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Review on MicroVentures by Navruza Saitkulova

Increase the advantage of a wide variety of venture projects

Stage is a fund speculation reserve that scans outstanding market venture openings with exceptional experts and coaches and directs these opportunities to clients and participating organizations. It was founded in 2009 with a lot of success to assist start-up organizations. Moreover, it acknowledges that it empowers financial backers and non-certified financial backers, making it the kind of comparison for certain stages that only accept licensed financial backers. At the end of the day, approximately 120,000 financial supporters contributed more than $ 220 million through MicroVentures. I believe it is a modest figure according to MicroVentures, in light of the fact that it has a fund reserve with nearly 12 years of participation and only handles a $ 220 million initiative every 12 years.

One of the reasons I love the stage is that we can easily correspond to the stage without entering the stage, every grasp of the stage can be reached. There are several different ways to contact the customer support workspace, the help icon on the landing page, email address, and phone. The authorization phase is fully planned and data on the best way to register can be used effectively. He often thinks about his customers and has a functioning style that focuses on consumer loyalty. If you have an extraordinary idea or a creative methodology that has not been done so far, I recommend you contact MicroVentures and research it.

I love that the scene has an arrangement that will help individuals and arrange them to understand how the scene works, the article can be examined through classification, making it easy to search for the necessary data. I discover it is easy to understand. The registration cycle is simple and all the data of the clients is highly secured on the stage

Pros & cons

  • Creative and extraordinary
  • Distributed in many well-known journals
  • Efficient basic data
  • It attributes importance to consumer loyalty.
  • not much