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Holy Stone Quadcopter Transmission Anti Shake
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About Holy Stone Quadcopter Transmission Anti Shake

4K EIS Anti-Shake Camera with Sony Sensor: The EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) technology reduces video blurring; Sony Sensor is equipped with advanced image-capture technologies for superior image quality than others; 4k(3840 x 2160) camera catches much more details; Videos can be recorded with 1080p@60fps or 4K@30fps; The remote controlled 90°adjustable angle broadens your view; besides, 5GHz FPV transmission guarantees longer (1640 Feet) and smooth image transmission. Easy to Use: With air optical flow & air pressure altitude control system, the drone can hover stably both indoor and…

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Skip if you have a Google phone. Updated

If you have a Google phone, skip this drone. It will not pair with a Google phone. I'm also sad because this drone looks great and flies just need to see where I'm going and I can't do that on my Pixel 3. Update, just got an email from their customer service department asking me. to remove my negative review and they will send me a new drone. Uh, no thanks. I love my Mavic Air 2.

Pros & cons

  • Weight
  • Protection

Extremely disappointed! I bought a drone for the first time.

After fully charged, the battery discharges very quickly within 2 minutes, causing the HS720E to lose control during flight. After losing control due to a dead battery, a controlled drone landing proved impossible and now I have a crappy drone. This was my first drone purchase and I was looking forward to having some drone flying fun. Extremely disappointed in this product!

Pros & cons

  • Satisfied so far
  • Crumpled

Fast shipping, NOT NEW! USED ​​DRON!

So upset! I read great reviews and watched so many videos before purchasing. Brought yesterday, received today. The propellers are scratched. Looks like one of them has bite marks. I don't know if that's normal for drones. But I've never seen electronics of this caliber with a battery already installed. The real problem was that it didn't come with a second battery! It was obvious that this drone was being used! I'm so disappointed that I'm just returning it instead of replacing it. I was so excited to review this thing. My first disappointment with Revain.

Pros & cons

  • Nice packaging
  • A little wrinkled

Do not buy this drone

I got this for Christmas. This is my first time spending a lot of money on a drone. It was over $300. When I first flew a drone I had no problems. I live by a lake and have posted videos and photos. Drone did his best. Two days later I try to fly it again. When you press the launch button, it rises 5 feet and levitates. This time I hit the start button, he got up and took off like a bat from hell, he went left in the middle of the lake and dived straight into the water. I didn't control it. The remote control didn't respond. Over $300 disappeared in less than 5 seconds. I don't have that much money to throw away. I suggest you don't buy this drone. I messed it up. Update: I call Revane and they wouldn't help me. Since the drone went into the lake and I couldn't retrieve it, they said there was nothing they could do. So I called Holy Stone and told them what happened. They will send my other. So I'll let you know how the new one is doing.

Intermittent navigation problem

This is my first drone. I found it very easy to use. The instruction manual is great for getting started. Please see the image for drone calibration. There is a specific way it should be rotated. Once I figured that out, I was ready to go. PROBLEM: He has a serious navigation problem that occurs regularly. 4 flights of 10 or 40% of the time, 30 seconds after take off the drone stops responding and takes off by itself. Yesterday he hit a tree and broke one of the propeller arms. This problem is persistent enough for engineers to diagnose and fix in future models. This is why I'm rating it 1 star because I've only had it a month. That's a short lifespan for a $300 drone. **UPDATE** This issue has been reported to the engineering department to fix in future models and I have been sent a free one time replacement. Based on this level of customer service and warranty I am updating the rating. The new model is more responsive

Buyer warning! Spend a little more for a well-known branded drone.

This was my second drone I have purchased from Holy Stone. The first was a $90 toy model that couldn't withstand 2 mph winds without going off course. I returned it for this model and paid 200 extra for this model. The reviews were great, the features and app looked amazing, I loved it! I took it on my first flight and at first it worked like a dream, the controls were solid and the picture and video looked decent. I drained and replaced the first battery. I calibrated the drone after putting in a new battery and sending it about 15 feet in the air. I noticed that she steers oddly and leans to the left. I lowered it and returned it to the starting point. I knew something was wrong when all but one of the propellers stopped and continued hissing. I manually turned it off, removed and reinstalled the battery, calibrated the drone and decided to try again. I lifted it about 10 feet and it immediately went out of control, I couldn't control it at all. It flew over a water-filled car wash…

Excellent auto stable drone with GPS and high quality camera

As a previous drone owner I felt more confident in my flying skills and felt it was time to step up and pursue my drone hobby. next level. Decided to buy Holy Stone HS720E. It's such a wonderful difference from my previous drones. Key features of note include GPS, auto stabilization and a digital display on the remote control. Instead of relying on the Ophelia Go phone app to determine signal strength, the controller helped me keep track of the drone's battery level, the controller's battery level, and most importantly, the GPS numbers. While the drone has a failover feature that allows the drone to return to its launch location if the battery is low or the signal is lost, the GPS meter helped me figure out when I might lose signal so I could keep going and could land. The 2 speeds of the drone allowed me to get out of sport mode and let one of my kids try it with slower movements without fear of them making sharp turns in one direction or hitting a wall or whatever and not having…

Best Holy Stone drone yet

This is the best Holy Stone drone I've played with so far. Mind you, we're still in the sub-$400 price bracket, so this isn't a DJI Mavic, but it does have some great features for the money. When you open the box you will see that everything is compactly packed in a carrying case, which is great for travel. . The drone looks well made and not cheap plastic. The arms of the drone fold out and lock into place very easily by unfolding the front arms first. There is a microSD slot for a memory card (up to 128GB). Batteries slide and lock securely. The charger (see photo) is a bit strange. It has a high-voltage USB-C cable and a fold-out clip that holds two batteries, but only charges one at a time. A fast blinking light lets you know which one is charging. Meanwhile, the controller is powered by 2 x AA batteries. Pairing is about the same as other Holy Stone drones, requires gyroscope calibration and GPS lock, but the light is easier to see. There are 4 LED indicators on the back of the…

Great drone and excellent value for money; good company in terms of customer support

I have had this drone for about 2 weeks and have some experience with it. In terms of value this is a great purchase and I am very happy with it. The EIS function works great and the 4K pictures are beautiful. There is no gimbal like on more expensive drones. I don't care, but it's easy to tell when the drone turns or changes position. My primary purpose is to fly for fun, not for commercial photography or filming, so think about your purpose. Of course you pay a lot more for a 4K gimbal and they are much more sensitive to shock. Flying is great. One of the features that drew me to this drone was the controller. It has a built-in display with battery level, GPS and signal strength. It can take photos or videos simply by using the buttons on the controller, meaning if you just want to go for a quick flight you can do without your phone. So you can start quickly. I like the unlock/lock button and the one button unlock. Autoland works but I think it can actually follow the phone. I…