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Review on Threshold by Amos joseph

Threshold venture

Threshold was originally know as Draper Fisher Jurvetson DFJ in 2014 which later rebrand their name to Threshold venture in 2019, I did some research about the company founders who happen to have a good financial reputable history on LinkedIn, they have been working and helping out new upcoming start up business, companies and entrepreneur for over 15 years even before partnering with Threshold venture, Emily Melton and Josh Stein couple with other high profile financial analyst support in running/managing Threshold venture successfully for many years.

Threshold venture believes companies are built by great people, the sole aim of these company is to help and support startup business entrepreneur develop a well standard business environment that can thrive in these economical era.

They work hand in hand with these new companies providing financial support by partnering and also sponsoring those startup companies, sustaining success of these new company by actively engaging early in these new companies are what Threshold venture actively impact in development of business entrepreneurs.

Currently from testimonies from other companies who have been supported by Threshold venture I gather these companies have been doing well from the support given to them by Threshold venture interested companies can also apply for partnering support which can be accessed directly from the platform webpage there is also an active social platform for engaging and updating users with new upcoming events and their achievement.

Companies like healthcare sectors, technology start up companies, artificial intelligence and software developers and more can benefit from Threshold venture.

Pros & cons

  • Active financial support company helping startup entrepreneur
  • Have successfully helped multiple companies for years
  • Company team have good reputable profile
  • New company can apply for partnering
  • Have active social platform to engage it users
  • Platform not popular there are other financial support platform with same initiative
Emmanuel Sunday
February 02, 2021
That's a nice idea, the company is really growing so big, from its size, network and services they offers. There is a lot of good comments on indeed. Com from the employees Its a very nice company to get involved with.