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Review on Morgan Stanley by Chase Johnson

Morgan Stanley terrible

Morgan was trying to get me to put my money into bank accounts in Panama, how unamerican. I bet grandpa Stanley wouldn't be proud about not keeping money in America.I highly recommend you stay AWAY from these guys if you value your retirement money.. It was suggested that I sell my Tesla stock at $35 per share when I needed to access some funds..Today... Tesla is at $263. 00..The broker was the only one who made commission money... do you think he cares???

Very poor wealth management. They do not stay on top of your portfolio on a regular basis. Under-performed the market by a considerable amount. Aug 2014 to Aug 2017 they LOST money. The must be alone in that category.

Pros & cons

  • Gigantic loan-to-value ratio represent
  • I cant get anyone to answer the phone