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Recently, he started to see a very big loop

Hackquarters is a program transmission phase. To put it even more clearly, it claims that with the projects within it, it encourages its creators to grow their businesses all over the world by…See more

Hackquarters: An accelerator incubator that is not limited to a single country.

Project that was born in London and already has a presence in Turkey also has features that I like as it does not discriminate or is limited to support entrepreneurs from a single country or region…See more

A chance for entrepreneurs seeking global support in a globalizing world

Hackquarters aims to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. If you have a project and are looking for support, this project is for you. Hackquarters organizes events and distributes prizes every…See more

Venture venture venture

We can say that Hackquarters is an entrepreneurship company with headquarters in London and a foot in Istanbul. I wanted to share the information I obtained as a result of my research and…See more