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Review on D-Link DP-301P+ 10/100TX Print Server with 1-Centronic Port - Enhanced SEO by David Jenkins

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Works great with my HP LaserJet 2100

This product was purchased to connect an HP LaserJet 2100 laser printer to our work network. It only has one parallel port, and the computer I wanted to use it with had to be across the room from the network switch. This product worked great. The only problem you might encounter is that your network doesn't match the default IP scheme pre-programmed into the device. That's how it was with my setup - I had a block of IP addresses that I needed to use on my work network. If you need to follow a different scheme, you need to connect a backup router (most routers use the default scheme that the print server uses by default), connect the print server and another computer (internet access is limited). not required - network access only), configure the print server as described in the instructions, log in to the print server using a web browser, change the network configuration (IP address, subnet, gateway, etc.) to match the required network settings . , turn off the printer and the print server, disconnect the print server from the configured backup router, connect it to your real network router/switch/etc, try to connect to the print server via the web browser as you did in the temporary setup, but this time use the new IP you set. If you did everything right, you should be able to get into the web application. If you can connect to the print server through the web application, you can proceed with the printer setup described in the instructions. Everything went smoothly for me the first time and worked flawlessly for several weeks. It also fits perfectly where my HP has a printer port. In fact, it's inside the printer under a nice cover. This is actually good because it protects him from being hit from behind. This is a fairly small device, making it suitable for most printers.

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