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Stefany C.

Stefany Castelli

6 nivel
18 reseñas
7 karma

Stefany C.

Stefany Castelli

6 nivel
18 reseñas
7 karma
my name is stefany castelli i am 23 years old i am an independent woman my goal is to fulfill new purposes for a better future. I am very responsible and hardworking
Se unió a Sun May 17 2020 04:06:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Logotipo de nanopool

nanopool is a mining platform that has a super easy interface for new users, it is excellent when it comes to mining cryptocurrencies since it has access not only for one but for several cryptocurrencies, it is an international platform it also has mobile applications making even easier the way to enter the system from your tablet mobile device among other android devices is easy for both new users and those who are within the platform has maximum security which gives peace of mind to its users to mine your cryptocurrencies easily and quickly without any complicationsVer reseña completa

Logotipo de f2pool

f2pool was founded in china in April 2013 it is recognized worldwide it is a mining platform and there is no need for a registration unless you want to mine other cryptocurrencies such as eth, btc or grin and even so the process is totally easy and fast it only requires shipping text message with a code and sending email for verification, a tutorial is offered for those new users who want to know more about how to mine their cryptocurrencies, thus giving them a guide to follow the corresponding steps, all kinds of questions and doubts will be answered immediatelyVer reseña completa

Logotipo de slush pool

Slush Pool is a mining group and stands out for being one of the first mining groups in the world since 2010 that offers its users the opportunity to obtain fixed profits, this depends on the evolution they give to the mining group, their security is very Good since users will never have the disposition to know the course that other users take, this has a mining block that is updated, it always has help for new users, and their way of entering the system is completely easy, this means that they will be able to understand your steps to become part of the mining group, it also has a more advanced interface for those who are already in the system, it has mining rewards.Ver reseña completa

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casino max is an online casino with many years in the industry and characterized by its quality of services and responsibility with its users providing the best service so that its players feel that they are investing their time in a valuable and productive way you can download from a pc mac you can also play through a mobile device or tablet casino max allows the distraction of its players gives them the best advantage when betting to always generate more and more of their bets and the best they can do their bets from where they are in a comfortable way. casinoVer reseña completa

Logotipo de cryptokitties

crypto kitties is a decentralized application and is one of the most used within the etherium platform that allows everything you see to be bought and sold within etherium, it is a collection game of crypto cats and according to each genes that have each crypto cat esro generates great value and allows players to earn money, this makes it very interesting and fun, it can be said that it is like a crypto cat world there are many functions that help you know about your virtual pets and you can buy, sell, collect and raise your pets, the game has a guide that explains to its players the process they must do to grow in the game to grow in the game this for new players who want to start em this world of crypto cats its initial release was in 2017Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de gods unchained

god unchained is a trading card game that is setting the trend and has packages every time you level up and is based on the exchange of trading cards which allows you to sell or buy cards, the game makes tournaments for its players while many tournaments wins will help you classify so that you can win your prizes these are called packages where cards come to you, it is a game developed by etherium blockchain, where players own each card that accumulated to enter this game you must have your wallet active , it also converts digital assets thanks to its excellent etherium network and is perfect game for blockchains the game has its free modalityVer reseña completa

Logotipo de wirex eur

wire EUR is a card that allows you to buy, sell and spend bitcoin and you can also transfer it to real money, it is simple and safe you can get up to 3 one of pounds, dollars and euros it has many currencies available and it is not the same in the application that on the card this means that in order to have coins, euros, dollars, among others, you must transfer from the application to the card and thus be able to change or sell them to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it is very easy to make the changes in addition to the fact that the usefulness it gives you is wonderful, also the platform has to make international transfers to obtain your card the first thing you should do is request it, the sending of the card is completely free and the platform gives commissions for all the payments you make with it, it also has a referral system where they give you commissions for each person you registerVer reseña completa

Logotipo de coinbase card

coinbase card is a platform where we can create our bitcoin wallet and many other cryptocurrencies that have been gradually entering this platform, it is considered one of the safest platforms, it is very reliable for people who start in coinbase you can buy cryptocurrencies, sell them and store them it has another platform called procoinbase and that platform is where we can sell euros, dollars for bitcoin or some cryptocurrency and make changes any type of problem can be reported, whether due to loss or theft, coinbase was created to withdraw money from ATMs or make your payments online where users only need to request their card and a virtual card will be activated on their mobile phone while they wait for the physical card to arrive, it has an application where you can make your payments easily and simplyVer reseña completa

Logotipo de bitpay usd

bitpay USD is a bitcoin wallet which gives them the peace of mind that users need, it gives you the option of obtaining your card easily and quickly giving also the possibility of choosing the currency you want to use this wallet has many currencies available and has an application mobile to make your life easier is also available for Windows operating system and you can cancel your payments by scanning the bar code to make it more practical and safe, it also offers a high range of coins has a value expressed in dollars, euros, pounds among others.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de coinomi

coinomi is a wallet created in 2014 and that compared to other wallets this offers its users the function of cryptocurrency exchanges even so this is not only what makes it stand out but its ability to accept hundreds of cryptocurrencies application of tokens as well as the best care for its users, this wallet is very easy to manage having help throughout the process so that your wallet is fully functional at the moment it allows to send and receive cryptocurrencies has a maximum level of security so that no other person can hack the system, this wallet has a mobile application which asks for a login password and this is what makes it even more secure than other wallets that are on the market and are more difficult to enter. When your users want to send cryptocurrencies, it ensures that they are always low costs, it has an interface that works in day and night mode, it works so that its users can enter whenever they want.Ver reseña completa


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