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hello, I am a graduate of onur balin economics department and I am improving myself by doing research on stock markets and cryptocurrencies that I follow with love....
Se unió a Fri Oct 16 2020 14:01:36 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Logotipo de bitcoin gold

It is the money that will emerge as a result of the bitcoin hard fork that a group of bitcoin software developers and miners who set out with the idea of ​​"make bitcoin decentralized again" will make bitcoin to transform it into a decentralized structure that is produced by everyone. bitcoin golders plan to give everyone who holds bitcoin on October 25 as much as bitcoin gold as they hold on November 11. Bitcoin gold, which can be produced with video cards, is likely to continue as an altcoin. However, since it is possible to experience airdrops, people have been increasing the amount of bitcoin in their hands by exchanging their altcoins. Like any digital currency, the success of this digital currency depends (initially) on the miner and software developer support it will get behind it. But the most important thing is that it should be the center of attraction for those who will invest in bitcoin gold. After the bitcoin gold airdrop, we can sell the bitcoin gold for 10 USD, as well as for 1000 USD as in bitcoin cash. For now, for the hard fork to be successful, miners must be able to create blocks and set up a separate blockchain from bitcoin. Think of the letter y as a chain, the hard fork is the point where the letter y is forked, the part to the right will be bitcoin, the part to the left will be bitcoin gold. If the handle of the letter y, which was produced before the fork was previously only bitcoin, now both bitcoin and bitcoin will be gold, anyone holding bitcoin on the hard fork day will also own bitcoin gold if the fork is successful and the blockchain is formed. (in theory) we have bitcoin cash experience on how it will be in practice, but exchange sites were making statements when that fork was happening. As of today, there was not enough explanation from exchanges regarding bitcoin gold. This is my experience, friends.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de reserve rights

The Reserve is a platform that allows individuals and businesses in high-inflation countries to protect their money by moving money from coins to a stable digital currency. Two buckles provide power to the reserve protocol. The first is Reserve (RSV): stable cryptocurrency that is economically and legally sound at all scales. It is decentralized, 100% asset-backed and funded by top Silicon Valley investors. The second is the Reserve Rights (RSR): the floating protocol token that plays a role in stabilizing the RSV and gives the cryptographic right to purchase more Reserve tokens as the network grows. The reserve movement defines itself as a community of people who believe that cryptocurrencies can do better than the main currency, and that none of the available options can scale for global use, maintain stable purchasing power, and cannot be turned off. The goal of the team is to make it the most accessible, economically strongest and most stable currency and, over time, persuade a large part of the world to replace other currencies with it. I think this is very difficult and difficult to achieve. They will be waiting for quite complicated and difficult ways because I know that this coin is not even known, it is only traded on the binance exchange. Looking at the values ​​of the past years, rsr, which generally draws a very stable and smooth graphic, has recently experienced quite a lot of rises and falls, surprising its investors and has been able to provide good gains to the lucky ones. What will be its value in the future is discussed, but if it is up to me, its value will decrease even more. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de airswap

AST or AirSwap Token is the membership token for AirSwap decentralized exchanges. People on AirSwap will be able to exchange decentralized ERC20 tokens for free. The AirSwap Token can securely transact without having to take liability to the third party (Exchanges) if someone accepts one cryptocurrency (or asset) with another. Transactions are handled between peers using MetaMask or any of the other Ethereum wallets. Thanks to the Clearing Protocol, the transaction is free of charge. The protocol fulfills orders on the blockchain (or chain) through the Ethereum smart contract. Everything else is handled independently of the blockchain (or off-chain). Off-chain linking of merchants should do the AirSwap decentralized exchange faster than EtherDelta and even Plasma-based OmiseGO decentralized exchange than other decentralized exchanges connected to the blockchain for information dissemination and order fulfillment. Linking investors in chains is not ideal. Because nodes in the network, like the Ethereum network, must agree on transactions in each block. The time to consensus on the Ethereum network is typically 15 seconds. Compared to traditional exchanges that transfer order information in microseconds, this is very slow. In addition to the delay associated with the spread of order information on the chain, the ability of unethical parties to manipulate public information is possible. This phenomenon is called pre-running. Front run is not specific to cryptocurrency exchanges. However, it is a particular problem for decentralized exchanges that publish order information on the blockchain. Fortunately, the Exchange Protocol eliminates front-run by miners and exchange operators. This is because the protocol does not publish order information on the public blockchain. Miners, mining what I do for financial gain is not sensitive information.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de tellor

