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Description of 🐻 Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut 5102

Those thermal pads are made from a carbon-based polymer with nanoparticles; They have a high thermal conductivity of 62.5 W/mk. The non-adhesive and flexible carbon thermal padding can be used repeatedly and, unlike pastes, does not dry out. The thermal conductive pad meets the expectations of gamers and IT enthusiasts alike, who are primarily looking for a high quality product from Thermal Grizzly. The thermal pad material is virtually non-degradable, so its properties are solid and its lifespan almost unlimited (rumored to be up to 15 years). Suitable for CPU cooling, GPU cooling, and any application that requires the use of pads instead of thermally conductive pastes; Carbonaut is an electrical conductor - avoid contact between thermal pad and transistors or transformers.


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I took the thermal paste from the "factory assembly" for the i5-11400F to replace it, having previously tested it for transcoding a one and a half minute video to H.265 (Handbrake promised to stretch it for at least an hour) and archiving in 7zip *on one core* in order to check the calculations about that graphite distributes heat *along* its plane better than thermal paste and, thus, is able to heat the radiator better in such scenarios. The gasket itself - thin and more like a piece of cloth…

  • The possibility of multiple reuse, thermal conductivity is not inferior to many high-quality thermal pastes, and in some scenarios - due to the characteristics of the material - and superior (see detailed comment); durability (already dry - no need to reapply from time to time)
  • The fragility of the material; the need for tight contact between the cooler heatsink and the processor cover and, accordingly, the evenness of the area on the heatsink; the electrical conductivity of the material, which requires additional care during installation (discharge of static electricity from the body before "touching" the radiator and / or working with vinyl gloves with it); dubious benefit for overclocked processors with high heat dissipation

Revainrating 1 out of 5

TLDR Avoid this junk, buy a graphite IC or thermal paste

After hearing about graphite pads as a replacement for thermal paste, I was very excited! I've already installed a thermal graphite IC pad on another computer with great success (needed a BIOS flash to support the CPU, and the reusable pad made it easy to switch processors!). For my build I bought it because I wanted "higher performance" in terms of W/mk compared to the graphite thermal IC pad. After initial install, thermal performance was good on my broken 8700K (without overclocking). About…

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Disappointing, but still somewhat affected.

I just wasn't impressed. This is a good product but not great value for money, at least for me. IC Graphite delivers better prices at a lower price. In my tests, I use the product in a water-cooling circuit with a 360mm and a 240mm radiator, a GPU block with Titan X Pascal and an Ivy Bridge E-4930K CPU under the CPU block. IC Graphite easily keeps the GPU idle at 23-25*C and handles it with a delta temperature of 4-5*. That's 4-5* higher than my room. Carbonaut has a delta of 7-9* and idles…

  • Excellent overall performance
  • Doubtful

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Factory: Radiator

I've been struggling with overheating issues on my MSI GV62 laptop since Christmas. It throttles quite heavily, mostly hitting the high 90s under load. I've used NT-H1, Arctic Silver 5, and MX-4 pastes and haven't noticed much of a difference. Then I saw this Thermal Grizzly on YouTube a few months before it was released, "reusable" gasket instead of paste? No way. However, after looking around a bit I couldn't find where to buy it, but I did find the Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal Pad. I…

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