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Review on Electric scooter Ninebot KickScooter Max G30P, up to 100 kg, black by Agnesa Horvathova ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A really necessary purchase, I'm glad I found this product.

Used by sharing, because the most reliable and not killed. Before you buy, rent it and see if it's for you. Yuzayu year, every day to work and back in the amount of 15km per day. Mileage 1000km. Speed ​​and power do not squander when the battery is discharged.

Updated 11 months ago
Rating has not been changed

Check out the photos I added to see some of the standout moments from my experience.


  • • The most powerful in its niche. Lifts me (73kg) uphill, up to 20 degrees. Well tears from a place. • Large wheels without tubes. They cope well with the unevenness of the asphalt pavement and soil. On roads where there are many speed bumps, you drive faster than a car, because. you can jump over an obstacle without slowing down and with amortized knees. • Built-in power supply. It allows you to charge from a laptop cord at work and not carry a two-kilogram charger with you (you always carry it with you). • Solid and durable body, reinforced deck. You can fight off dogs and gopniks. Crashing into a body or a pole, you won’t bend or crumble the scooter. You can hold on to the steering wheel without fear of falling off. • Anti-theft system: Powerful branded lanyard included. And also from the phone you can block in the application, and when you try to move it will slow down, block the wheels and squeak. This alarm is convenient to use in stores where you need to move away from the unit for a short time. The weight of the machine is also a deterrent. • Reliability and convenience. I got up and went out of the box, without additional dances with waterproofing, sinking the screws on the bottom and replacing the bearings (you will change them later). • Beautiful. Stylish matte black. • Battery. I charge every 3 days. • You can ride in the rain and dive into puddles. • This is Segway - the founders of two-wheeled personal transporters (repurchased by Xiaomi however). • There are three modes. ECO (15 km/h) to drive among people in a crowd, Drive (25 km/h) for a quiet ride on sidewalks, Sport (30 km/h) for climbing mountains and driving on roads. Cruise control is also activated after 5 seconds of holding the speed. • Application for smartphone. Convenient, in 2022 with a record of trips and other information about the scooter. • Can be upgraded. Hang a bag on the steering wheel (it will interfere with the headlight), put a chair, a basket for vegetables, stick spotlights and LGBT lights. • You can reflash and customize a convenient start from a place, start power
  • • 19kg is not for you, hello, you have to pump up. In the subway and trains you feel like a clumsy cow. The unit is not for girls. • A small selection of stickers on alik. • Not enough shock absorbers (but you can collect and buy on alik) • The bell, which is loose and rattles on the bumps, is repaired with blue electrical tape. • Headlight shines and okay. • The price is not very pleasant, but it's worth it.

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