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Soccer Manager Elite

19 · Very good

GenreSports manager
StatusClosed beta

About Soccer Manager Elite

An evolution of the classic SM Worlds real-time multiplayer game, utilising blockchain technology, giving you true realism, ownership and total control. Only a limited number of clubs are available to manage in one exclusive game world, “The Elite Championship”. All the clubs are owned by shareholders (other players) who appoint their managers. This allows the game to be played by the thousands.

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Soccer Manager Elite: A Football Championship Blockchain Game

Soccer Manager Elite is a football championship blockchain game of great design and unique core among crypto games of this magnitude. In fact, there are little releases covering this type of games, so the company have a long road already won. It...See full review

Soccer Administrator Tip top: A Football Title Blockchain Game

Soccer Administrator Tip top is a football title blockchain round of extraordinary plan and special center among crypto rounds of this greatness. Truth be told, there are little deliveries covering this sort of games, so the organization have a...See full review

Soccer Chief First class

Hey everybody do you think about Soccer Chief World class, this game is an exceptionally fascinating game, I'm extremely inspired by this game. The principle objective of this game is to score an objective and afterward score an objective on the...See full review

Soccer manager elite

Hello everyone. My name is Rustem and today I came across a very good game. How long have I been looking for this game and I finally found it. I really liked this game. The game kicks off between the two teams and one of the two wins. This game is...See full review

Soccer Manager Elite

Hi everyone do you know about Soccer Manager Elite, this game is a very interesting game, I am very interested in this game. The main goal of this game is to score a goal and then score a goal on the free side of the goal. When you play this game...See full review

Soccer manager elite

Hello everyone. My plan today is to write about the soccer manager elite game. This is a good game design, good graphics and safe game. I play this game online. I also play this game with my friends. It gets even more fun if you play with my...See full review

Soccer Manager Elite

Soccer Manager Elite is a blockchain game made for people who want to earn funds while playing games. This games has great desing and good graphics. This game is made for all people who loves to play football games. Games like this one is not...See full review

Soccer, interaction and earnings.

A game that is within the options of true fans of the beautiful game, such as soccer. It is anchored to blockchain technology which makes it a decentralized game that does not depend on a server. It is supported by the same community of players...See full review

How about making money playing FM?

Soccer Manager Elite is a game created with blockchain technology. Football fans show great interest in Soccer Manager Elite. Soccer Manager Elite is played in more than 40 countries. It is quite popular. Since it is open source code, it can be...See full review


Soccer Manager Elite is a multiple player football game. it has the hundreds of club wish competing with different other in the league with weekly matches. i can also become manager of any club of my choice i also need to support and full trust of...See full review

Soccer manager elite

Blockchain technology never cease to amaze me with interesting features introduced daily to convince users that crypto network has come to stay for good and in every area will be a financial boosting system for any interested users. Soccer Manager...See full review