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MAKER (MKR) With a current value of $ 429.44 USD Maker realizes the potential of blockchain, which consists of a stable guarantee, collateral loans and government decentralized has a total supply of 1,000,000 MKR and a daily volume of $ 468,163 USD, located at number 31 of the most important coinmarketcap cryptocurrencies Maker promises to transform the world economy by creating a decentralized, stable and frictionless currency that will allow people and businesses to realize the future of moSee full review

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BITCOIN GOLD (BTG) with a current value of $ 20.33 USD Btg is in number 25 of the most important coinmarketcap cryptocurrencies with a supply of 17,235,874 BTG   (It almost reaches the total of 17,335,874 BTG) and a daily volume of $ 5,775,847 USD Bitcoim gold promises that it will improve and facilitate the mining of its currency compared to the mining of Bitcoin Bitcoin Gold has implemented a comprehensive reproduction protection and unique wallet addresses, essential features that protect uSee full review

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VE CHAIN (VET) with a current value of $ 0.014269 USD, we can trade it in the exchanges Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, Bitfinex, among others It has a daily volume of $ 14,686,696 USD and has its own wallet that you can download in its Website VeChain is a leading global business-class blockchain platform its executive director is Sunny Lu who is a specialist in Electonic Engineering and created the Vechain project in 2015 Currently his project is located in place number 19 of coinmarketcap, whicSee full review

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If you are a very active trader and you like the exchange Binance, or on the other hand you are starting and the issue of commissions for trading is a complicated issue for you BINANCE COIN It is a cryptocurrency belonging to the exchange Binance, with a current value of $ 10.13 USD, its price has not fallen too much as with the other cryptocurrencies and one of the most important reasons for this must be because many buy it to pay cheaper commissions in their exchange (I personally use it forSee full review

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CARDANO (ADA) It became one of my favorite cryptocurrencies since last year currently has a value of $ 0.069221 USD a supply of 31,112,483,745 ADA, with a daily volume of $ 35,582,761 USD We can see that because it is such a good project it is located at number 10 of coinmarketcap Many people (including me) consider Cardano as a GIANT ASLEEP WHAT IS CARDANO ACTUALLY? Cardano is a decentralized public block and cryptocurrency chain project and is open source. Cardano is developing an intellSee full review

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0x (ZRX) with a current value of $ 0.551198 USD... 0x is reliable Exchange Created in the distributed Ethereum network without any centralized error point and no down time; each exchange is concretely atomically and without risks for the counted has: -liquidity shared: By sharing a standard API, transmitters can easily accumulate liquidity funds, which creates network effects around the liquidity that is formed as more transmitters are connected. -Open Source: 0x is open source, its use is freeSee full review

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BITSHARES (BTS) with a current value of $ 0.109199 USD Mainly I find many good points: -Decentralized exchange of assets -Smart Coins stable price cryptocurrency -Recurring and scheduled payments -reward program by recommendation The BitShares platform is managed and maintained by the BitShares community, an open consortium of individuals and organizations committed to providing universal access to the power of smart contracts. located in the top 40 of the most important cryptocurrencies, wSee full review

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WHAT IS QTUM? A decentralized and open source intelligent contracts platform and value transfer protocol. with a value of $ 3.41 USD Qtum allows you to develop decentralized applications that simply work. Bring those applications on your mobile device. Located in the top 30 of the most important cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of $ 302,735,544 USD and a volume of $ 93,514,733 USD Currently listed in the exchanges Bitforex, Binance, Okex, houbi among others QTUM is about to revolSee full review

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Decred (DCR) with 40.3% of coins mined today Decred is an autonomous digital currency that strives to facilitate the governance of block chains, allows an optimal transition from one set of rules to another is a strong digital currency, evolutive and alien to the influence of third parties. Located in the top 30 of the most important cryptocurrencies with a current value of $ 36.57 USD, a market capitalization of $ 309,673,230 USD and a volume of $ 13,510,848 USD can be found in the exchanges See full review

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BYTECOIN located in the top 30 of the most important cryptocurrencies, occupying the 25th place with a market capitalization of $ 339,934,037 USD and a volume of $ 3,625,527 USD Its current price is $ 0.001847 USD We can find it in several exchanges such as Binance, Okex, Poloniex, etc. So ... WHAT IS BYTECOIN IN GENERAL? Bytecoin is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency with impossible to track payments that started in 2012 and is currently still working on the project Reviewed in OkexSee full review

