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Coinomat EUR

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Instant TopUpNo
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 15.99
ATM Fee$ 0.00
Daily LimitN/A
Card CurrencyEUR
Monthly Fee$ 0.00
Overall Fee0.30%

About Coinomat EUR

CoinoMat is a Bitcoin debit card that operates at both Visa and Mastercard terminals all over the globe. The card has instant loading and has a fixed rate at EUR 3 but is subject to the coinomat exchange rate. Point of sale transactions are subject to a EUR 0.55 transaction fee. The currency conversion cost for the card is 2.75% - slightly less than the average at 3%.

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CoinoMat EUR

I will like to summit my own point of view "CoinoMat EUR" while you relax and have fun. Now To My Review. CoinoMat is a Cryptocurrency debit card use at any point in time to pay through cryptocurrency, and it can be reloaded instantly, this...See full review

Coinomat is ideal for trading with Bitcoin.

After experiencing severe security breaches, the Coinomat price range was incorrectly set, and there were a number of cases that led to the platform closing later and the Coinomat EUR card issuer being canceled. The platform has completely declined...See full review

Coinomat EUR card is not available

After experiencing a severe transgression on its security system, funds stored by Coinomat were lost and a host of situations played along leading to the subsequent closure of the platform and the end of its service provision to the Coinomat EUR...See full review

Coinomat is convenient for making purchases with Bitcoin

If you are looking for a Bitcoin debit card that is usable for multiple purposes and at anywhere, coimomat could be a good choice. This is because the card is both Visa and MasterCard in nature. The base currency is EUR so users must have an EUR...See full review

CoinoMat EUR Debit Card Is No Longer Functioning

CoinoMat EUR is a cryptocurrency debit card that offer maintenance free, Instant Reload, Instant conversion of Cryptocurrency to EUR, low transaction fee of 2•75% that is lesser than the average of 3%, and also acceptable at a point where visa and...See full review

Coinomat EUR

Coinomat is a Bitcoin debit card (btc), one of the advantages of this card is its link with VISA and MASTERCARD, giving it excellent use in all parts of the world. One of the main features of the card is that it has an instant recharge of your...See full review

Coinomat EUR

Coinomat EUR provides rechargeable debit card services for bank transfers, there are no monthly maintenance fees, the fees for this card remain low, actually a little lower than the average fees for this type of debit card. At the moment their...See full review

Coinomat EUR is a debit card linked to bitcoin

Coinomat EUR is a debit card linked to bitcoin, one of its main functions is that you can use it in establishments that accept VISA and MASTERCARD, this being a great benefit for card users. The card has a fixed rate of 3 Euros and also that it...See full review

Coinomat EUR

CoinoMat EUR is a debit card so that users can carry out different operations and buy through this card, users can make a purchase with this card and it will be accepted at points of sale where they accept Visa, this card can be recharged in...See full review

Coinomat EUR

Coinomat EUR is a debit card for digital assets where users can make payments and purchases, this card provides great security to users so that they can make purchases at the point of sale where they accept Visa and also where they operate...See full review