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Florida Funders

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The most dynamic financing to executives in Florida

It focuses on the start-up organizations and gives all the assistance to the progress of these organizations. Particular emphasis is on innovation organizations. It operates in Florida, but it is a…See more

Florida Funders is the biggest establishment when it comes to supporting young companies.

Florida Funders is an integration organisations that merges all aspect of capital venture funding in small and up growing or upcoming firms. Being a US project initiated in the year 2013, it has so…See more

Florida Funders: Florida's largest venture fund company for entrepreneurs.

In this increasingly globalized world, entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to succeed and scale more quickly, since they can find commerce anywhere in the world, which requires investment to…See more

Florida Funders

Hello there. My review for today will be on Florida Funders. Florida Funders is a US based company created in 2013. The company serves people in venture capital funds, syndicate, angel groups and…See more

Florida Funders is distinguished in the way it supports entrepreneurs

When we talk about investment and support companies, we all work that they are companies that provide financial support to startups and initial walks for entrepreneurs, but if we want to talk about…See more

You can become a partner in the investments of large investors

Florida Funders focuses on early stage companies, giving all the support for the development of these companies. Technology companies in particular are a priority. It operates based in Florida but…See more

It is the best company in this field in its region.

Florida Funders is a platform that discovers and aims to find early-level technology companies established in the Florida region, provides them with the necessary financing and participates in the…See more

Florida Funders: a great project that invests in the technology companies of the future.

Hello everyone, I want to tell you about Florida Funders, which is an excellent project. Florida Funders is both a venture capital fund and an angel investor network. Florida Funders find technology…See more

My review about Florida Funders

Hello to everyone. I'm going to write to you today about Florida Funders. Florida Funders was created in the USA in 2013 and has close to 8 years of experience. In fact, this experience may seem…See more


This venture capital firm has used the platform to help over many startup to achieve there objectives. The platform is very quite and keeps on expanding, it has many years of experience which…See more