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Review on Counterpart Advisors by Rufat Ismayilov

Countrepart Advisors review

The idea of the new company, founded by some American investors, was that individuals and organizations not only need investments, but also consulting services play a big role in that. So, Counterpart Advisors was founded. The head office located in San Francisco, but there also London, New York offices under company management.
Sometimes, to implement a project, it is not enough just to have investments. Members of the company, provide consulting services, consider the project, suggest what should be changed, what should be added, thereby helping the project to self-actualize. To do this, they mainly choose projects that are at an early stage of development. We also consider projects that came out, but were not implemented.
Other areas of the company's activities include financial services, consulting management and ventures. In a very short time, Counterpart Advisors has realized itself on the market.

Pros & cons

  • The new idea in investment market
  • Consulting services provided by experts
  • Good positions in market in a short term
  • Nothing to add