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Review on CryptoKitties by Eunice Olagbadun

My love for cryptokitties second to none

I've been in the cryptocurrency space for some months now,so when I heard of cryptokitties I laughed at the idea of collecting virtual kittens but then I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. Cryptokitties is a video game on blockchain that allows me to purchase, sell,and breed virtual cats. In order for me to get started I used chrome a browser that supports metamask I then created an account. In cryptokitties I have to collect and breed cats to ultimately grow my collection and if possible make some serious cash on the creation. In cryptokitties I breed the kittens with others to create new breeds and spawn new characteristics that could either be good or bad though I can't breed kittens having the same parents or parents with their children instead I can breed kittens with their aunts,uncles,and cousins. Each kitten has its own unique 256-bit genome and DNA. Their physical appearance like shape,fur,color and personality characteristics are passed down from their parents. One major challenge about crypto kitties is the fact that it isn't a mobile game so I had to use a Mac,PC,or Linus machine that has the full desktop version of chrome running. The real fun thing about cryptokitties is in the form of breeding,to breed kittens I'll need tonhavr a sire and a dame,If I have two cryptokitties I'll simply choose one to be a sire and the other one to be a dame and then they will take it from there. And if it happens that I have just one cryptokitty I'll go to the market place and look for a sire to breed with my cryptokitty and once the baby is born it becomes mine thus I have two cryptokitties in breeding cryptokitties one will spend some cash. Every breeding session includes a transaction fee and a birthing fee,currently the breeding fee is 0.008ether while the transaction fee vary. ETH is used to buy cryptokitties and are bought at auction but the starting price for a cryptokitty at auction is set at the average price of the past 5 cryptokitty sales plus 50%

There are four ways to play cryptokitties which are; kitty collector,the breeder,the trader and the fancy chaser. The kitty collector is the first way for one to own cryptokitties,in the breeder one can go for specific characteristics like color,eyes,tails etc.,in the trader one plays with the goal of making money though it might be less fun then finally the fancy chasers here they have special cats called fancy cats which can be used to breed kitties if one wants a specific characteristics

Pros & cons

  • It has a passive source of income
  • The kitties are so adorable
  • It has a nice graphic design
  • It uses Ethereum which consumes more funds as gas fee
Mathias David
January 23, 2021
I guess I'm beginning to lose interest in this game, Cryptokitties mainly because of how much it has been hyped. Moreover having a game that centers around breeding cats looks a bit immature to me. Well, those that play and enjoy it knows what they like about it
Praise Olagbadun
January 12, 2021
I actually saw the game as a childish one at first. I tried it out and really found it fascinating. Nice gameplay it is really, I really love their graphics. I just hope they make their mobile applications available very soon