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Review on Euromoney Magazine by Gunay Ovezova

Euromoney Magazine. A popular magazine.

Euromoney Magazine. The magazine was created in 1969 because of the need for information on the movements and development of financial markets.

It also provides accurate and good reports on capital markets and the global bank.

The newspaper, which has been running on a regular basis, has maintained its popularity for 52 years and is growing its readership. In addition, group accounts are updated daily with news, and we should note that they are like digital newspapers for blockchain and crypto.

A great online and virtual news magazine for the global financial market. As for the website, it has an orderly good and very intuitive interface.

It should also be noted that the main center is London and is only published in English. Euromoney experts prepare the best, most objective, and very clear messages to readers and users. We would not be wrong to say that experts update their accounts with new daily news.

This magazine is published once a month and has a large number of readers and users.

Pros & cons

  • This social media account works via Twitter.
  • Created to serve various financial and crypto organizations.
  • Provides accurate reports on global banking and capital markets.
  • Published in English only.