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Review on Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless headphones, black by Haraki Itsuki ᠌

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Best thing I have ever used, highly recommended!

Before these headphones, he owned a sony wh-1000xm3, and before them, in turn, there were bowers & wilkins p7 wireless. For me, the main thing in headphones is the sound. Well, actually the main question was whether it is worth changing your amazing 1000xm3 for these senshi. And the answer is yes. For a long time with an equalizer, I tried to get from Sony what these headphones give you right away. The edges of the frequency range are heard much more clearly here. Both low bass around ~30-40 Hz and high frequencies. It would seem much better, Sony were very good. But senhi are much better in sound, and this is the case when you don’t have to listen to the difference, you can hear it right away. If your goal with headphones is to get the coolest sound possible, then these senhams have no competitors in this category, I have listened to them all. All reviews and reviews say the same. And they are true. You can safely call it the king of sound on the market. But you have to pay for this sound with a number of inconveniences, which are listed in the shortcomings. Of course, you can adapt to them. But you can’t call ideal headphones.

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  • Sound! For a long time I did not want to believe it, but yes. They sound better than my previous sony 1000xm3s. The sound here is on some amazing level. They really reveal the concept of the phrase "surround sound". And "pump" the air between the membrane and the ear. I won’t talk about power, if you want, then it’s quite possible to go deaf in them, while not noticing distortions in the sound. Very powerful, tremble on the head at maximum volume. But the main thing - I will say about the purity of the sound, as for me it is more important. I really liked that the edges of the frequency range in these headphones are heard much more clearly than in Sony. However, just look at the frequency response of these headphones to understand this. They give out chic low frequencies on one side and reproduce high frequencies in detail on the other. This greatly expands the sound stage. This is exactly what I was missing in Sony. Against the background of these senkhs, the sound in the Sony becomes, as it were, booming, boombox. They sit comfortably on the head. And it's convenient that they are connected to two devices. I use them to call up to work from my phone, and in between I listen to music from a PC. It turns out that I almost do not shoot all day. And everything is ok. Easy to turn on. You don't have to hold any buttons. Just unfold, put on and that's it. Automatic pauses/playbacks also give + to convenience. And physical buttons are better than touch. Great set of codecs. aptX LL for PC gaming is perfect. And from the phone, through AAS (in the case of an iPhone), spotify sounded in a new way. Detailed highs noticeably better embellished the picture. Although I used to scold Apple for not having aptX/aptX HD. It turns out that the dog is not buried in codecs alone. It’s also cool that you can connect it with a wire directly by digital (via USB to a PC, for example, in my case). This is a really strong advantage. Thanks to this, it is very easy to get the maximum sound quality and the lowest possible delay without any problems with bluetooth adapters, while also charging the headphones in parallel. Connection to two devices (and not via SBC, by the way, like Sony has! But in the mode of "normal" AAC / aptX codecs).
  • after half a year of use: Connecting to two devices sometimes works very clumsily. Let's say you listen to music from a PC, the phone rings, you talk, it does not switch back to the PC. Well, I have an Aptx HD / LL mode switch on the adapter, which takes the attention of the headphones. Otherwise, I would have to turn off / on the headphones. Connecting through aptX LL periodically gives an unbearable crack. And in general, this crack often slips somewhere. I connect to a PC via Avantree DG60. If you first connect the headphones to the adapter (open them when the adapter is in USB) - a crack is guaranteed. If you connect the other way around - everything is ok After talking on the phone, the headphones may remain in talk mode. And either do not continue to play music and sounds at all, or play as an inherent phone call. It is treated by turning off and on the headphones. Phone software. Glitched, long, uncomfortable. After a chic application from Sony, everything is frankly bad with this. They obviously didn't try. It's good that there is no special need to use it. Headphones are bulky. Worse noise reduction. Removes only the bottoms. The upper / middle frequencies do not seem to cut at all. But the hum of the washer, dryer, dishwasher cleans up and for me this is the main thing. Passive Shumka is also worse than that of Sony. The sound comes out noticeably more. Fewer hours of work. But, for example, to a PC, you can connect it by wire, and listen and charge it at the same time. It's comfortable. Microphones in headset mode are so-so. It could be better. Inconvenient to fold due to non-rotatable cups. The soft case protects only from dust. It will be very problematic to take them with you on vacation. If you do not switch the signal output to the phone's speakers, they will respond to every rustle of the phone. Even when you just unlock your phone, they will switch to it. But this can be fixed. And this is more a minus of iOS than headphones. At first they pressed on the temechko. Then I got used to it. Sony, however, is easier. And they sit better and more comfortably.

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