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Review on MetaMask by Evgeniy Zaytsev

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Free decentralized Ethereum Wallet for begginers

MetaMask is a reliable and high-quality wallet for buying and selling ETH, it is free, except for the commission.

Thanks to a convenient and simple interface, using the wallet is very easy. If you have just learned how to use Ethereum and ERC-20 cryptocurrencies, then this is the perfect option for you.

You can create your own wallet by installing a browser extension that helps you use the wallet.

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You do not need to pay anything to work with tokens. Of course, there is a fee for buying tokens, but this is due to exchange trading (the wallet is connected to exchanges like Binance, which allows you to exchange tokens).

Is he safety?

The reliability of MetaMask is pretty good. Why not completely? The reason is that when used, personal information can be compromised, there is no two-factor authentication and multi-signature in the wallet. Protection measures are standard, but at the same time, no one has yet hacked the wallet for all my time, at least I don’t know about it. Although this does not mean that there is nothing to worry about. Do not put your phone or computer at risk, do not visit phishing sites, etc.

My experience

I have been using MetaMask for about 3 years now. Mainly for ETH transfers and various purchases. That is, I actively use it, so the “active” use case is more convenient for me than the “passive” one.

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Personally, I managed to try many different wallets for working with crypto, but MetaMask turned out to be more convenient than others, plus it can be used to interact with various blockchain applications, as well as work with smart contracts.

In addition to storing currencies, here you can buy cryptocurrencies directly, since the wallet has access to various cryptocurrency exchanges. But there is one thing: you can only buy Ethereum and its tokens. The commission is one of the disadvantages that are usually not found on the exchanges themselves. Much higher minimum value. Therefore, at the moment, I try to use the wallet as a warehouse for the crypt, so as not to worry about its location and not lose a lot of commission on operations through the wallet.

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In conclusion, I want to say that alternative options, of course, have their pros and cons, but as the first wallet for working with ETH, Metamask fits perfectly. So far I'm still using it myself.

If you are a professional who understands cryptocurrencies, then most likely you need to look for a more secure option.

Updated 2 years ago
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Just the other day, I needed to use Metamask registration for a crypto game. Because different platforms have different networks for payments, then the wallet offers to switch, and then it cannot work with the previous option (only if it switches back). It seems to me that this is very inconvenient, I had to get a second wallet for a different network in order not to suffer with this transition on an ongoing basis

Updated 2 years ago
Rating has not been changed

Recently, I began to notice that many platforms do not work well with the wallet. I don’t know if the reason is in it or in the platforms, but I didn’t notice this before. Maybe I'll think about moving the funds somewhere else. If you are also facing problems when using Metamask, then your best bet is to consider using another service.

Perhaps soon the wallet will completely disappear at such a pace

  • Easy to use
  • There are security issues

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May 16, 2022
The best review written on this company. Well described pros and cons, as well as added experience about the platform, which indicates that the author has an idea of what he writes about. I would trust the review of this author.

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