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Review on Startup Wise Guys by gregori cordova

an ideal and valuable option to improve the sales of our ventures and acceleration of startups

The constant evolution and rapid growth of technologies in today's financial market has created a new market and an opportunity for all those interested in the area of ​​sales and startup acceleration to refresh their knowledge and take their ventures to the next level. In this context, the startup wise guys, offers an intensive accelerator program dictated by more than 200 highly qualified mentors and experts from many countries with a duration of 3 months that will help new startups to evolve more effectively and quickly than usual. that they would do it on their own, providing them with all the necessary resources to achieve it in record time. Since 2012 the program has been in operation, helping the acceleration of more than 165 startups and focusing on 4 important branches: fintech, b2b sass, cyber and sustainability. Through this program, users will learn powerful sales techniques, to identify the type of target customer, even to close sales successfully, all in a very professional teamwork environment, in which you can surround yourself with many entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors that through their experiences will help you to achieve your goals in an optimal way.

It is a program that seeks excellence in all areas, and that aims to develop in students different values ​​such as vision of the future, dedication, organization, commitment and above all passion, to develop high quality ventures

Pros & cons

  • The accelerator program has a team of experts and mentors of height, who will guide users on the difficult path to the success of their ventures
  • It promotes in its users, values ​​such as dedication, commitment and organization
  • Through the exchange of experiences of all the students attending the program, you can accelerate your knowledge to implement it in your business
  • It is an ideal program to learn all about sales and take your business or entrepreneurship to the next level
  • The success rates of startups after completing the program is more than 77%, something that is undoubtedly very tentative for new users
  • For now, the acceleration program is only available in a few countries in Europe