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Nikon ACULON A211 8248 10x50 Binoculars (Black) Review



Very good

Revainrating 5 out of 5  
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Model Name8248
Water Resistance LevelNot Water Resistant

Description of Nikon ACULON A211 8248 10x50 Binoculars (Black)

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

The Nikon 8248 ACULON 10X50 Binocular is a remarkable addition to the world of binoculars & scopes. With its lightweight construction and excellent ergonomics, this product has been meticulously designed to provide users with a comfortable and convenient viewing experience. The Aculon A211 10x50 binoculars are specifically engineered to be as light as possible without compromising on performance. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, sports fan, or avid traveler, these binoculars will be your perfect companion for capturing stunning details at a distance.

Wide Range of Applications

When it comes to binoculars & scopes, the Nikon 8248 ACULON 10X50 Binocular is a versatile tool suitable for various activities and purposes. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, attending sports events, or indulging in birdwatching, these binoculars will enhance your experience and bring you closer to the action. Additionally, their compact size and lightweight design make them a great choice for hikers, campers, and travelers who value portability without sacrificing functionality.

Exceptional Optics and User-Friendly Features

Equipped with advanced features, the Nikon 8248 ACULON 10X50 Binocular offers exceptional optics and user-friendly functionality. The Turn-and-Slide Rubber Eyecups provide a comfortable fit, allowing you to enjoy extended periods of use without any discomfort. Whether you wear glasses or not, you can easily adjust the eyecups to your preference. Furthermore, the binoculars offer a wide field of view, ensuring that you don't miss out on any important details during your observations.

Enhance Your Viewing Experience

Experience a whole new level of clarity and precision with the Nikon 8248 ACULON 10X50 Binocular. This exceptional product solves the problem of distant objects appearing blurry or out of focus by providing a powerful 10x magnification. With its high-quality optics and reliable performance, these binoculars allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, sports events, and other captivating sights. Whether you're a professional photographer, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the finer details, this product will elevate your viewing experience and help you capture memories like never before.

Here are some of the places where the Nikon 8248 ACULON 10X50 Binocular can be used:

  • Wildlife reserves and national parks
  • Stadiums and sports arenas
  • Concert venues and outdoor festivals
  • Astronomy observations and stargazing events
  • Beaches and coastal areas
  • Hiking trails and mountain ranges
  • Cityscapes and architectural landmarks
  • Aculon A211 10x50 binoculars are designed to be as light as possible along with excellent ergonomics. Turn-and-Slide Rubber Eyecups allow for comfortable viewing during extended periods of use. Made with A spherical Multicoated Eco-Glass Lenses bright and clear images in most lighting conditions. The smooth central focus knob makes these binoculars simple to operate and easy to focus. A durable rubber-armored coating ensures a non-slip grip, even in wet conditions.



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    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The best I ever used, recommend it to everybody.

    There was a lot of reading and looking at the choice of binoculars, there was a prejudice against Roof systems, they say they are much worse than Porro at the same price. What if we take a quality one, then Monarch 7 is ideal. My basic requirements for binoculars: - high-quality, bright, three-dimensional picture - the ability to conduct observations in the dark / city lighting - the weight is not very critical for me, since I don’t plan to carry binoculars for observations from home / in…

    • - fits comfortably in the hand - comfortable dimensions, exceeded expectations - high-quality volumetric, clear and juicy image - smooth adjustment of the central focus with one finger - case included - price
    • not found

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A really necessary purchase, Im glad I found this product.

    Good quality but expensive binoculars. At work, there are Minox and Veber, so I’ll say that all binoculars are good. If you need cheap and good binoculars, look towards Veber. And if possible, it can be more expensive, but most likely you will not see a difference in the quality of the picture. Regarding the lack of a shoulder strap on the bag, the binocular strap released outside will also cope with this wave. By weight, not light, but in general the weight of ordinary +/- binoculars.

    • Manufacturing quality; Bag (case) complete with the ability to put on a belt whoever needs it;
    • Probably the price;

    Please see this video at your earliest convenience: v=9aPpvAQUY8Q With its positives being: There is a L adapter (I don't know why it's stated on the bottom of the review that it's not there, maybe I didn't discover it) but I don't know why it's written that it's not there. There is a hole for fastening on a belt (belt), the eyepiece caps (where we look) are really large and not securely held, but the lens caps hold securely and tightly (well, I can confuse the lens and the eyepiece in places…

    I dreamed of buying this binoculars for a long time and so I decided to order it in a liaison, the order was delivered quickly in 4 days, good customer service, I checked everything before paying, a good binocular for its price . Has pros: Very good binoculars, clear quality image, good light transmission even at dusk. Different cons: In my opinion, there are no shortcomings, the cover from bumps and falls, I think, will not protect the optics .

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    The product is good, there are only a few minor flaws.

