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Bonpay EUR Card

Generally speaking, Bonpay cards are the most complete on the market, they are available in more than 130 countries with multiple fiat currencies available. But focusing only on its EUR version, This is a Mastercard card, its use in points of sale does not present problems since it is accepted in most of them. The rates offered by this card are quite striking, starting with the cost of issuance which is one of the most economical with only 15 EUR, it also has a monthly maintenance of 1 EUR, it also presents a commission for ATM withdrawals of 2.25 EUR, it also has a general rate of 1%. My main problem with this card is that it only supports Bitcoin, which limits me because I do not usually use this cryptocurrency much, I hope they will incorporate more cryptocurrencies soon.Voir la critique complète

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Paycent USD

There is not much to talk about the Paycent cards, but about certain benefits that they loaned me. I used this card for a few months since I was looking for one that would suit my needs, but what I liked least about it is that it only supports Bitcoin, which is very limited since I use other cryptocurrencies more. However, there are very positive aspects and one of them is that it is a VISA card, I had no problem when paying because it was accepted in almost all the points of sale that I used. Paycent USD is present in different countries including the United States, that is a very important plus since other important cards can not be used by residents of that country. Speaking of fees, this card has no monthly maintenance fees, no ATM commission charges, it also offers low acceptable daily limits, BUT there is a cost to issue the card and this is considered one of the most expensive.Voir la critique complète

bitforex logo


BitForex is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange platform present in more than 180 countries, one of the things that I am inclined to use this exchange for is the possibility of buying Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT with my VISA or Mastercard credit card . This exchange has multiple pairs of cryptocurrencies available such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, TRX and more. Another important feature of BitForex is its security, this is because most of its assets are insured in cold wallets. The motto of this BitForex is "The world's leading digital asset services platform", this is because it is one of the exchanges that is available almost everywhere in the world, that is why it has more than 3 million and average of registered users. In most exchanges, deposits are totally free, and BitForex is not the exception, they also offer relatively low withdrawal fees, for example for BTC the commission is 0.0005. The exchange commissions vary from 0.1% to 0.06% which makes them very attractive toVoir la critique complète

piixpay logo


Although Piixpay was created in 2014, it presents an innovative format for the cryptocurrency industry, it is basically an exchange that allows you to convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat money to pay bills, specifically in Euros. There are important features in Piixpay, one of them is that it is available in multiple countries, another is that I can pay my factors with the cryptocurrency that I want, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, enjin and many more, its total list of crypto assets is 102, another important feature is that it allows me to link my bank account. These characteristics make this platform very attractive for investors who generally charge only in cryptocurrencies. As a suggestion to the creators of this project, they should study the option of incorporating more fiat currencies for payments since it is available in many countries, in this way many more businesses would join and the users of the platform would grow by leaps and bounds. My experiVoir la critique complète

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CryptoPay USD

Cryptopay is a VISA card that mainly supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. That it is a VISA card means it is accepted in most of the shops and online stores. In this review I will focus mainly on the rates that Cryptopay presents since they seem very interesting to me; Cryptopay's fees consist of a monthly fee, an issuance fee, a fixed fee for the use of ATMs, and a fee for expenses. The fees for this card are fairly balanced and moderate. Of course, there are course fees involved in its use, but in our opinion, these are not an impediment to using it. Cryptopay features a monthly fee of $ 1.00 that is in line with the industry average. Also an issuance fee that amounts to USD 15.00, which in my opinion compared to some other cards is high. There is also a fixed fee for the use of ATMs. The fee is $ 3.50 per use. This isn't cheap, but compared to many other cryptocurrency debit cards that charge you a percentage of the amount withdrawn, it can still be competitiVoir la critique complète

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Advcash EUR

Advcash, like Wirex, offers different cards depending on the fiat currencies they use, they share some characteristics but focusing on the Adscash EUR, it is a debit card that allows its users to pay with their bitcoin assets. One point to note in this review is that this card is not available to residents of the United States or other parts of the world, also that the Advcash card has the scope and acceptance rate corresponding to a MasterCard or VISA card. This card currently offers very competitive rates, with no monthly fees but with an issuance fee of just 5EUR. In addition, the commission for withdrawals at ATMs is in my opinion the lowest of only 2EUR. Another of the striking characteristics of this card is its daily and monthly limit, since it is a card to spend Bitcoin it must offer a large limit, this is 3 thousand EUR per day and 30 thousand per month.Voir la critique complète