DeFi is an open finance where you can borrow or lend assets with ETH holders or the local currency of a smart contract's platform, for example, the stablecoin of Cosos (ATOM). DeFi has revolutionized traditional finance, and Ethereum is the foundation of this gratifying innovation. However, DeFi is not a specific area; it covers everything — including stock markets and lending practices. For example, $ 900 million worth of ETH is currently locked in DeFi applications. The most popular platform is MAkerDAO, where borrowers provide ETH as collateral and receive stablecoin DAIs. Meanwhile, lenders can earn with interest rates. However, DeFi is a useful, reliable and always-controlled; it can trigger smart contracts running DeFi applications; portals that transmit off-chain information, ie oracles, cannot work. The thing is, Ethereum and similar platforms require a reliable oracle for valuations, contracts, and dispute resolution. DeFi developers need to solve the "oracle problem" before there are any further advances. This is vital because if secure oracles that provide stable data feeds are compromised, DeFi crashes. Otherwise; The closed loop, self-contained nature of ordinary smart contracts does not allow the full use of certain defi implementations that may require external data to be activated. It is Tellor who provides the solution to this. It is an Ethereum-based, decentralized and secure oracle for DeFi dApps. Tellor is an easy and applicable solution where DeFi dApps can receive high-value data for smart contracts.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de idex

Decentralized exchange where I wonder if I can send eth from exchanges like binance, polo or bitfinex. Decentralized exchange where you can buy many ethereum tokens that have not yet been introduced to the stock exchange. Much easier to use than etherdelta. only withdraw and deposit issue is a bit confusing because it is not what we are used to from classical stock exchanges. Since the wallet address given to you here is a wallet / wallet that you also own and have the private key, you need to transfer the ethereum or token you deposit there to an idex. In other words, when depositing ethereum here, you must first transfer it to your wallet address here and then to idex from the deposit menu. Via the withdraw menu, it is possible to send it first to the wallet here, then to the address you are using from the transfer menu, myetherwallet or metamask or whatever. The exchange that I made a purchase at the eosdac / eth exchange rate with the excuse that I started using it when I was trying to exchange the money that a token called eosdac sent to my ethereum wallet via airdop. obviously I liked the decentralized stock market logic. Even though the volume is low for this exchange rate, I said that I will increase the money from air here and contribute to both the volume of the men and my own amount of ether.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de chainlink

chainlink is a project that aims to be a decentralized oracle provider for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger and other blockchains. It may sound complicated, but hang with me. Smart contracts are great and will undoubtedly transform the internet in ways we can't imagine right now, and smart contracts even have potential far beyond the internet in the real world. Currently, the problem is that smart contracts (as Ethereum does) cannot communicate with real-world APIs and services. What is an API? An API is a set of commands that a program can send to another program, allowing different programs to communicate effectively between each other. APIs power the entire internet, and the vast majority of today's internet cannot work without APIs. Now, how does Chainlink come into play? As I said Chainlink is a decentralized oracle provider. Oracle is software that enables smart contracts on the blockchain to communicate with off-chain APIs and services. Without Oracle, this is not possible, and smart contract blockchains can only use data on their own blockchains, making them useless to respond to or use anything elsewhere in the real world or on the internet. There are currently several oracle providers for blockchains, but their main problem is that they are all centralized. Smart contracts are all about decentralization, and using data fed from a central oracle is a major attack point. Suppose you are betting on a smart contract with a friend. The smart contract uses centralized oracle to check the latest ethereum price. If it goes above $ 1000 before a certain date, you win the bet and get your friend's $ 50, otherwise he will get the $ 50 invested in the contract. The problem with a central oracle is that in this case, your friend can simply enter the central oracle, send false data about the price of Ethereum into the smart contract, and get your money without winning the bet. It's not that big of a deal if you bet with a friend, but it's a much bigger deal if you're a huge company that relies on handling millions of dollars with smart contracts using oracle. What Chainlink does is that it aggregates decentralized oracles (effectively hundreds or even thousands of sources of the same data), making it virtually impossible to hack similar to a blockchain. In this case, there is no way for your friend to hack the prophecy because the oracle is hundreds of different computers sending the same data.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de kucoin

A newly released ethereum token has its own exchange and distributes profits. A useful future token has a historical note value of $ 0.60, which can leave good income as the volume increases. Kucoin is a far east exchange that shares 90% of its revenues (for now) with its users. Well, how is this distribution 50% revenues are distributed among those who keep Kucoin shares, or even an account site where you can see your revenues, you can write the amount of kcs you have here and look at your daily income. This 50% rate will be reduced gradually over time, and the first decline is planned before 2018 summer. The remaining 40% go to the person who invited the purchases and sales of those coming through the invitation link. (I add my own invitation link at the end of the article, you don't lose anything when you become a member from there, just the stock market earns less, don't worry, their income is good enough friends :) this 40% is distributed by water; 1st tier ie 20% from the crew you invited directly At the 2nd level, the 1st level can invite people through their own links, they become the 2nd level and their rate is 12%. You get 8% from the 3rd rank Well, you're going to earn these guys from where they earn very well, brothers, don't worry. 10% of total revenues are already making a disastrous money in kucoin with a daily volume of $ 400m.Also, the biggest income of this site is that the owners of kucoin need to keep their kicks on the site in order to get a profit share, so we can say that the lending system in Poland is a crush, you get a small income in return for your money to stay on the site. Assuming that other coins remain within the site) that is, a horrible accumulation is just waiting in the hands of the guys (on the site). That's why they are constantly doing a campaign, now they actively give Porsche to the person who makes the highest purchase and sale. Apart from that, they organized an event called carnival and I got 200 dollars worth of free tokens from there. It says that the site is dex, that is decentralized, but there are those who claim that the site is not dex in the discussions on reddit and bitcointalk, obviously this does not interest me. Some of Kucoin's servers are in japan, some are in hong kong, and also the team provides immediate return for any very related problem, their goal is to be among the top 3 exchanges. They sign up with new project teams and first list the coins in their own exchanges. The value of kcs will increase more. It is useful to take it.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de wirex eur