    A bit soapy at the edges of the visible area, there was also Nikon 7 * 35, with the same problems of the kit, but besides this, and it is easily soiled, to put it mildly, is weak, in fact it is none. Got pros: The optics are really good in terms of image quality, you can see with binoculars better than without it, read high-aperture. Its cons: The lens caps are poppy, know who and what was thinking when they made them, The strap is short and not very comfortable, without a separate belt, and…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The perfect product for any user!

    With its pros: through binoculars, under the light of stars, a wild boar is perfectly visible at 50 meters. Some cons: There is no rag, the material of the lids dubs in the cold and you serve the lids without fixing.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Best product I have ever reviewed, I recommend it to everyone!

    The binoculars are large and therefore not very portable. Taking it with you just in case is not very convenient. But for this he is not intended. The rest is great stuff. Extremely happy with the purchase. Pros below: The build quality and materials are excellent. Nice to hold in your hands, everything in its place. It is a pleasure to use. And the picture quality is absolutely excellent. Has cons: The eyepiece covers are somehow flimsy, they strive to fall and get lost. In nature, rubberized…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good purchase.

    Taken for hunting. I chose between 12x50 and 10x50 and eventually took both. I left 10x50 for myself. there is no picture shaking in it. Comparing, I realized that 10x50 is more than enough. 12x50 picture trembles, but not critical. 12x50 gave, as a gift it is simply beautiful. Pros below: Excellent binoculars. I would never have thought that in the dark, through binoculars, you can see much better than with your eyes. At night, under the light of stars, a wild boar is perfectly visible at 50…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

    As a result: I decided to buy a fix after I anointed it and a variable in the store. aperture played against the variable and the fact that more than 10x on the hands is really difficult to watch, but 10x is enough for domestic / tourist use. Well, I'm glad that I was not embarrassed by the shortcomings that are described in some reviews and actually turned out to be nit-picking.

    • An excellent picture both during the day and at dusk, ergonomics worthy of a well-known brand, a pleasant rubberized case, a comfortable strap. What other advantages can be distinguished when there are not so many functions and distinctive features of binoculars in principle? It's just that when you take it in your hands, you don't want to let it go)
    • I didn’t understand why the lids are so bad here, everything is conveniently hung on a belt, it doesn’t fall anywhere, it doesn’t interfere with anything. Maybe not all the instructions looked? everything is drawn there, what and where to wear. I agree only with the lack of a shoulder strap on the bag, but it is hung on the belt as planned. and in general, do you need it with you when using it - hang on your shoulder while you look, and then hide it in your bag every time?

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

    I chose for a long time between different companies and models, simultaneously studying the characteristics of binoculars, since the purchase was made as a gift to my father, replacing an old collapsed telescope, which means I had to be 200% sure that I would not buy nonsense. :) In the end, I chose this model for several reasons: 1. Tenfold approximation - what is called the golden mean, when the magnification allows you to see what is not visible to the naked eye (and this causes simply…

    • Housing material, ease of use, aperture ratio.
    • On the case, the fastening is only on the belt, if you need a strap over your shoulder, you will have to sew it on. There are no complaints about the binoculars themselves.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    I have not regretted the purchase, everything is fine.

    Compared to the twice as expensive Nikon Prostaff 5 10x50, the difference is in size, weight and price. The quality of the image in terms of sharpness, contrast, and other things did not notice that it was different. But the chromatic aberrations of the Aculon A211 10x50 are almost not noticeable, in comparison with the more expensive Nikon Prostaff 5 10x50. The only thing is that Nikon Prostaff 5 10x50 has a very large eye relief, therefore it is easy (with eyecups not extended) to use with…

    • There are a few aberrations, a contrasting, sharp image, light, lies well in the hands, it seems - a strong assembly.
    • Very soft and "sticky" rubber trim - clings to everything and "attracts" dust. Difficult to use with glasses.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    A reliable product for all occasions, the quality is at the level.

    A bit soapy at the edges of the visible area, but this is the norm. I am satisfied with the optics, but the kit disappointed me and greatly. Before that, there was also Nikon 7 * 35, with the same problems of the kit, but besides this, it lacked aperture. In my opinion, the kit lacks anti-glare and fog filters. Looking through binoculars on a sunny day is quite unpleasant for a long time due to the high aperture ratio, so filters would be very helpful. For your $100 you get bare optics. The…

    • The optics are really good in terms of image quality, very very good. At dusk, you can see with binoculars better than without it, read high-aperture.
    • The lens caps are poppy, the belt mount is such that they constantly fly out. I don’t know who and what was thinking when they made them, but it remains a mystery to me why they are made so that they constantly fly off the belt. Eyepiece plugs even more or less. The strap is short and not very comfortable, although durable. The cover is uncomfortable and unnecessary, without a separate belt, why it is needed in the kit is not clear. There are no rags in the kit, and they even put it with Chinese binoculars for 400r.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Reliable product for all occasions, quality on par.

    Actually, there are no complaints about the picture, aperture ratio, clarity. Clear, bright, picture with correct color reproduction. But the eyepiece bridge is plastic. Because of this, the eyepieces are easily pressed along the axis. Too easy I would say. And both at the same time, if you just look with a slight emphasis on the eye sockets. Which, in my opinion, does not add reliability to binoculars at all. Caps, covers are not essential.

