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A project with many opportunities

RooBee is a multi-purpose investment platform created with blockchain technology, trading cryptocurrencies for investment purposes. RooBee's blockchain infrastructure is very strong. Transactions are carried out quickly and efficiently. It has its own markets. You can see investment tools in these markets and you can earn passive income by investing in them. There is a direct investment opportunity in the system by credit card. This is a great convenience. Some of the features of the RooBee project are; 1) Farming and Stakin can be done 2) Thanks to its advanced algorithms, transactions are made more efficiently and the amount of earnings increases. 3) There are lower transaction fees than many projects. Some transaction fees are very low. 4) NFT projects are becoming more popular every day. You can make NFT purchases through this system. My favorite feature of RooBee is that it works in harmony with both Ethereum smart contracts and smart contracts on the Binance network. It solves Ethereum's scalability problem with its algorithms. It has many world-renowned partners and funders. This is proof that the project is promising.Vedi recensione completa

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Rapidly developing cryptocurrency exchange

Bityard is one of the leading exchanges in the cryptocurrency world. As a long-time user of this exchange, I will talk about some important points. First of all, this exchange allows you to make derivative transactions and forex transactions. These features are available on many exchanges, but they do not offer all of the features to users. But Bityard offers these features to users in general. You can trade futures on Bityard. Before you turn on the futures feature, you will see a warning. It indicates that users can lose money on these transactions and it is risky. I will write two features that I gave great importance in Bityard; 1) Copy Trade feature: With a special algorithm (heuristic artificial intelligence), it allows you to make similar trades you have done before. So you save time. It also eliminates transaction confusion. 2) Daily Mining: You can mine nine cryptocurrencies. These; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Xrp, BCH, EOS, TRX, USDT and BYD. In addition, the interface of the mining page is really well designed. I can say that it is the best mining interface I have ever seen. At BitYard you can buy mystery boxes and win prizes. You can also get one mystery box for free. All you need to do for this is to authenticate. BitYard is a licensed stock exchange company. Therefore, you do not need to experience any fear. It is a company that has obtained competence and license certificates from the USA, Estonia and Singapore. As the result; BitYard is a crypto exchange company that operates in more than 150 countries, has managed to prove itself, and aims to provide a good service to its users. Vedi recensione completa logo


Midas.Investments is a system where you can manage your cryptocurrencies or fiat money by investing and generate income. Some companies you can invest in are: Apple, Tesla, Amazon.. My favorite feature of Midas.Investments is; It gives importance to the protection of your funds and each funder provides an account guarantee with 500 thousand USD. Midas.Investments is a company that continues its services in many countries and is approved by the capital market boards of the countries. You can make your investments in the USA with zero commission fees. Commission rates vary from country to country. The introductory investment in Midas.Investments is quite low. You can make an initial investment of only 1.5 USD. The revenues to be generated are calculated daily. With very low commission fees, you can withdraw your income to your account. With the piece share feature, it allows you to divide your assets into shares and invest in assets that fit your budget. You can also divide your risk and reduce your risk. Midas.Investments is actually an investment company where you can create your future. In other words, it is possible to make your 'individual retirement' plans through this company. In short, Midas.Investments liberates investments and offers you suitable investment plans. This gives you financial freedom and control over your funds/assets. It is a system with multi-layered security procedures. In this way, your first login to the system is provided with high security control. After verifying the security, you can now freely use your funds. Midas.Investments works in integration with the financial crimes investigation board and prevents possible corruption. In other words, it increases the security of your investments. Midas.Investments has many investors. These are world famous companies. The most important and interesting feature of Midas.Investments is: Select the company you want to invest in, and calculate the investment potential automatically. In other words, it has an algorithm that calculates for you what you will earn on average before investing. Midas.Investments appeals to all segments from the smallest investor to the largest investor. It can be an investing student or an investing company. By signing up for Midas.Investments' newsletter, you can be the first to know about the latest news. In short; It is an institution that allows you to invest in companies that you do not have the opportunity to invest, with the funds you have (crypto money or fiat money). Vedi recensione completa

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What is KuCoin ?

Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that has a clean interface that doesn't want anything other than Google Auth, works fast and distributes lots of bonuses. Bonuses are distributed in two types. To KuCoin Shares (KCS) holders and by invitation system. In addition to being a tradable token, KCS is distributed as a gift to users who are new members of the platform. It also allows existing users to earn KCS tokens using the platform reference system. The market supply of KCS tokens was limited to 180 million tokens, and half of the tokens were reserved for users. The other half was frozen for platform builders and consultants by September 2021.Vedi recensione completa

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Cryptocurrency exchanges are divided into 2. 1) Centralized exchanges. 2) Decentralized exchanges. Today, decentralized exchanges are becoming more and more common. Because they are more reliable than centralized exchanges. Since transactions are carried out instantly over many blocks, the risk of fraud is very low. TON Swap is an example of a decentralized exchange. Some of the advantages that TON Swap offers to its users are as follows; 1) Transactions are executed on the TON blockchain. The TON blockchain is a multi-block and versatile chain that can work in integration with each other. In this way, it is reliable and transactions are carried out quickly. 2) You can earn passive income with TON Swap. High APYs can be obtained by farming. 3) TON Swap has public repositories. You can earn rewards by providing liquidity to these pools. You can trade in any pool you want. You can also create liquidity pools similar to these pools. The benefit of creating your own pool is this: If you get support for the pool by gathering high liquidity providers around you, your income will automatically increase. In addition, you can instantly monitor (follow) the statistics of these pools. 4) As we know, many decentralized exchanges charge high transaction fees. The advantage of TON Swap is that it works with transaction fees of less than 0.5 dollars. This is really awesome. 5) Transactions are usually performed in less than a minute. When trading on TON Swap, you can enjoy some benefits by converting your assets to WTON. The TON ecosystem offers many advantages to its users. As a result; TON Swap, a product of the TON ecosystem, is one of the projects that continues to expand and improve the TON blockchain. Vedi recensione completa

