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Review on Wells Fargo by Joseph Okedeji

Wells Fargo: A World Renowned Financial Institution That's Interested In The Financial Literacy Of It's Customers Among Other Services It's Provides.

The first time I heard the name Wells Fargo, it was a card, something like a voucher, which you can claim and convert into cash. So when I discovered that it's actually a name of an American company that has long been in existence makes me very curious to know more about it.

Wells Fargo is a financial company that's diversified in its services to most especially North America and then internationally. In other to provide services to their customers globally, they have over 10,000 stores and 12,000 ATM outlets around the world. So it's because their financial services are also international that's how I got to hear about it and I can now assume the card is a payment or promotional item.

With an estimate of over a trillion dollars in assets, Wells Fargo is the largest bank by market cap in the world, so this company is already a successful, world renowned financial institution and their services have greatly served clients around the world over years, thus cementing the public's trust and confidence in their services. Wells Fargo offers other services like investments, insurance, mortgage and also consumer finance, among others.

With the prominence this company has in the financial world I'm pretty sure a good number of world billionaires are engaging their services so for low and average income individuals trying to bank with them might be somewhat intimidating but all the same their status proves they can be fully trusted with ones finances.

Discovering the world wide status of Wells Fargo made me curious to check out their official website and see out it looks like and maybe figure out more about their services. And I wasn't surprised at all because the platform was expected given their rank in financial institutions around the world. I found out that they also offer wealth management services, one that'll help customers manage their assets and also retirement and loan grants.

One unique service I found out they offer is financial education, this type of education is not taught in the walls of the traditional school so for Wells Fargo to offer such service really amazing. This education will teach customers how to invest profitably, how to manage their incomes and much more. So this form of service is really a great privilege because a lot of people have financial literacy and financial education is meant to fix that.

Finally, from my perspective, engaging the services of Wells Fargo is a privilege that is bound to open the door for more financial opportunities for companies and individuals alike.

Pros & cons

  • Wells Fargo offers investments services, insurance services, consumer finance, wealth management, among others.
  • It also offers financial education that is meant to make their clients financially literate.
  • Wells Fargo has a mobile app that allows clients engage their services easily at their own comfort. This app is available on Google playstore
  • Wells Fargo has many branches and ATM outlets across the world which makes their services easily accessible to the public.
  • I can't point out any disadvantage to the services that Wells Fargo provides. Expect the fact that it's an institution that might be to big for low income average income individuals.