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Review on Hackquarters by Özgün A

A chance for entrepreneurs seeking global support in a globalizing world

Hackquarters aims to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. If you have a project and are looking for support, this project is for you.
Hackquarters organizes events and distributes prizes every week. They have organized events in many cities and they want participant loyalty. It supports its users with a large number of online and offline events on workshop days. Some of these projects are;
+ Sustainable Growth Program
+ Blokchain Startup Challenge Day
+ Social Impact Day
+ Hackzone Demo Day.
Hackquarters is free for life. Today, we encounter many social events and natural events. They seek solutions to problems such as climate change, Mass Health, The Impact of Technology on People, Security problems in banking, Environmental Protection Programs. They provide support to entrepreneurs who have projects on these issues.
Hackquarters serves entrepreneurs at three different levels.
1) For beginners
2) For institutions
3) For mentors.
The aim of the Hackquarters project is generally: For those who cannot find support for their projects, they find support for you by presenting your project on your behalf to the companies they cooperate with. You can check the existing projects from the open programs tab.

Pros & cons

  • They support those who develop projects aimed at generating solutions to social events and natural events
  • Social awareness is aimed
  • Distributes many prizes
  • -