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About Business Growth Fund

Business Growth Fund was set up in 2011 to offer growing companies and ambitious entrepreneurs patient capital and strategic support. Today, they are the UK and Ireland’s most active investor in small and medium-sized companies. An established and independent company, they have £2.5bn to support a range of growing companies – early stage, growth stage and quoted – across every region and sector of the economy. Hundreds of companies are using their equity capital investments to accelerate growth.With 14 offices, they are close and relevant to the businesses they invest in. They have grown to a team of 150+ and a network that’s made up of one of the largest pools of board-level executives. Collectively, the companies in their portfolio employ close to 50,000 people. They want to see more entrepreneurs using their capital not only to scale-up their own business but also, collectively, to drive economic activity and with it increase employment, exports and growth.

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