Fargo by Bola Leye


It is a bank that provide services to both individual, small business and commercial service. it has many branches around the world, though not yet to have branch in Africa country.

It has good reputation over the years in the industry. I love the simplicity of the platform, open the personal account gave the holder to have access to many services which includes banking, credit and debit card that can be used at ATM, leaking account to mobile wallet while using the mobile app, loan and many more, all the guarded rules and information are on the platform.

I also love how it break the information down on what small business can enjoy by open account with them. One of the thing that business need to grow is access to found, it has a well structured loan on the platform that the entrepreneur can access. Given opportunity to help the business owners to set up payment means such as mobile payment will also help there business to grown. These and many more services is what it render to help small businesses around the world.

In my opinion this bank is doing wonderfully well, it has a good reputation couple with experiences needed to care for the services rendered.

In view of this i recommended it to any users whole love to engage there services.

Pros & cons

  • Well designed platform
  • frequently ask questions that help the user how how the platform works.
  • It has a mobile application which make the platform to be accessible at anytime.
  • More language should be added
  • Live chat should be made available