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Review on Startup Wise Guys by Douglas Cachazo

Startup Wise Guys: Europe's leading project incubator.

In my country there were companies whose purpose was to support new ventures, today I doubt there are any, worldwide there are many of similar cut with the same objectives only differs in the way they operate, each of them give preference to the countries where they reside or a group of neighboring countries, Startup Wise Guys operates in European countries with preference to residents in its headquarters in Estonia.

In my opinion it is like an intermediary between investors and entrepreneurs, i.e. you put your idea or venture and they look for the possible investor in your project. Additionally, they not only guide you with advisors and financing but they go further, they attract potential customers and if that were not enough they follow up your evolution to monitor how your business behaves, it is undoubtedly a great support and option to choose if you require a company to support you and help you grow.

It should be noted that as intermediaries they negotiate, so to speak, shares of your venture with the financiers and they favor you since they do not admit that the company or person who finances you does not have in its initial stage more than 10% of your company, something that seems fair to me, that percentage will increase as the financing continues, the idea is that everyone wins.

Generally I give the highest rating to this type of company, since it is an initiative in which at the end of the road we all win, something that should be worldwide and that in all countries we can have companies like this.

There are acceleration plans depending on your project, there is an intense phase that requires being in person, then there are several products that are applied to your development, until the end in which they support you for marketing and follow up to ensure that the business does not fall. It should be noted that they are honest in their statement that according to their statistics almost 80% of the accepted ventures have been successful and are operational, and 30% is not that they failed, for some reason they have declined and some are not operational. However, they learn and evaluate failures, which is important to me.

The only thing I didn't like was their web site. I think they should update it better, more attractive, using new tools, and put more information well summarized and complete.

If you live in Estonia or in the European community in which the project applies is an excellent option, polish your proposal well, document it well, show that your project is something necessary and I have no doubt you will be accepted.

Pros & cons

  • Good portfolio of companies supported in your portfolio.
  • Get financing at good conditions
  • In one of the faces they help you in the marketing.
  • Permanent follow up
  • Planning is their greatest strength
  • I have nothing to say