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Review on BlueHelix Exchange (BHEX) by Robiul Islam

Safe and reliable platform.

It is now known as HBTC!

It is a leading tech-driven cryptocurrency trading platform. Currently, it provides crypto-crypto trading, fair deal trading, alternative contracts, OTCs, asset management, and so on. The trading platform can maintain the high performance of millions of transactions after securing decentralization and gaining credibility.

It adopts the model of super-node and global custodial and liquidation blockchain technological framework and has a dichotomous financial level of business, technology and compliance capabilities.

Updated 7 months ago
Rating changed from 3 to 5
This is my second review on this exchange, you all know that HBTC has changed its name again to BlueHelix Exchange (BHEX). My first review was very general, but in my updated review I will try to give a detailed statement about BHEX. I hope my updated review will be quite helpful for you to make this choice.
Experience using the BHEX platform.
I have been using BHEX exchange since last year and I'm a verified user. Their simple registration process and completing KYC without any hassle [It only took me 30 minutes to complete the KYC] was the most positive indication to me. BHEX's long supported crypto-list really fascinates me, their high-quality trading features, tight security make me assure to trade here. I have done fast deposit/withdrawal experience at BHEX and the fees here are relatively low which is quite convenient for everyone.
My experience working with BHEX.
I have been working as a listing hunter at BHEX for one month, where my responsibility is to list emerging crypto projects at BHEX. Rita Chang [Director, Global Business] has always supported me in this work, she is very helpful and she shares with me everything about project recommendations. I haven't listed any projects yet, but I have contacted BHEX with a number of project owners who have assured us that in the future they will list their tokens/coins on BHEX.
BHEX's position in the crypto market.
BHEX is undoubtedly a great exchange, with high trading volume, huge active users/community, over 100 cryptos, over 150 trading pairs, and the great asset transparency & security makes it quite top-notch among other exchanges. The most important thing is that it has not been hacked so far, which is a bit of a guarantee of my funds, although it is just hope.
Top-notch customer support.
One of the most important parts of crypto exchanges is customer support, the more good customer support they can provide, the more trustworthy they become. BHEX provides a very high level of support in this area, they provide multi-language support which is active 24 hours, I face their live chat support they respond very quickly and they are very polite.
Overall, I'm very positive about BHEX, I can definitely recommend it to you, you must like their SPOT, FUTURES, OTC, and Staking options. Additionally, their team has extensive industry experience in the fields of finance, marketing, and technology.
So I'm trading here without any fear, they are pretty trustworthy to me so far I can't say anything about the future, you should do some personal research before use.

Updated 5 months ago
Rating changed from 3 to 5
I'm still using BHEX exchange and I'm still quite satisfied with their overall services, there has been no change in the rating, remains excellent 5 out of 5. I have been using their applications for a few days now and today's update on their application features, I hope you find it helpful.

Let's just say they have four different applications for Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, and Android while this is common information, but it is a definite indicator that all four of their applications are functioning. I really like the simplicity of BHEX's applications. I mainly use the app to check and manage my portfolio, but when I have enough time to analyze and study the charts, I enjoy utilizing the Windows application.

The Windows app provides better performance and efficiency. The desktop app shows trading platform features that sometimes need to be loaded. I saw its increased speed and lag-free performance as important use advantages. The mobile apps also have the extra benefit of being designed for mobile platforms. I also make use of the native UI framework for a more streamlined experience.

Overall, If you are utilizing a desktop, there is no doubt that the BHEX exchange desktop app is the simplest way to trade. BHEX's desktop app is the clear piece of crypto trading apps for me, because of its strong mix of startling speed and immaculate security.

Pros & cons

  • Miscellaneous trading products.
  • Flexible end-user marketing tools.
  • Unique branding and UI / UX.
  • Customized deployment Mode.
  • Only crypto deposits and crypto-to-crypto trading.
  • Minimal regulations.
  • No US traders.