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Review on 🍺 Flexible and Durable Metaland Silicone Tubing for Brewing and Winemaking by Gelin Battle

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Metaland Silicone Went to the juicer: the whole truth about this product

I already told you that this year we have just a sea of apples. On the one hand, it's great, we'll eat. Even Chai I eat apples in unlimited quantities. And on the other hand, apples are a product of short storage, even with varietal characteristics, in particular, keeping quality characteristics. There is only one way out - processing and harvesting. There are many options. This is what I am doing now. One of my ways of harvesting apples for future use is juicing. My juicer is old, as is the hostess. But I'm not going to change it. It copes with its functions completely, although it looks like it has already seen the views (that is, apples). And this year, I discovered that the tube through which the juice flows into the jar from the juicer has become unusable from time to time. I turned to the internet. It turns out that there are tubes for juicers, in principle, and they are sold separately from the juicer. But on sites with free shipping, they are not offered, they suggest waiting. And I need something urgently. There are options on other sites, but shipping costs many times more than the tube itself. As they say, the need for inventions is cunning. I found another option. People on the forums advise using for kitchen appliances that use various tubes, such as coffee makers, moonshine stills, juicers, medical silicone tubes. Indeed, online stores offer medical silicone tubes of different lengths and different diameters. I measured the outer diameter of the spout through which juice flows from the juicer - 10 millimeters. I bought a tube of silicone medical brand TSM "RTI-S" on a well-known site. Price -249 rubles. The tube is packed in a simple film bag. No labels or instructions were included with the product. It was possible to read only the information about the handset when ordering on the site. The length of the tube is 50 centimeters, the inner diameter is 10 millimeters. The feeling that this product was simply cut off from a tube of greater length. But, it doesn't matter to me. The wall thickness of the tube is 2 mm. The manufacturer's website has information on how to use the tube. The silicone from which the tube is made can withstand hot vapors during sterilization, cleaning in special chemical solutions. The walls of the tube are smooth and translucent. If this material can be used for medical purposes, then even more so for food purposes. There is no smell. According to these parameters, the tube may well replace the "native" tube in the juicer. On the spout of the juicer, the tube sat perfectly, tightly. Here is a photo of my juicing design. I tested the pipe. I did not reduce the length. Can be adjusted by reducing the height of the jar stand. The only drawback is that the tube does not have a clamp in order to block the movement of fluid. But for me it is not critical. I also recommend you a medical tube if you have the same problem as me.

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  • The inner diameter of the tube matches the outer diameter of the juicer spout perfectly.
  • No