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🌲 Woods Clamp Lamp with 10 Inch Reflector and Bulb Guard - 300W Bulb, 6ft Cord Review




Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
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img 1 attached to 🌲 Woods Clamp Lamp with 10 Inch Reflector and Bulb Guard - 300W Bulb, 6ft Cord
img 2 attached to 🌲 Woods Clamp Lamp with 10 Inch Reflector and Bulb Guard - 300W Bulb, 6ft Cord
img 3 attached to 🌲 Woods Clamp Lamp with 10 Inch Reflector and Bulb Guard - 300W Bulb, 6ft Cord
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Description of 🌲 Woods Clamp Lamp with 10 Inch Reflector and Bulb Guard - 300W Bulb, 6ft Cord

VERSATILE LAMP CLAMP with strong spring clam grips, double ball universal joint and adjustable reflector lets you direct light where you need it. INDOOR CLAMP-ON LAMP with a metal bulb guard to protect the bulb, a reflector and spring clamp grips that don’t leave marks on surfaces perfect for temporary work spaces or farming. Features non-marring clamp grips and built-in hook hanger for convenient hanging. GROW LIGHT CLAMP LAMP can be used as a grow light during the cold months for indoor plants or gardens. PORTABLE, ON-DEMAND LIGHT SOURCE is easy to carry around; for pantries or basements without a built-in light source, this metal clamp lamp is an easy-to-set up alternative light. CLAMP LIGHT FEATURES: an attached 6 foot cord 18 AWG SPT-2; rugged molded plug; double ball universal joint; spring clamp grips that will not damage surfaces; 10” round reflector; up to a 300W medium base e26 bulb (E26). Power source type: Corded Electric. Voltage: 120 volts. DOES NOT COME WITH BULB.


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Revainrating 3 out of 5

I do not recommend this item.

Reflector was dented and deformed during shipping due to lack of packaging materials. The dents don't affect performance and I was able to get it into good enough condition to reattach the lamp guard wires. 2 parts were missing: 1) There is no tape to attach the clip to the lamp. with this. It almost goes against the purpose for which I bought this item. 2) One of the rubber caps for the ends of the lampshade wire is not included. It's cosmetic, of course, just annoying. I will not be returning

  • Easy to read control panel
  • Expensive

Revainrating 4 out of 5

love it or hate it!

I bought 3 of these devices. One came without a reflector mount. replacement ordered. Same problem. Ordered a second replacement. It was finally done. I noticed that others had the same complaint. Also, the clip that holds the pan head doesn't hold the reflector very securely, but is acceptable if not handled roughly. For these reasons I would give the product 2 stars. BUT it has a great cable and although the reflector is thin and light it works well. I would give 5 stars for that. Hi! It's…

  • Nice little thing
  • Some loose change

Works well, has a ceramic base and supports 250W NIR NIR so I'm happy with that as I had a hard time finding it offline. I'm sure there is a better quality of metal/construction than this. However, the round piece of metal was bent in transit, so if you're picky about looks. know what could happen. I'm sure the bulges are mostly cosmetic, but I'm sure the bulges also have some impact on how the light is shaped. The photos show how it arrived. There are no instructions either. I still don't know

  • Lots of positive vibes
  • Hard to say

Revainrating 2 out of 5

No switch is best in bulbs

I received mine today. What I like best is the price. I will be using mine with photo eclipse lamps in my photo studio. In the studio I usually use my studio flashes, but sometimes I need to use tungsten tubes for special lighting. For example, if I have a fireplace in my scene and use studio flashes, the flashes "flood" the flame and they don't show up in the frame. The same goes for birthday cakes or any candle scene. The reflectors are flimsy, but they will work. I need to find a way to use…

  • Certified
  • Compatibility

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Perfect for NIR bulbs but could use some improvement

Mine didn't have any dents like the others but they came loose and unprotected in the box but if you notice that Revain fulfills orders so Revains protects the packaging, not the manufacturer. It's a thinner metal material. No high power light. If you just throw them in a box and wheel them through states and airlines, what do you expect. I guess I'm lucky because mine isn't damaged. They are very big which I didn't expect but I love them. Parentheses are strong. They have a ceramic mouth…

  • Weight
  • Concise instructions

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Works but needs something to hang up!

Received this 'brooding' lamp for use with TheraBulb NIR-A NIR silicone coated protection lamp - small form, 150w. . At first I gave up on the idea of buying a brand new lamp for this (I already have a clamp lamp that looked similar to this one), but after reading the instructions (and some scary reviews about exploding bulbs) I realized that my clamp lamp didn't was good. It's rated for over 60W of power and definitely not for heat. I'm REALLY glad I decided to spend the extra $12 on this bulb

  • Absolute Legend
  • Great Price

Having a protective cap is great as I use it as a heater to keep my plants happy during the winter months. The only downside to the design is that it doesn't have an on/off switch like most reflector lights, so you have to unplug it every time you want to turn it off. While this might be the safest option, in my case it wasn't the most convenient. Even though I like this lamp, if I would buy it again I would look for a lamp with a protective cover that has a switch. As another reviewer noted…

  • PORTABLE LIGHT ON DEMAND easy to carry; For pantries or basements without a built in light this metal clamp lamp is an easy to install alternative light source
  • Cord is shorter than others

Revainrating 2 out of 5

It powers the bulb, but it doesn't shine where you want it to.

It does hold and power the bulb but it doesn't do its basic job of clamping anything and adjusting the angle of the light. A rubber grip is placed over it. The rubber holds up fairly well, but the clips aren't tight enough to hold the light securely if placed at an odd angle or if you're using a particularly heavy bulb (e.g. for plants). In addition, the clamp cannot be used on pipes, which require more direct contact with their surface. The slight tilt mechanism has to be the worst attempt at…

  • INDOOR CLAMP LAMP with metal body to protect the bulb, reflector and spring clamps that leave no marks on surfaces, ideal for casual or farm work. Has scratch resistant clips and a built in hook for easy hanging
  • Not sure

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Pretty durable, solid base and cord, adjustments. Not so easy.

I purchased this ceramic base incubator clamp specifically for my RubyLux infrared therapy light (bulb) which requires a ceramic base for high power lamps and a protective cover to protect against heat from the lamp. as well as the delicate nature of infrared lamps which can easily be broken and/or burned somewhat when inserted into a base that does not have this housing and a reflective housing. If you also want to buy something for your Rubylux infrared lamp, I definitely recommend that you…

  • Small parts