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Review on MetaMask by Adejoh Samuel

Metamask, The Ethereum Wallet

I got into the blockchain network and started with the Blockchain games. I played some games like the CryptoKitties that made it a necessity to have an account with some Ethereum wallets, one of which is the Metamask. I had opened an account with this wallet for a while now but hardly check things out there. All I do there is to transfer Ethereum to my gaming account and fund it whenever it's necessary. I had to properly check it out for the sole purpose of this review.

The Metamask wallet is a blockchain wallet that stores Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens. No need to fear if you have any other coin or token to add as you can add any other token to it. I accessed the wallet on my Chrome browser that's because it is only accessible in 3 browsers namely: Chrome, Firefox and (I guess this is because of the fact that they store users data on the browser, they had to carefully select the best known browser for data security). When one talk about a cryptocurrency wallet, the first question asked is what class it belongs to. Well, the Metamask wallet belongs to the hot wallet type (which is the least secured class, the most prone to hackers). This feature alone might sound scary but there's no need to worry as Metamask has got you in mind. They have never had any security breach or hack ever since it's existence, it also makes use of the Hierarchical Deterministic settings (HD settings). This would help in backing up my account with some "seed phrase." All you have to do is to memorize this word and provide it whenever it's required. The carefully selected browser is also a security measure they put in place.They provide the best liquidity for their users at an affordable cost of 0.875%. I find this really affordable and that has left me without a complain ever since I started using the wallet.

Their customer support is something I cannot just leave without talking about. My personal experience with the support team was very encouraging. I had a problem with the transfer of Ethereum to my CryptoKitties account. It took longer than it should to receive this Ethereum in my game account. I felt quite disturbed and had to contact their customer support team. The reply I got was quite soothing and warm, it made me feel really comfortable and within some hours, the account was credited. Their support team is a very responsive one, my personal experience with them is one prove of that.

If you are a type of person that is afraid of using a hot wallet, then the Metamask wallet shouldn't be an option. But if you are the type of person that loves discoveries (just as I do), then you should check it out. Their interface alone would make you remain there.

Pros & cons

  • The wallet makes use of the Hierarchical Deterministic settings for back up
  • It don't only accept Ethereum and it's tokens, any other crypto can be added
  • Not minding the fact that it is a hot type of wallet, they have put up some security measure to secure users account
  • They have their mobile application available on the Android and iPhone operating systems, although I haven't tried the Android version yet
  • The fact that it is a hot type of wallet renders it useless to some class of people