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Review on Exodus by José A Rodríguez

Exodus Wallet: An Always Ideal Option for Crypto-Financial Management

The exodus wallet has the name of a leader. This wallet has been offering excellent services during the years, and the current one is not an exception. I like the services of this multicurrency cryptocurrency wallet.

If you have not used or downloaded this wallet yet, you should do it. I feel free of reading its most important benefits since my conception.

⦁    Sending and Receiving assets among cryptocurrencies was never so easy. Nowadays, Exodus' users can operate with this wallet by using just their address or a scannable QR code. I've seen this is one of the easiest, practical, and even secure methods.

⦁    The verification process is already left out. I dislike a little bit having to verify every transaction I do, even if I just want to check my storage. With the Exodus wallet, this process has been omitted and now users can buy/sell cryptos in a few seconds without risks.

⦁    Privacy and Safety are the mainstays of Exodus' silver iron-wall. I refer to this by saying this wallet as well as the overall company offers a solid secure platform since data keeps private. Users get access with a potent password, and I think that's enough. However, I highly recommend downloading a viable antivirus to protect desktop or even mobiles (if you have the app) when operating online.

These triads of benefits are what I always consider twice before applying for hot wallets. They are full of inner advantages. For that reason, I consider Exodus as a special wallet. If you are still worried about safety, remember that Exodus is partnered with Trezor's wallet. So, security is already at a highly-astronomic level. Also, crypto traders can use lots of the Trezor benefits and store their fund off-line as well.

Exodus and Revain

Currently, the Exodus platform has informed crypto users of the Revain community they are facing a sort of issue related to the balance's display. Many users cannot send or receive assets as they commonly do it. It's important to have this in mind and be quiet until this problem is solved.

Pros & cons

  • Shining updates. In 2020, Exodus brings cryptocurrency support increased by +100 assets. Besides, now users can enjoy trading with the new coins joined: Algoran (ALGO) and Icon (ICX).
  • Secure interface. The wallet is effective and practical but secured. There is no need for applying for verification steps.
  • Available for desktop and mobiles. iOS' users can enjoy the use of this multi-cryptocurrency wallet, and have everything in the same ecosystem.
  • Some exchange processes for certain coins are not available. This is framed to Eos and Monero assets.
  • Just a list of coins is admitted in the synchronous operation with Trezor wallet. Coins like CDAI, XLM, LEO, or USDC are supported by both, while BNB, EOS, or ADA are not.