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Wirex USD

Wirex has for some time presented different debit cards, one of them in the USD, which ironically is not available to residents of the United States but is present in more than 190 countries. Wirex currently supports about 10 cryptocurrencies where Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin stand out, it is worth noting that it also supports its own Wirex token. Something that should be mentioned is that last year Wirex received Type II membership from the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA). They were the eighth financial services company to do so. Membership is a huge milestone on the road to becoming a legal crypto asset exchange service provider in Japan. Wirex cards have had a considerable increase in users and this is due to the benefits these cards provide. One of the things that I like the most about this card is that it is VISA and I have no problem using it because it is accepted in most of the shops I visit. Other reasons why I particularly use this card is Voir la critique complète

anxpro premium usd logo


Lately I have been interested in different debit and credit cards with which I can pay in cryptocurrencies, and one of the ones that has caught my attention the most is the ANXPRO card, it is certainly not available in different countries but with the help of colleagues and friends in the world I have tasted the benefits of it. What this card usually highlights the most is that its security is linked to the security of ANXPRO which generated a lot of confidence in me, this card accepts different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple and more. Another of the characteristics that usually stand out from ANXPRO premium is that it is a visa card, which means that it is accepted in any physical and online store that accepts visa. But not all that glitters is gold, and by offering so many benefits to its users this is linked to the fact that the carrier of the service charges high fees.A consumer should definitely consider whether this card is really theVoir la critique complète

augur logo


Let's talk about the Augur platform, it is a website with blockchain technology based on the Ethereum network, it is basically known as a new form of bookmakers, It is worth clarifying that it is not an online casino, it is simply a platform where users can bet on certain predictions in different areas of their daily lives, For example in sporting events, currency rises or falls, and even in presidential elections. The system for betting is simple, you choose an event and bet on a result, if you win you get a reward depending on the participation that your choice obtained, For example, if the winning option was supported by 40% of the participants, they get a reward of 60% of the bet, So if they bet 1REP, they get 1.60REP. On this platform, bets are made exclusively with the REP token, it is the native Augur and can be found in different important exchanges, Something to know about this token is that it cannot be mined, this is because all its reserves were already acquired in 20Voir la critique complète

revain logo

Revain, well, I have been using this platform for about six months and the truth has helped me to a certain extent to venture into what I like, journalism and article editing. Mainly the platform is excellent, The option to express yourself freely about a project as important as Bitcoin and other Blockchain platforms and tools from the same industry is very good for both connoisseurs and those who want to learn about it. The main thing that people who use Revain should know is that what you are going to write is taken into account for new users of the brands you are talking about, maybe with your opinion help a person to use or invest in that project. My experience with revain has been good, all this apart from growing me as a journalist gives me a remuneration for what I write, this is not something you find on any website. From a couple of months to here, the platform has implemented some changes that, seen from a fair point of view, are very good for the project, since it cleansVoir la critique complète

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Coinomi, one of the most...

Coinomi, one of the most widespread wallets within cryptocurrencies holders and which has achieved the highest reputation. Coinomi support as a wallet is one of the largest in the entire market. They can work with up to 125 Blockchain networks and provides support for 382 tokens. Among the currencies they support Stablecoins, forks, coins with SegWitz, coins with masternodes and even exclusive currencies such as Canada eCoin, a unique currency for Canadians. Although it doesn't work with FIAT currencies for the purchase and sale of Cryptocurrencies, the plataform does present support to show the prices of Cryptocurrencies in various FIAT currencies. This tool can be useful for us when we want to calculate the amounts I'm transfers with Cryptocurrencies from the wallet.Voir la critique complète

ledger nano x logo

Ledger Nano X

I was looking for options of a hardware wallet compatible with my digital assets and with high security and decided to thoroughly investigate Ledger Nano X. Mainly it caught my attention that it will incorporate Bluetooth and compatibility with mobile devices for both android and iOS. Ledger has different hardware wallets on the market with different characteristics and prices, Which have support for more than 1500 tokens and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and more. In addition to different security features to keep our funds safe. Ledger nano x is on the market for about $ 119 approximately, price that makes you think if you really need this wallet, having so many free digitals, But evaluating the benefits and the reassurance that your funds will not have any problem, the price is very low. Ledger nano x comes with the Ledger Live application where I can manage my cryptocurrencies from my cell phone, I can also install it on my computer, from theVoir la critique complète logo

MXC Exchange

MXC is another very complete exchange platform, is present in more than 70 countries and maintains active comfort on its social networks.  I started to use MXC as an alternative, I get my attention mainly because it offers multiple pairs of cryptocurrencies available, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum is what I mostly use, And in MXC I have not had any problem. Another reason that made me interested in this exchange is its market volumes where it exceeds 300 million USDT per day (I cannot verify that they are totally reliable data). In terms of security, you have high features to keep your users confident of trading on it. MXC gives me the possibility to buy Cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies, it also offers 0% deposit fees. Speaking of fees, the negotiation and withdrawal fees are considerably low, unlike other exchanges I have used. The MXC Exchange presents its native MX token that gets very good volumes daily, but I will talk about it in depth in the projects section. I useVoir la critique complète

world of ether logo

World of Ether.

