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Review on Startup Wise Guys by Amos joseph

Start wise guys SWG

Startup Wise Guys is a business to business B2B accelerator program initiated to help and assist young and startup young minded Interested users toward developing and sustaining a successful business from stratch.

They teach startup practitioner from stratch to become self reliant consultant in business.

Directly from the webpage interested users can apply for coaching program new training accelerator program are currently ongoing for new intake each program run for approximately Five months where users will be taught base on specialty of program they apply for. which in business to business program, sustainability program like AgriTech, FoodTech, Smart city, mobility and energy with more program.

I tried creating my profile which was done successful in few minutes to apply you will need a particular or current running company you're managing question will be asked, on a form which will need to be filled out.

In two week if your application is reviewed and approved you will be accepted to participate in either of the program you apply for.

In general Startup Wise Guys SWG is a financial support/coaching, training company setup to support and help entrepreneur run a successful business from stratch it has been in existence since 2012 with good online reviews base on my research I couldn't find any fault or complain from users either online and on their social platform.

Pros & cons

  • Financial support platform dedicated to coaching start up business entrepreneurs
  • Upon selection startup capital will be allocated to new users
  • Opportunity to hookup and connect with great business like minded people on training session
  • Company team has good reputation have been active since 2012
  • There are multiple program to select from and learn from
  • Application process is very long for much transparency