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Bonpay EUR Card

Generally speaking, Bonpay cards are the most complete on the market, they are available in more than 130 countries with multiple fiat currencies available. But focusing only on its EUR version, This is a Mastercard card, its use in points of sale does not present problems since it is accepted inVedi recensione completa

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Paycent USD

There is not much to talk about the Paycent cards, but about certain benefits that they loaned me. I used this card for a few months since I was looking for one that would suit my needs, but what I liked least about it is that it only supports Bitcoin, which is very limited since I use other crypVedi recensione completa

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BitForex is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange platform present in more than 180 countries, one of the things that I am inclined to use this exchange for is the possibility of buying Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT with my VISA or Mastercard credit card . This exchange has multiple pairs of cryVedi recensione completa

piixpay logo


Although Piixpay was created in 2014, it presents an innovative format for the cryptocurrency industry, it is basically an exchange that allows you to convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat money to pay bills, specifically in Euros. There are important features in Piixpay, one of them is that itVedi recensione completa

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CryptoPay USD

Cryptopay is a VISA card that mainly supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. That it is a VISA card means it is accepted in most of the shops and online stores. In this review I will focus mainly on the rates that Cryptopay presents since they seem very interesting to me; Cryptopay's Vedi recensione completa

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Advcash EUR

Advcash, like Wirex, offers different cards depending on the fiat currencies they use, they share some characteristics but focusing on the Adscash EUR, it is a debit card that allows its users to pay with their bitcoin assets. One point to note in this review is that this card is not available toVedi recensione completa

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Wirex USD

Wirex has for some time presented different debit cards, one of them in the USD, which ironically is not available to residents of the United States but is present in more than 190 countries. Wirex currently supports about 10 cryptocurrencies where Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin stand out, it is Vedi recensione completa

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Lately I have been interested in different debit and credit cards with which I can pay in cryptocurrencies, and one of the ones that has caught my attention the most is the ANXPRO card, it is certainly not available in different countries but with the help of colleagues and friends in the world I haVedi recensione completa

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Let's talk about the Augur platform, it is a website with blockchain technology based on the Ethereum network, it is basically known as a new form of bookmakers, It is worth clarifying that it is not an online casino, it is simply a platform where users can bet on certain predictions in different Vedi recensione completa

revain logo

Revain, well, I have been using this platform for about six months and the truth has helped me to a certain extent to venture into what I like, journalism and article editing. Mainly the platform is excellent, The option to express yourself freely about a project as important as Bitcoin and other Vedi recensione completa

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Coinomi, one of the most...

Coinomi, one of the most widespread wallets within cryptocurrencies holders and which has achieved the highest reputation. Coinomi support as a wallet is one of the largest in the entire market. They can work with up to 125 Blockchain networks and provides support for 382 tokens. Among the currencVedi recensione completa

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Ledger Nano X

I was looking for options of a hardware wallet compatible with my digital assets and with high security and decided to thoroughly investigate Ledger Nano X. Mainly it caught my attention that it will incorporate Bluetooth and compatibility with mobile devices for both android and iOS. Ledger hasVedi recensione completa logo

MXC Exchange

MXC is another very complete exchange platform, is present in more than 70 countries and maintains active comfort on its social networks.  I started to use MXC as an alternative, I get my attention mainly because it offers multiple pairs of cryptocurrencies available, Bitcoin, Litecoin and EthereVedi recensione completa

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World of Ether.

I did a lot of research on World of Ether before playing it, but I really liked it a lot. I have played different character and card placement games, I am a fan of Pokémon Go and Clash Royale, I found World of Ether quite interesting since you bought similarities with these games, Unlike this one Vedi recensione completa

noobpool logo


Noobpool or Nanopool is a simple mining group perfect for lovers of the Ethereum network, since in it you can mine Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Monero, Pascal, Raven and Grin29. It offers good customer service with great capacity to solve any problem quickly, The mining fee is 1% and it alsVedi recensione completa

coinfoundry logo


Coinfoundry presents different high-quality features in cryptocurrency mining, but still being on the market since 2017, it records little Hash volume and number of miners.  This is a group of miners available worldwide with servers in different important countries, Coinfoundry offers Bitcoin, LiVedi recensione completa

taurion logo


The aspects that made me start in the futuristic world of Taurion were different, Mainly because it is an open source Decentralized game that uses Blockchain technology. The design it presents is spectacular, the cars and buildings are of high quality, that is something I am looking for to make a Vedi recensione completa

hotbit logo

Careful with Hotbit

We go from the good to the fatal of HotBit. In principle the exchange is presented on its website as "The world leader among cryptocurrency trading platforms" focusing on "Efficiency, Flexibility, Variety, stability and Security ", I repeat according to the website. More than 500 cryptocurrenciesVedi recensione completa

vindax logo


In my opinion, the VinDAX exchange platform is one of the most complete currently, presenting multiple features that make it attract the attention of new users. Among the benefits of this exchange is a general commercial rate of 0.05%, but apart from their VinDAX fees, there are multiple trading pVedi recensione completa

foxbit logo

Something to FoxBit

Foxbit is a small Brazilian exchange that allows the purchase and sale of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This exchange offers a quick registration. It also offers deposits on available and Real cryptocurrencies. The deposit minimums are considered good, since in Real it is 20, in Bitcoin itVedi recensione completa

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I am Venezuelan, I am 25 years old, my goal is to reach the venture I am looking for, create my brand.

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