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First of all I had to create an account in this exchange since I personally did not use it, it has a very understandable platform with good graphics, I was very surprised by the large amount of cryptocurrencies that you find listed, I see that their fees are based on the volume of btc that are traded in 1 month and are classified in 10 levels The maker orders are "passive" limited orders published in the order book before the transaction. Example: If the current market price is 1000 USD and youSee full review

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Ontology with a current value of 1.72 USD (-86% compared to December 2017) with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 ONT of which 184,206,203 ONT are already in circulation, we can trade it in more than 32 forms, ranked among the best cryptocurrencies in the 26th place in the top 50 What is ONTOLOGY technology really? Ontology is a new high performance public blockchain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform. Ontology offers new chains of high performance public blocks that includeSee full review

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Omisego placed among the top 30 of the best cryptocurrencies, occupying the 22nd place, with a supply of 140,245,398 OMG, a market capitalization of $ 438,938,085 USD and a volume of $ 34,114,810 USD, currently worth 3.12 USD, handling a historical maximum of 34 USD on Last year, available in more than 130 exchanges such as Binance, Cryptopia, Kucoin, Poloniex among others But what is Omisego technology? Unbank the Banked OmiseGO allows financial inclusion and interoperability through the puSee full review

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Located in the top 20 of the coinmarketcap, currently occupying the number 14 with a value of 11.44 usd, with a market capitalization of $ 1,167,365,858 USD and a volume of $ 179,592,034 USD, we can find it in 121 exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, Bittrex, Poloniex, etc. but what is Ethereum Classic? Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a smarter blockchain, it is a network, a community, and a cryptocurrency that takes digital assets further. In addition to allowing people to send value to each oSee full review

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Litecoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that I use the most, so much for trading, keeping and making transactions, one of my favorites without hesitation currently has a price of 51.46 usd and last year came to exceed 200 usd per unit, we can find it in most reputed exchanges (400 in total) It is located in the top 10 of the most important cryptocurrencies, occupying the number 7 place with a market capitalization of $ 2,997,751,398 USD but what is litecoin really? litecoin is the open sourceSee full review

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currently emercoin ah had a rise of 43%, with a price of 1.30 usd can be found in exchanges hitbtc, cryptopia among others the emercoin technology is based on the original Bitcoin code Its main function is to provide flexibility that allows you to store arbitrary data within the chain of blocks something that personally surprised me a lot of emercoin is that big companies of renown already use their technology as it is coca-cola, lloyds among others I did not know this cryptocurrency in deptSee full review

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dogecoin without a doubt is one of my favorite and preferred cryptocurrencies I personally use it a lot to make transactions thanks to its low cost of fee we can find it in most exchanges and we can even trade with it, last year had a big rise from 0.001 to 0.009 usd, more than 9 times its price, now also had a good rise thanks to fork dogethereum, we will see what happens with the price when this novelty happens is located within the top 20 of the most important cryptocurrencies, the favoritSee full review

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good interface of the page, clear white paper and understandable, good position in the top 20 of coinmarketcap, not very big price due to the large supply, located in prestigious exchanges such as binance, hitbtc, bittrex, huobi and many more The blockchain platform of NEM was designed and coded from scratch focused on scalability and speed. NEM's smart asset system allows you to fully customize the way you use the NEM blockchain. First, your Namespace defines your space in the blockchain, whereSee full review

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"The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications"" and really it is, what a good project, let's start with the interface of the page is excellent, white paper well detailed and understandable, you can find eos in most major prestigious exchanges (Binance, huobi, bitfinex, kraken, hitbtc and many more) in which ah advanced the year ah had interesting forks and if you have coins eos you receive your fork in proportion 1: 1 excellent position in the top 50, which means that people See full review

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Good interface of your web, the application runs perfect, eh classified many of its benefits: ● Instant and private purchases, directly from your Dash wallet ● InstantSend payments are confirmed in less than one second ● Private: guarantees that your activity history and balances are private. and many other things, it is worth mentioning that it maintains a good position in the top50 of coinmarketcap and you can trade in most prestigious exchanges (binance, bittrex, poloniex, bitfinex, huobiSee full review

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