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Review on AngelPad by Abraham Jeremiah

The AngelPad program helps start-ups, not just in funding, but mentoring them to get the attainable success

AngelPad, based in New York City and San Francisco, is a start-up pad from which new companies can get funding in order to bring their ideas to life. AngelPad has been giving good ratings from notable universities like MIT and Brown universities. Going onto the site, we can all see good numbers that indicate the level of progress and achievements AngelPad has accomplished. With over 150 companies funded, 2.2 billion dollars funds raised and an average funding of 14 million dollars per company the numbers speak for themselves.
One thing I like from what AngelPad offers is that they don't just fund the start-up companies, they also mentored them. beginning a startup company whereby you do not understand the needs of the market you are beginning to enter into, AngelPad who through it's founders give well-established facts and advices to this startups so as to reshaping their ideas into what will be profitable in the long term. The founders, Thomas and Carine who have been in the mentorship business of helping startups since 2001 have a long-term experience in giving this advice and so many companies who have come under angel pad has given out their testimonies on their attainable success.
AngelPad accept applicants from wherever in the world, according to what I saw, there is a fee rate applied but will be worth it in the end. It's a great place to start.

Pros & cons

  • AngelPad has good ratings from notable universities like MIT and Brown University
  • The number of accomplishments that AngelPad displays shows how successful they have been in helping startups
  • AngelPad doesn't just fund a startup, the mentor them
  • The founders of AngelPad, Thomas and Carine has been in the business of helping startups since 2001. Their long years of experience shows their strength
  • They accept applications from anywhere in the world
  • There's really nothing to say in this regard