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Corporate Venture Capitals (CVC)

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Description of GE Ventures

GE Ventures combines capital, technical and commercial expertise to scale great ideas that drive growth for partners and GE. Focused on the areas of software, healthcare, advanced manufacturing and energy, GE Ventures helps entrepreneurs and startups accelerate their ideas by providing access to GE’s global network of business, customers and partners. Offering a tailored approach and unparalleled resources through its Global Research Center, GE Ventures helps reduce development cycles and accelerate time to market for entrepreneurs and companies.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A project that focuses on Health and media tech.

gg-GE Ventures could also be crowned as one of the world's leading capital initiative that brings change to the world, through specialized and business ability to scale extraordinary thoughts that drives development for accomplices and GE. on the spaces of programming, medical services, progressed assembling and energy. However, GE Ventures helps business visionaries and new companies speed up their thoughts by giving admittance to GE's worldwide organization of business, clients and even…

  • It scales a great idea glued to drive growth for partners.
  • It focuses on areas relating to Health and AI software maintenance.
  • Helps entrepreneur accelerate their projects.
  • Reduces the length of development cycles.
  • None available for this review.

Today I'll be speaking to you about an investment company that helps entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams by investing in their startups. The name of this company is GE Ventures. It is an investment firm that helps entrepreneurs to accelerate their ideas, the focus mainly on technology, software development, healthcare, they even focus on manufacturing and energy. Interestingly they have been functioning for more than 125 years while producing the top-notch services to it potential…

  • They have various social Media platform from which you can get more information about them
  • They have been functioning for more than 125 years making them one of the oldest investment firms I've seen for quite some times
  • The company doesn't seem to offer any services to Africa