    • Aperture, clarity, field of view, excellent mixing.
    • Plastic ocular bridge.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Do not hesitate to buy, the quality is amazing for the price.

    I ordered NIKON SPORTSTAR EX 10X25 DCF BLACK binoculars, the price came out cheaper, including delivery to Hong Kong, than buying at retail in a store. Thanks to the manager Kirill for advice and help in choosing. First I wanted to buy a NIKON ACULON A211 7X35 (x 7), but after talking I bought a NIKON SPORTSTAR (x 12), paying a little extra. build quality, excellent, everything is included (a big plus is a 10-year warranty !)

    • Excellent binoculars for hiking, concerts, etc. Lightweight and compact. The picture quality at maximum magnification (12x) is clear. Delivery came on time. Consultation at the highest level (the manager is well versed in the goods being sold, which is rare today).
    • Haven't revealed yet. Used only at concerts, let's see how it behaves in the summer in the campaign.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Beyond praise! The product definitely deserves your attention.

    I was very pleased with the purchase, a bright, even, three-dimensional picture. All imaginary shortcomings are easily compensated by virtues! On planes flying high in the sky, on those that leave a white inverse trail and appear just gray to the naked eye, it is easy to distinguish the corporate coloring (in fact, they are very colorful). The binoculars showed themselves very well at dusk, when you look through them, the picture seems brighter than without it. I evaluated the optics from the…

    • Sharp, catchy, light, low chromaticity, vignetting (darkening at the edge of the image) is practically absent. Nice big picture. Very good at dusk! Price!
    • Lens and eyepiece caps (uncomfortable, poorly thought out), no bag, no L adapter included, no cloth included.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

    You guys are very Americanized. There is no more free thinking. Attach the strap to the binoculars, place the binoculars in the bag-case and close it with Velcro, leaving the strap outside and passing through the back of the bag cover. You hang it around your neck, shoulder, etc. The bag, though durable, is light. It will not fall off and will be held by Velcro, and the binoculars are actually on the strap. Maybe this is not my know-how, maybe it was conceived by the practical Japanese and is…

    • I received the binoculars on July 20, 2022. All its advantages have already been described.
    • I won't write about covers. The eyepiece caps hang firmly on the belt, and the objective caps can be attached separately by tying black cord around the narrow part of the lens and attaching the caps to it. The incision on the lid can be closed with cambric. The knot, if desired, soldered into plastic, it will be like a factory one. But with a strap for a case - this is Hochma! I'll describe it in the comments below.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

    Having read and seen enough reports, I went to buy my first binoculars (although he is the first, I have been working with optics for a long time - a photographer). Initially, I wanted to take binoculars with a magnification of 8x because of the movement, I looked at the Olympus 8-16x40 Zoom DPS I and Nikon Aculon A211 8x42 (for me, the magnification is not enough and switched to the 10x50 test - Olympus, Pentax, Nikon and ours) Subjectively - Nikon Aculon A211 10x50 won in my tests. The…

    • For such a picture (during the day and at dusk), which I saw through this binoculars compared to Olympus, Pentax and our binoculars, which are approximately in the same price category, I forgave him all the shortcomings, which abound. I’ll add super ergonomics to the pluses, in the hands it lies like a glove and a very pleasant to the touch case. Good belt.
    • I agree with the previous reviews on the shortcomings. 1. Cover - without a belt. Structurally, the strap of the binoculars is also a strap for the case, but when you take out the binoculars, you will have to put the case somewhere - it is inconvenient. In principle, it is solvable, you have to be a seamstress-mechanic  2. Housing - plastic, requires more careful handling. Marked rubber on the body. 3. Caps, their fastening after removal on the belt - disgusting ! Might need to be improved :\ 4. I did not have an L adapter in the kit, it is not in the list of kit for this model of binoculars. 5. Rag - missing :-):-):-)

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I'm very happy with the product, it's very satisfying.

    This is my first pair of binoculars, read the reviews here. Friends suggested when choosing between 7 and 10 times, in favor of the latter. This model has many advantages, high-quality assembly (which is important), plastic (light) case. Good aperture (for similar models with a similar price, it is lower). The exit pupil diameter is 5 mm (as it turned out, a very important characteristic). The case is not moisture-dust protected (but it would have cost more). I don’t need moisture protection…

    • Great binoculars for the money. Rubberized, very pleasant to the touch case, comfortable for long-term observations. A wonderful picture is clear, bright and does not tremble. The purchase is completely satisfied. A bag without a belt does not bother me, I am unlikely to carry it with me in a bag, it is for transportation. Just in case, for beginners like me, the kit includes the binoculars themselves, protective covers for eyepieces, a rather voluminous bag-case and a strap (typically Nikon, i. E. very high quality and convenient).
    • Of course, a convenient carrying case would not hurt, plus a brush with a cloth and laces for protective caps. Tripod mount and lip liner included.