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Crypto Spells

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About Crypto Spells

Cryptospells is a blockchain card game that can be played without a wallet and Ethereum. By issuing a card with NFT (Non-Fungible Token), the user can prove their ownership and conduct free transactions. Released in June 2019, Cloud Sale exceeded 900ETH.

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Crypto Spells: collectible cards to play by levels

Writing about games that use blockchain technology is fun, but at the same time an arduous task because of the elements that must be evaluated, in my opinion the following parameters should be taken into account: graphic design, if it is...See full review

Review on Crypto Spells by David Emmanuel

good day guys I want to tell you about this particular game in blockchain network that allows you to save all your data on a single card. Crypto Spells is a special gaming network that allows users to save all their file on a card , this card can...See full review

It's an ideal game and has incredible potential.

Cryptospells is definitely not hard to get and heaps of fun also. It is a much faster speed than various crypto games out there due to so this will be unprecedented for players who could do without enemies who take a long time each turn. They are...See full review

Crypto Spells is a great fun game.

Hello everyone. My review today is about Crypto Spells, one of the most popular games in the mining system. This game is not very interesting, but sometimes it freezes when you play it on the internet. This game has a great design and a simple...See full review

"Crypto Spells".

Hello everyone. I am going to give you a little overview of the blockchain game. The name of this game is "Crypto Spells". Founded in 2019. This gane is similar to normal other card games. In this game you will not be able to invest. You can only...See full review


This is agaming network that works as a complete block chain to save data. The crypto spell belongs to the collection games and it has good rewards to its users and players since a lot of them enjoy the offer in the platform. From my research...See full review


Crypto Spells is considered to be one of the most popular games in the mining and mining system that requires Etherum currency, which requires no investment. This game is not very interesting for me because it freezes while playing on the...See full review

More of a Blockchain Game with Nice Cards

Crypto Spells is a gaming network that works as a complete blockchain to save all data included on it, as well as transactions, and player's history. It belongs to the type of collectible games, and it has left good rewards to its players since...See full review

It's a perfect card game and has great potential.

Cryptospells is anything but difficult to get and loads of fun as well. It is an a lot quicker pace than numerous crypto games out there due to so this will be extraordinary for players who don't care for adversaries who take quite a while each turn…See full review

Crypto Spells

Crypto Spells, like any other trading card game that operates with blockchain technology, allows the trading of cards as digital currencies in your system with Ethereum and even non-expendable on tokens. This pose a game mode where users fight...See full review