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Review on Startup Wise Guys by francis fernandez

Startup Wise Guys: incubator that drives your projects

Due to the digital age in which we live, technological inventions are becoming more frequent; but not always the ideas of its creators come to fruition. Many are frustrated by the lack of financial resources and the absence of growth opportunities.

Startup Wise Guys is an organization made up of recognized business and technological experts whose purpose is to serve as a financial and logistics incubator for the development of companies from their creation or initial phase.

What is Startup Wise Guys support?

Startup Wise Guys establishes a schedule with a duration of 5 months that contemplates the market strategies to be followed so that the supported companies achieve the successful commercialization of their goods and services at a global level.

The mission of Startup Wise Guys is focused on expediting the process of expansion and commercial growth of the companies affiliated with its program.

Why choose Startup Wise Guys?

For many companies, achieving the commercial expansion of their operations in such a competitive market can be an arduous task that requires a lot of time and investment; However, Startup Wise Guys has the economic infrastructure, adequate logistics, and a team of renowned advisors who, combining all these resources, contribute to the achievement of business objectives in just five months.

Startup Wise Guys also trains project developers to be propagators of their ventures in the search of attracting investors for their company and potential clients for their products. They have the opportunity to do so at the end of the impulse program, during Demo Day.

Another advantage that incubated companies have is that when they leave the program they become part of the community of organizations formed by Startup Wise Guys with representation in more than forty jurisdictions worldwide and enjoy participation in business events, fund management and friction social.

Without a doubt, Startup Wise Guys is a valuable ecosystem for technology entrepreneurs, which not only provides financial help but also contributes to the formation of successful entrepreneurs.

Pros & cons

  • It has a community of companies that attest to its trajectory
  • Boost business management through financial support
  • Offers advice from world-renowned experts
  • Serves as a financial incubator for the creation of companies
  • No disadvantages