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EVER Wallet

TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet where you can safely keep your assets belonging to many projects on the TON blockchain. TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet that works integrated with google chrome. This gives comfort to users. Because your wallet is just a click away. Let's talk about some of the features of the TON Crystal Wallet.. 1) The user interface is quite simple. In this way, learning or using the wallet is quite simple. 2) I likened TON Crystal Wallet a bit to ''Metamask''. Some interface designs are the same so many users will immediately adapt to TON Crystal Wallet. 3) Supports almost all digital signatures. That's why it's pretty simple to switch between projects or add them to the wallet. 4) Allows you to create multiple keys over a single window (tab/layer). I really love this feature. This is great convenience for users. 5) In TON Crystal Wallet there is the possibility to select the desired network via the main tab (a useful feature that I liken to Metamask). Now let's come to a bad feature.. I will write about a problem I had during the time I used it. Sometimes there are problems when switching between networks via the main tab. That is, when I choose to transfer over another network, it does not switch to the other network. In conclusion; TON Crystal Wallet is a wallet that works on the TON ecosystem, has multiple security procedures, can work in integration with many projects, and I believe it will become very common in the future. Vedi recensione completa

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TON is asking users to shape the future of the project by creating a free community network by gifting the blockchain network to the community. The TON network draws attention to 3 important points. 1) Decentralizing the network management: In this way, both users, parties, funders and investors can ensure network security. A network can be created without deception. As the security of the network increases, the community will trust each other so that the tokens on the network will appreciate and attract more users. 2) Strong partnerships: The increase in the number of partners and the fact that the partners are large companies will increase the confidence index of both the users and the market and will ensure the rapid growth of the project. 3) Procured technology: The technology provided to the project determines the security and future of the project. It also increases the attractiveness of the project. I quite like the TON blockchain architecture. Thanks to this tool(TON), you will be able to join all other projects without any problem. TON will enable projects to act jointly with other projects in case of reserve shortage, prevent severe price drops and enable faster transfers between projects. I recommend checking out their whitepapers. I checked it out and was very satisfied. I believe the project will be in a good place in the future. In conclusion; The TON project aims to increase the workability on the blockchain, to enable users to use this project in a wider area, and to expand the usage areas of the TON project by acting as a bridge between blockchain and real world projects. Vedi recensione completa

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Fabric Wholesale Direct

Fabric Wholesale Direct is a company that provides services in the clothing and fashion sector, has managed to survive in this sector, and has very different products. It has both online web stores and physical stores. I have reviewed Fabric Wholesale Direct's website in detail. There are many different and beautiful products. Especially African models are really beautiful. The products are of very high quality. I can say that the product prices are at average levels. I suggest you follow Fabric Wholesale Direct's social media accounts. Because they share discount coupons and promotional products on their social media accounts. For more than 30 years, it is a company that can respond to customers' requests in this sector. It is a company that delivers both internationally and within the US. There are 2 shipping options. Standard shipping and Fast shipping. You can choose the fast shipping option by paying extra money. They also work with 3 different cargo companies. You can return the product you purchased from Fabric Wholesale Direct. You can return the purchased product within 14 calendar days. There are some conditions for returning the product: 1) Do not damage the product. 2) Do not wash the product. 3) Label must not be removed. 4) Do not lose the invoice of the product. 5) Do not break/tear the packaging of the product. Note that some items cannot be returned due to Cvd19. You can find detailed information about the return policy on their website. You earn points as you spend. 500points = $5. Your first purchase after becoming a member of Fabric Wholesale Direct will be 10% off. As a result; Fabric Wholesale Direct is a company with a premium product quality that has been serving in this industry for years and has managed to satisfy its customers. Vedi recensione completa

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It must be interesting to produce new currency !

NXT is an open source, developable project. Most cryptocurrencies are bitcoin-based, but NXT is not bitcoin-based. It attracts a lot of attention as it is the first digital money supply of the crypto money world. The most interesting feature: users can create new money within the system. So you can not only produce crypto money, but also generate a new currency. This is really interesting! It is written in Java coding and is treated as a 2nd generation coin. The more NXT coins you have, the more coins you can produce in the future. So it is proportional.Vedi recensione completa

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I want to love this system !

When we talked about the Ardor project, we separated it as main account and sub account. Here is Ardor as main account and Ignis as sub account. One of the most prominent features of Ignis: it attaches great importance to the security of personal data (compared to others). This is one of the main reasons that attract users to the system. The Ignis system wants to take part in all areas where credit cards are used. Also, you can work with many companies (companies) on the Ignis system. This is a really useful system feature. If Ignis is developed as desired, I believe the system will grow. But of course we cannot say anything definite about the future. We can only guess.Vedi recensione completa

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