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Previously, I used it to do my shopping in online stores and I felt comfortable with the easy-to-use interface it has. After a while of using this payment processor, the truth is that I did not like it at all at all due to all their policies and they limited my account for no reason. I tried to contact customer service, but they did nothing to solve my problem. Currently even though they have added new features and the acceptance of cryptocurrencies, I do not recommend using PayPal at all.Voir la critique complète

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VIbe Or Die

VIbe Or Die is a really entertaining open world action game that I loved because of the graphics it has and because we even have a chance to win cryptocurrencies for playing it. The gameplay is very easy and everything is completely understandable where we must finish off our opponents, so there will be no complications. However, the game is only available for desktop computers and requires many requirements to be able to enjoy it more, such as having a good Internet connection, something that in my country is completely difficult. Regardless, I was able to play the game a bit and was in awe of how completely it was designed. The graphics are incredible without a doubt and we are going to stay hooked at all times. In general, this is a game that requires a high-end desktop computer to be fully enjoyed and the Internet connection to be fast. If we don't have any of this, it won't be possible to play it.Voir la critique complète

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Ethos is a really complete wallet that offers us features that other wallets may not have. The interface is really comforting and we will know how to use it quickly. It will allow us to store, send, receive and even track cryptocurrencies. It supports a large number of cryptocurrencies including the best known. The security implementations that it has are exemplary and will serve enough for the transactions that we are going to carry out at any time without problems. In addition, it is available for mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems.Voir la critique complète

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imToken Wallet

imToken is a wallet that is used in many countries and accepts a massive amount of cryptocurrencies that we can easily store due to its simple interface. It is totally safe, reliable and fast for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. They have many relevant partners and offer the best transaction rates. In addition, it is available for mobile devices with Android or iOS operating system in a mobile application. In general, it is a wallet where we can store our funds reliably and safely due to the massive use that it has in most countries in the world.Voir la critique complète

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Monerujo is an open source wallet based and exclusively for Monero, it is totally secure, reliable and we will have access to our private keys. The information about the wallet can be found on its website which is very friendly because it has a character in pixels, we will also see that a mobile application compatible with mobile devices that have the Android operating system is available. I have used it and I have really had a good experience without problems or complications. In addition, it has an interesting function that will allow us to make transactions instantly from Monero to BTC.Voir la critique complète

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Lobstr Wallet

Lobstr is a very comprehensive wallet with a nice user-friendly interface and has the best security implementations that add two-factor authentication. Using the wallet and making transactions was great for me because of the processing speed they have without any complications. This wallet is based on Stellar Lumen, a blockchain with maximum protection and that will provide an extraordinary customer service to solve any request or complaint that we have. Without a doubt, this is a wallet that I recommend using for you to store, send or receive cryptocurrencies in the most comfortable and secure way.Voir la critique complète

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Ledger Nano S Wallet

Ledger Nano S Wallet is a hardware billfold that is well structured with a material resistant to both physical damage and manipulation. It has support for an endless number of cryptocurrencies that will be protected by a backup key in the storage. It will allow us to store coins on a USB and we must use it on our computer with the latest version of our Chrome browser. This wallet is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac operating systems and even Android itself. In general, this is an easy-to-use physical hardware wallet that is well developed by professionals and will give us the maximum possible security for the storage of our cryptocurrencies.Voir la critique complète

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Enjin is a very popular wallet that is designed with a very original interface that is easy to use for both beginner and professional users and has support for endless cryptocurrencies. The security offered is special since it is constantly updated and is quite reliable most of all in transactions. Simply put, everything works properly and at a fast speed with no problems. Besides everything, they have a built-in exchange. It is available for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.Voir la critique complète

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101 Blockchain Course

101 Blockchain Course is a platform that will really help us to train much more than those of us who already have a basic previous experience about cryptocurrencies. The courses they offer us will open more horizons of knowledge to grow strategically. We will be able to know widely what blockchain technology is and all the benefits it offers us. The platform has endless students worldwide and has very popular courses that are well developed by experts in blockchain technology. Many of these courses are paid, however there are some courses that are free for a limited time. All these courses are organized with lessons, videos, audios and documents for our learning development.Voir la critique complète

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This is a platform that will give us one of the best university training courses in everything that has to do with blockchain technology, from its beginnings to the present, they will also teach us how cryptocurrencies work and what they are, as well as how to use them to our favor to earn money. The whole process will start from the most basic to the most professional with easy to understand practical videos. We will decide when and not to conclude with the course. When we register we will have to pay and we can do it with both fiat money and cryptocurrencies. The customer service is optimal and will attend to our requests 24/7. In addition, it is fast, safe and reliable for all users even though it is not licensed.Voir la critique complète

