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Review on Lightweight Nylon Fiber MTB Pedals: FOOKER 3 Bearing Non-Slip Bicycle Platform For BMX And 9/16"" Mountain Bikes by Bryan Cavalcante

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Fookering Great! for my opinion

Blown away so far. First I want to address one thing I didn't like but over all i like the pedals enough that i didn't want to rate them four instead of five stars.The Con:These pedals come with excellent grip pins (grip wise, but not so excellent threading), I intended to remove them all before use in order to put on blue threadlock to keep them from coming out. Upon loosening the pins I realized most of the pins just spun in place and wouldn't come out. I believe it's due to the very small threads and it looks like some kind of threadlock (blue in color) could have already been applied. The weak threads having to fight through the threadlock seems to have stripped them. But replacement grip pins are cheap and two extras came with my set although they are the same kind with poor threads so I'll be buying nicer ones if I start to loose the origionals.The Pros:These pedals have an amazing platform size, the first time I rode them I couldn't believe how much easier pedaling was on my calves. I was able to pedal harder and longer without having to use anywhere near as much power as I had to use with my generic Wellgo origional pedals. Even my bunny hops feel much more effortless. Your shoes really do grip these pedals very well. I like the Sky Blue color but its darker(greener) than a true sky blue but I could see that before ordering. I don't recommend the needle roller versions if your doing heavy riding as I've seen other people saying they don't hold up well. I got the Sky Blue 3 bearing version and they feel great and were cheaper so it's a win win. Anyways the Sky Blue is more of a blue green or aqua marine kinda color but I really like it.In conclusion the pedals are really nice to ride on, have grip for days, seem to enhance your ability to transfer power to the pedals (over smaller pedal platforms) but could be greatly improved with nicer threading on the grip pins. I will be recommending these as long as they continue to work as well as they do now.

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  • Cycling
  • They may not feel as stable on rough terrain

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