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Startup Wise Guys

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About Startup Wise Guys

Startup Wise Guys is one of the most active early stage investors in the broader CEE region and Nordics, has been voted Top VC fund in the CEE in year 2019. To help techy startup founders become true entrepreneurs, we are running a world class startup accelerator since 2012. We have accelerated more than 165 startups, focusing on B2B SaaS, Fintech and Cybersecurity. Portfolio has already had 2 major exits and overall startup survival and success rate is above 77%.The intensive 3 month accelerator program is focused on validating, developing and selling products to business customers. Over 200 international and local mentors help startups move through those stages much faster than they would on their own. Founders are also prepared to sell their vision to investors, and the program culminates Demo Days & major tech event visits, where startups get to present to venture capitalists and angel investors.Post program, startups join the alumni community of 145+ startups in more than 40 countries and become eligible for invite-only alumni events such as SWG Getaway focused on business development, fundraising and experience sharing.

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Startups Wise Guys is the Wisiest Choice for Techy Startups

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Startup Wise Guys: Europe's leading project incubator.

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an ideal and valuable option to improve the sales of our ventures and acceleration of startups

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Startup Wise Guys: incubator that drives your projects

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Start wise guys SWG

Startup Wise Guys is a business to business B2B accelerator program initiated to help and assist young and startup young minded Interested users toward developing and sustaining a successful…See more