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Review on WePay by gregori cordova

integrating optimal payment systems for Pymes and for banking in a simple and secure way

A few years ago, when blockchain technology was in full development, some companies saw the opportunity to create new financial models, to facilitate the way in which users made their transactions, and that is why online payment platforms began to be created . One of the pioneers in the area was wepay, a company created in 2008 in order to provide solutions to companies that needed integrated payment infrastructures and evolved in just a few years to offer white label solutions for both ISVs and platforms. Sass. In 2017 the company was acquired by Jp Morgan chase, and they evolved by integrating 3 new APIs to the platform: Link clear and core, which would make the platform an optimal option not only for SMEs to benefit from their services, but also to help integrate solutions to banking to create increasingly accessible payment options. Cadea, one of the 3 solutions offered by wepay, are designed for specific clients, being link, the simplest and core option, the most optimal and complete option that has a very high level of integration, scalability and security to the infrastructure and chase .

Wepay has been evolving since 2008, evolving alongside a totally new market, which is booming today and has millions of users around the world, as they facilitate the way in which we all carry out our online transactions to improve our quality of life.

Pros & cons

  • They have an advisory system which will help companies choose the integrated payment system that best suits them through powerful APIS
  • With the use of any of the APIs offered by we pay, the user experience will always be optimal and they are designed for all types of clients. offer a very valuable solution both for SMEs and for payments integrated into banking.
  • Flexible payment systems can be easily integrated using open source Sdk in just a few steps
  • According to the company's annual report, they have more than 1.4 billion in payments a year.
  • None, just that they should strive to promote their services to more users.