I did a lot of research on World of Ether before playing it, but I really liked it a lot. I have played different character and card placement games, I am a fan of Pokémon Go and Clash Royale, I found World of Ether quite interesting since you bought similarities with these games, Unlike this one is Decentralized and I can earn real money by discovering new Etherians. Lately I've been looking for Blockchain games to invest and multiply my assets, this one works with the Ethereum network and all Marketplace items in the game are purchased with that currency, But it was not really very productive for me because of how expensive some monsters and eggs are, and I am not sure I can find something valuable in eggs. Some users are likely to be lucky enough to make a new discovery while playing as these are rewarded very well. For the web version the user needs to have a MetaMask wallet, and for mobile devices the Coinbase wallet, I like that requirement because they are excellent wallets Voir la critique complète

noobpool logo


Noobpool or Nanopool is a simple mining group perfect for lovers of the Ethereum network, since in it you can mine Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Monero, Pascal, Raven and Grin29. It offers good customer service with great capacity to solve any problem quickly, The mining fee is 1% and it also has several payments a day if the miner does not exceed the daily limit. All these are characteristics are striking to consider mining in this group, but what I do not like at all is their website since it does not present enough information about the pools, Although it does offer information on Hashrate and mining blocks, as well as active miners. Noobpool offers email notification and third-party app for Android and iOS mobile devices for constant monitoring. Voir la critique complète

coinfoundry logo


Coinfoundry presents different high-quality features in cryptocurrency mining, but still being on the market since 2017, it records little Hash volume and number of miners.  This is a group of miners available worldwide with servers in different important countries, Coinfoundry offers Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin cash and DigiByte pools, in addition to Bitcoin Diamond, Vertcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bittube and Monacoin. It also offers fast and secure payment processes with commissions of 0.3%. One of the things that also caught my attention a lot is the experience of the personnel who lead this group, that is something that I am looking to try to find in a group of miners that I want to use. In summary, I have not started using this mining group due to the low activity by miners in it, but I will not take my eye off it due to its excellent characteristics, In addition to the good amount of coins available, but in the meantime I will continue mining on other platformsVoir la critique complète

taurion logo


The aspects that made me start in the futuristic world of Taurion were different, Mainly because it is an open source Decentralized game that uses Blockchain technology. The design it presents is spectacular, the cars and buildings are of high quality, that is something I am looking for to make a game my favorite. Another important aspect is that it is a probably fair game, all the actions that are carried out in it are completely transparent and without the possibility of cheating, which gives me confidence Playing it, because I know that my winnings will be what I deserve. Taurion It is available in different languages, Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean, Portuguese, and the one I use, Spanish. This is also important to get fully into a game, I previously played Clash of Clans, and Taurion could be said to have certain similarities, obviously in a completely different and much more futuristic environment, but in the collection of memories and building an empire. So I also loveVoir la critique complète

hotbit logo

Careful with Hotbit

We go from the good to the fatal of HotBit. In principle the exchange is presented on its website as "The world leader among cryptocurrency trading platforms" focusing on "Efficiency, Flexibility, Variety, stability and Security ", I repeat according to the website. More than 500 cryptocurrencies and tokens are available on the platform, Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, bitcoin cash, Nexo, and many more. HotBit presents its native token called HTB with a value of $ 0.002006 Regarding tariffs, the manufacturer's transaction fee is 0.05% and the borrower's 0.02%, which are considered relatively low fees. That being said, I can focus on the downside of this exchange. I have limited myself to using it due to the multiple complaints of users in the different social networks, where it is said that the funds are blocked and that in some cases they cannot access their accounts. I also do not believe the liquidity data presented by HotBit since if I am looking Voir la critique complète

vindax logo


In my opinion, the VinDAX exchange platform is one of the most complete currently, presenting multiple features that make it attract the attention of new users. Among the benefits of this exchange is a general commercial rate of 0.05%, but apart from their VinDAX fees, there are multiple trading pairs where those of Bitcoin with 168 pairs, Ethereum with 102, USDT with 107 and VD with 36 stand out. Among the coins and tokens that can be traded on this exchange are BCH, LTC, Dash, NEO, BST, LOL, AiBE, P2PS, ZEC, TRX, DOGE, and many more.  What I really liked about this platform is that it provides me with quality customer service, there are different groups on Telegram from each country such as Venezuela, China, Indonesia, Brazil, among others, In addition to a global group in English where you can express problems with the platform and look for quick solutions in your language. Continuing with this, the exchange is present on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, MedVoir la critique complète

foxbit logo

Foxbit is a small Brazilian exchange that allows the purchase and sale of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This exchange offers a quick registration. It also offers deposits on available and Real cryptocurrencies. The deposit minimums are considered good, since in Real it is 20, in Bitcoin it is 0.0005, Litecoin 0.0005, Ethereum 0.0005, TrueUSD 1 and XRP 1. Similarly withdrawals. Ranging from 0.003BTC to 0.0005 LTC, depending on the selected withdrawal method. Transaction fees are relatively good. In the mobile version of Foxbit, it offers much faster registration. This exchange offers stable security, with 2 authentication factors for greater confidence. Voir la critique complète

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