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Trezor One Wallet

Trezor One is a hardware wallet that as a device is totally fragile, easy to use and one of the best options to take care of our funds. It allows us to store multiple cryptocurrencies and has a function for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies. Transactions are high-speed, secure, and reliable. The price of this device is relatively cheap at about 50 dollars. In addition, it only works connected to a desktop computer and we will be given a code to regain access to the wallet in case we lose it. In general, this wallet has very good characteristics that are really beneficial for our security, confidence and it is also incredibly efficient so we will not have complications in its use.Voir la critique complète

abra сrypto course logo

This is a very complete course on the world of cryptocurrencies that we are going to take and learn in just about 10 days. We can start in the best way if we are new to this and even if we already have experience since we can improve ourselves a little more in our training. We will learn about cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, crypto wallets, strategies to invest, how to stay safe and all the necessary learning recommendations. Everything is completely free, well developed and the concepts are extremely easy to learn, so I really recommend you do this course even if you already have experience.Voir la critique complète

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Whalesburg is a mining group that will offer endless multiple solutions for users who want to generate passive income and among them they will give us a good level of privacy, anonymity, transparency and rewards. It is still under development so I will gradually add more new features. Tambein make use of the Etash algorithm that will allow us to use the most profitable coin for mining, which is really magnificent and beneficial. In addition, the platform has its own native WBT currency with which we can obtain benefits. Overall, the Whalesburg mining rig has solved many problems for miners allowing them to make better profits without so much hassle due to all the features it offers for the convenience of mining users.Voir la critique complète

trastra logo

This is a well-designed solid cryptocurrency VISA debit card that has its main functions for making purchases, transactions with cryptocurrencies and withdrawals through the ATM. The card is totally secure for the transactions we are going to make and respects our privacy. The transaction fees are relatively low. However, it is only available for European countries.Voir la critique complète

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Copay Bitcoin Wallet

Copay Bitcoin Wallet is an open source digital wallet where we can store our digital assets in a completely secure way and every transaction we make will be completely anonymous. The wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies and tokens with high-level security. In addition, we will be able to carry out several transactions at the same time, they offer a complete backup option in case we lose all the data to access the wallet and it includes the two-factor authentication that is so popular among all users.Voir la critique complète

keepkey wallet logo

KeepKey Wallet is an open source hardware wallet that is based on giving us a high level of security to give us all the necessary confidence for its use. We have the possibility to receive, store and send multiple cryptocurrencies where the most popular main ones are found. It is easy to use, the transactions are practically instantaneous, the fees are low and we will have a recovery key that consists of 12 phrases in case we lose our wallet, in order to keep all our funds insured.Voir la critique complète

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The Incognito wallet

Incognito is a wallet that, as we can deduce from its name, is based on privacy and anonymity of the users in everything. This means that withdrawals, deposits, transactions and everything we do will be completely private. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies where the most popular main ones are included and the transactions we make will be quickly. I have used it and its interface is really too simple but attractive for my taste. The wallet has a high-level security implementation where we must add a password for the login that only we will know. In addition, it is available for mobile devices for both Android and iOS, Windows, Linux and a browser extension such as Chrome.Voir la critique complète

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Bitlox hardware wallet

Bitlox is a well-designed hardware wallet with support for multiple cryptocurrencies that we can store reliably and securely. We have the function of receiving and sending digital currencies to other platforms with low commissions. In addition, it works without the need to be connected. Although we can connect it by USB on our desktop computer or Bluetooth. The security is really high and of quality since it is well implemented, so there will be no chances of the device being hacked in any way. After all that is said positively, I have to say that despite everything there are not many improvements in this regard, it is not that popular in the cryptocurrency market and it is a very expensive option for my taste.Voir la critique complète

trezor model t logo

Trezor Model T is designed to give us the greatest benefit in data storage by allowing us to save multiple passwords for different accounts that we manage. Positive points: This model is small but much more useful and more for those who love to have elegant devices. When we go to the official Trezor online store we will find multiple promotions to buy this model and this will reduce an excessive cost. It has a support eight of digital currencies. It is an easy-to-use model adapted to new technologies such as the touch screen. Extreme read protection encryption. Compatible with Android, Windows, iOS and Linux devices. Web version available. Bad points: It is a bit awkward to use due to how small it is. All use of the model is tactile. The price of the model is a bit expensive if we get it in other stores. Overall, this is a sleek, multi-benefit, easy-to-use physical wallet with high-level security, digital currency support, and easy pairing with mobile devices. HoVoir la critique complète

coinspot logo

This is a wallet that will only be available to those who reside in the country of Australia with its proper laws and regulations. They have the best services they can offer because their company is safe and provides a lot of support to those who own cryptocurrencies in that country, thus granting them financial independence to travel on the path of cryptocurrencies. In addition, they accept the fiat currency obviously of that country. As a recommendation if you are going to travel to Australia, do not miss out on using the CoinSpot wallet that offers a variety of benefits and supports multiple cryptocurrencies. We can easily use it to carry out operations like any other wallet to exchange, buy or sell cryptocurrencies. I just hope this wallet can be made available to everyone.Voir la critique complète

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