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Lattice Performance Management

I love how easy it was to use and navigate through this software! It has been so helpful in our daily operations with tracking employee time/timesheets and keeping track of vacation days. The interface isn't very intuitive at first but once you get used to it, it's great! We have not found any downsides yet. This program should be considered if your looking for an all around HR system. Tracking timesheet data and making sure everyone gets paid fairly and accurately as well as ensuring we are using up all available PTO before someone leaves us. Vedi recensione completa

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I like that it is easy to create new pages for each action, so there are no links from one page back up into another if you make an edit or update at some point down stream in time - even though all of your work will be stored as separate items within My Actions library! It makes managing actions more efficient when creating multiple versions (and keeping them organized). We use this tool daily by our team members who do content management projects with us; we've been very happy using their product since its inception several years ago but have not found any specific flaws yet other than perhaps they should add "create" button next right under save? The ability quickly see what has changed between two points along my timeline/storyline would help me keep track better too. Vedi recensione completa

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Jelli SpotPlan

The ability for our sales team to create, manage, measure, track and report against their performance metrics is fantastic! We have not found any issues with this tool yet but if there were we would be in contact immediately. I highly recommend giving it some time as well because sometimes things are new so take your time getting used too them before making drastic changes or adding features that may cause confusion down the road. Tracking all of my client’s accounts from one place has been very convenient and easy to use.Vedi recensione completa logo

The user interface is very simple as well! I love that they provide several filters so one can easily find websites with good content or ones just not fit their needs at all - but still be able tto block them from showing up in ads/results pages of search engines like google & yahoo etc.. No problems here!! This service has been extremely helpful when we want our adwords results clean without being shown any bad links (or other unwanted). It's also great because now i don't have go around finding different ways how my competitors are getting there traffic through "bad" methods which sometimes leads us into trouble later :D Thanks again guys. If someone wants an option between quality vs quantity then this might help out :) You will only get targeted visitors if people click those link firstly ;). Vedi recensione completa

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Markers Unique Colors T Shirt Set Double Ended

While sorting through the closet with things, I found a lot of old and worn T-shirts, which, in principle, should have been sent to rags a long time ago, but as a creative person, I decided to give them a new life. There were many options on the Internet, and I came across Japanese marvy markers. It intrigued me and I decided to try it. I bought markers in the store world of sewing at Baumanskaya. To begin with, I chose several colors (yellow, red, orange) for the experiment, the price is about 250 rubles. The seller advised me to also buy a marker for marking, its price varied within 150 rubles. Later, I really bought some more colors, and the markup turned out to be just magic; now you don’t have to suffer with remnants and chalk! And I did not regret it - it's just a godsend. To begin with, I applied a sketch with a marker for marking, and after I started to paint, bright, saturated lines. And most importantly, after washing, the pattern remains in place - checked! Thus, these markers will breathe new life into old and forgotten things. And also give uniqueness to new ones. Now there is no limit to my imagination, forward to experiments. Definitely recommend! Vedi recensione completa

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I love that it works with all our marketing channels to deliver messages at just about any point during their journey through each channel - whether they are looking for information or engaging more deeply within one particular experience (eCommerce/In Store). The interface can be difficult if you're not used to using multiple platforms simultaneously but this could easily improve over time as we continue developing features across other parts of intenda's platform like social media management etc.- there isn't anything specific i dislike so far however my team has been able to develop new integrations between various tools which was something requested by users- these have helped make day job easier!Vedi recensione completa

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The ease of use as well as its simplicity has made it extremely easy for me to upload my video productions online. I have used other software but this one definitely offers more than what i was expecting from such an affordable price range! Nothing at all really - everything seems perfect so far especially when you're looking to get your first client which would otherwise cost quite a bit in hiring professional videographers or photographers if not done right by yourself with no experience whatsoever. Great tool to gain exposure without having too much investment needed- simply share links & create social media posts where ever applicable.Vedi recensione completa

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All in one dashboard, easy to use platform that has all our needs at hand!The support team responds really fast too with any question we might have about their product they are always willing even ready when needed!! I would like if it was possible add another payment option as PayPal but this will not be hard or expensive process just wishfullness :) It's great tool because of its versatility which allows us managing many types campaigns across multiple platforms (Facebook ads) while having detailed reports from every campaign within minutes after being launched making sure nothing goes wrong along way towards success ;) I love how easy it was to set up my first campaign, as well its very user-friendly platform! It's also super intuitive once you get used to using their app/platform - there are some minor quirks here &there but nothing that makes me not want use this anymore (and we've been testing out multiple platforms). The ability of being able to see all traffic sources from your campaigns in one place helps us keep track of our ROI more accurately than ever before. Vedi recensione completa

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How easy it is to access through web or app. What I really like about this site is their support team. I've tried all of the tracking platforms and they were so much better at what they do. They make sure to go above and beyond to help you any way they can. Nothing in particular but just overall their customer service makes me feel like I'm doing business with them. Tracking multiple sites for my online store and this is by far the best tracking software out there. They are constantly improving the features and making everything more user friendly. I like how easy it is to use. The fact that there's no need for any prior knowledge about this platform is very convenient as well. There isn't anything I dislike at all so far. Honestly, I would highly recommend Anstrex because they've been extremely helpful when dealing with my business needs. I'm able to track user behavior online which has allowed me to build trust with them. Vedi recensione completa

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The ability to easily create an email list of people who are interested in our products, which helps us reach out to them much more effectively than other marketing methods we attempted before using this product. It's not as easy to use when you're trying to set your own tracking codes for each individual client or customer so they can be used with Analytics 360 instead of just using tags for general audiences. It would also help if there was some way to export data to Excel files rather than having to download it all at once into something like Google Sheets. We have had success reaching new customers through this program by creating targeted lists within the system that will allow us to send emails directly to those individuals' inboxes. Vedi recensione completa

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