I did some research on how to cash out my bitcoins for a possible ban. as a result I found wirex. If I am sharing my experiences; - After signing up on the site, it came to send bitcoins. Because bitcoin is slow, I converted my bitcoins to dash and sent it to the site. Although it took 10 minutes, I felt like I paid more commission because the site converted the dash to bitcoin instead of directly using the dash and the translation rates were lower than other sites. For this reason, if you are in no hurry, I recommend you send it directly as bitcoin. -When I sent a complaint about this commission to the site, I received a return soon after they will include other altcoins in the system. They made this return within 2 days, I think a good time. -You can instantly create a virtual card for 3 dollars on the site, or you can order plastic cards for free, but unfortunately, the card you give free of charge does not have cargo tracking and in some places it is lost in the cargo because there is no cargo tracking, so I gave a cargo tracking order by giving 10 dollars. -I created a visa virtual card in order to try the virtual card until the plastic card came, for 3 dollars and I tried shopping with my virtual card information to shop. Unfortunately, I noticed that the turkey but to accept the virtual POS. I also ordered a product aliexpressten that I can sell for a higher price when it comes from abroad. - As soon as I receive the plastic card, I will try to use it in grocery shopping, cash withdrawal and deposit transactions from the ATM, in a few places I have read before there is no problem. -I sent the account confirmation, and when it is accepted, I will try to buy bitcoin at lower prices from Turkish exchanges and send it to other exchanges with credit card or debit card. if the credit card turkey commission rates and foreign exchange profit, even if I get a low price difference between them. Let's see if I can update my card after I receive it and get account approval.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bulwark

This cryptocurrency asset is a privacy coin that provides proof of stake and principal nodes with a focus on privacy. It also uses a "saw" method that checks for any inequality in prize distribution. For example, if the system detects that the reward system is predominantly aimed at masternodes, because there are more of them, then it will adjust the reward parameters so that the stakers are rewarded heavily. This forces participants to equalize their assets so that both parties can win prizes rather than possibly opting for the wealthier masternodes. The project's team is working on a number of new developments that will be exciting for owners in the coming months. This includes adopting the Zerocoin protocol, which is arguably the future of privacy coins but has not been well implemented in any project so far. They will also work on prototypes for the hardware part of their privacy projects, which includes a hardware wallet and a home router. If you are interested in owning a masternode or shared asset, a Bulkwark investment can be an attractive prospect. It is not overly expensive and provides a reasonable return. Investors who want to have a BWK masternode will need 5,000 tokens, but if you can't afford all the business yet, you can only bet them. I do not recommend it much, I do not find it very reliable and it appeals to very low budget people. So if you are going to invest, do not think of earning much profit.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de meschain

The Manufacturing Execution System is a comprehensive automated control system designed to manage and monitor all processes in a production facility. MES is designed to increase productivity by optimizing and synchronizing real-time production activities. MESChain, which is owned by Genesis Crypto Technology, aims to become a world leader in the market by developing a platform in the field of production execution systems and a solution source based on Blockchain technology preferred by companies that need technological support. Meschain offers services for the textile industry as a start. The startup has a huge advantage as it is the first blockchain project in the world to provide constructive solutions to this industry. The need for the integration of automation systems is increasing day by day with the developing enterprise resource solutions. Reaching fast production capacities with low cost and high efficiency is the most important requirement. At this point, Meschain plays a major role in the production processes of factories. Using MES as proprietary industrial software can significantly increase the capital efficiency of technological equipment. As a result, it can increase the company's revenue even with no additional investment in production. MES systems are industrial complexes or software tools used in the workshop or production enterprise environment. Although MES services are at the center of Genesis Crypto Technology, the company is working on a wide-ranging application that includes technological, financial and social solutions in the crypto sector. The highly anticipated MES application by the community will be available in the coming days. By ensuring the integration of the MES product on the application, there will be innovations that everyone can gain from the system, I believe and recommend it to you. In addition, features requested by the community will be integrated into the application. In short, it is predicted that the MES application will bring opportunities and innovations to the entire investor database in the crypto money and blockchain industry.Ver reseña completa

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