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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
Accelerators, Corporate Venture Capitals (CVC), Startup Competitions

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Project that was born in London and already has a presence in Turkey also has features that I like as it does not discriminate or is limited to support entrepreneurs from a single country or region as most similar companies, They have been able to overcome the problems of the pandemic that afflicts the world today and have adapted their work to the remote route, they have strengthened that option and that is why they can support ventures in certain countries. Mentors are available in…

  • Offering worldwide support
  • A large number of mentors in various countries around the world.
  • Partnerships with large companies that will support ventures.
  • Internet tools or systems to support you.
  • Nothing to say

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A chance for entrepreneurs seeking global support in a globalizing world

Hackquarters aims to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. If you have a project and are looking for support, this project is for you. Hackquarters organizes events and distributes prizes every week. They have organized events in many cities and they want participant loyalty. It supports its users with a large number of online and offline events on workshop days. Some of these projects are; + Sustainable Growth Program + Blokchain Startup Challenge Day + Social Impact Day + Hackzone…

  • They support those who develop projects aimed at generating solutions to social events and natural events
  • Social awareness is aimed
  • Distributes many prizes
  • -

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Venture venture venture

We can say that Hackquarters is an entrepreneurship company with headquarters in London and a foot in Istanbul. I wanted to share the information I obtained as a result of my research and investigations about the company. Honestly, it drew my attention that it entered the companies of the week. If I was a business owner I would love to try it. I've reviewed the company's website a little bit. The interface is really useful. Communication with the company is very easy, although there is no…

  • many plans for businesses
  • companies with international cooperation
  • Everything is very clear and transparent
  • Nothing

Hackquarters plans to help business people and business people. On the off chance that you have an undertaking and are searching for help, this venture is for you. Hackquarters puts together occasions and disperses prizes each week. They have coordinated occasions in numerous urban areas and they need member faithfulness. It upholds its clients with an enormous number of on the web and disconnected occasions on workshop days. A portion of these tasks are; + Economical Development Pro

  • They support the individuals who foster undertakings pointed toward producing answers for get-togethers and normal occasions
  • Social mindfulness is pointed
  • Circulates numerous prizes
  • -

Revainrating 4 out of 5

As of late, he began to see a major circle

Hackquarters is a program transmission stage. To put it much more unmistakably, it asserts that with the tasks inside it, it urges its makers to develop their organizations everywhere on the world by advancing solidarity and cooperation between new organizations and associations through the worldwide associations of teammates. The stage's site looks truly amazing. I think even amateurs can undoubtedly comprehend the stage because of the segments isolated into pages. Additionally, it woul

  • I like the plan of the site
  • occasions are continually held
  • client base is very.
  • programs are continually refreshed.
  • possesses well known accomplice organizations
  • Now and again there is a freeze while signing in to the site

Venture that was brought into the world in London and right now has a presence in Turkey likewise has highlights that I like as it doesn't separate or is restricted to help business visionaries from a solitary country or locale as most comparable organizations, They have had the option to beat the issues of the pandemic that torments the present reality and have adjusted their work to the far off course, they have reinforced that choice and that is the reason they can uphold adventures in

  • Offering overall help
  • An enormous number of coaches in different nations all throughout the planet.
  • Associations with enormous organizations that will uphold adventures.
  • Web apparatuses or frameworks to help you.
  • Nothing to say

Hackquaters is a project equipped with different programs that are designed to suit the growth of various businesses. These programs can very much be utilized by both startup businesses and already started ones. Hackquaters render their service to businesses by providing partnerships and collaborations between different businesses across the globe, and this I believe will foster and improve international networking. This is exactly why Hackquaters is tagged an accelerator, because the services

  • Hackquaters is partners with popular organizations like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Hubspot, Mercury, among others.
  • It features more than 400 programs that are suitable for the growth of startup businesses.
  • In a way, the services they provide have a positive impact on the global market.
  • The benefits of this project is so much that I can't point out any drawbacks to it.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Recently, he started to see a very big loop

Hackquarters is a program transmission phase. To put it even more clearly, it claims that with the projects within it, it encourages its creators to grow their businesses all over the world by promoting unity and collaboration between new companies and organizations through the global organizations of collaborators. The platform's website looks really impressive. I think even beginners can easily understand the platform thanks to the sections divided into pages. Also, it looks like a truly…

  • I like the design of the website
  • events are constantly held
  • user base is very.
  • programs are constantly updated.
  • owns popular partner companies
  • Sometimes there is a freeze while logging in to the website