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Review on Gods Unchained by Furkan Ceylan

Gods Unchained!!

Yes I will write a review about the game again. Gods Unchained is again a game I used for 2 days to write this review.

The Gods Unchained game is a game connected to the Unchained Gods mythology. I can call it a game that has the potential to be very attractive to everyone at first sight.

I know as the Gods Unchained game was developed by a team of former engineers from Blockchain, Google and Rio Games. This feature made it even more pleasing to my eye among cryptocurrency-based games. Because 3 companies are very successful in the game world and among internet networks.

Gods Unchained is a virtual card game that can be purchased with Ethereum. The values of the cards increase according to their power and characteristics. Games are generally based on battles between two online players or between a player and a computer. Players can choose and play 30 cards from their deck in each challenge

Pros & cons

  • Attractive game at first sight
  • Created by a professional team
  • Process is simple
  • no