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BITYARD! Personally, I am very particular and conscious about the cryptocurrency exchange platforms I make use of as a cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader. There are too many cryptocurrency trading platforms out there these days and one must be very careful in order to avoid scam operations and loss of funds. That being said, I have engaged with Bityard for quite a while now and what I can say is that the Bityard exchange is still one of the best and most simple cryptocurrency exchange to use. I love the interface because it is very easy to use, unlike other crypto exchange. Also using the exchange through the web app is very fluid and uncomplicated. I remember that when I used it, I didn’t experience any of the usual lagging that is common with other high-end web-based applications. The fees involved in transactions are very user-friendly and affordable which is a very attractive feature of the Bityard Exchange. As a matter of fact, I made my cryptocurrency exchanges on Bityard I barely raised an eyebrow because it was all so comfortable. Although it is true that Bityard is not as popular and commonly used as other bigger cryptocurrency exchanges I will still recommend Bityard to any new trader looking for a simple and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange platform, like Bityard. Visa and MasterCard are accepted payment options and this makes things relatively easier. There are also over 400 cryptocurrency trading pairs to pick from and this is a very pleasing variety. Additionally, you can download the mobile app from playstore. One interesting feature of the Bityard Exchange is the newly added USDT margined perpetual futures, and even the CFD trading option. This is a very good initiative, and I am yet to engage with these new features. Another feature I love about the Bityard Exchange is that users have the opportunity to mine BYD. This is a relatively new feature i the exchange platform, and I’m really excited to mine BYD. I can only hope that the coin will achieve utility and price status in the nearest future because the exchange definitely has great plans for BYD. I currently have mined some BYD and I’m hoping to increase my holdings over time and keep mining as long as I can. For new-time users, there are lots of bonuses and this is really attractive to multiple traders. When I completed KYC I was also given cryptocurrency bonuses. On Bityard there is a copy trade option that really makes trading very easy. I have used this option before, so I should know. About the security of the platform, Bityard is pretty secure. From the phone and email binding of the use of passwords and pin, I think it’s very secure. Bityard's mystery box also adds to the fun of trading on the exchange platform. I am highly expectant of Bityard’s progress in the future and in the global cryptocurrency community. I hope to see more growth and expansion that will bring Bityard to the big leagues. I am also very interested in BYD as well and can’t wait to see more news on the exchange's native cryptocurrency. Bityard’s roadmap for this year and subsequent o is very promising so I can confidently say that Bityard Exchange is one of the best trading exchanges any trader will want to make use of, and enjoy numerous benefits. 전체 리뷰보기

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Disrupt Motion

A. Have you noticed you prefer watching a movie adaptation of a book or a video representation of a written content rather than reading the book or the written content itself? B. Have you experienced easily remembering a scene from a movie rather than remembering a line of text from a book? This is because, as humans, we are more moved by what we can see than any other medium of information engagement, which is why most people find it more interesting to watch a movie adaptation of a book, rather than the reading book itself. Or watching a video representation of a content rather than skimming through lines of text trying to get the information being passed across. The former [Movie Adaptation/ Video Representation] is a visual and audio representation of the information being passed across, while the latter [The Book/ Written Content] involves visually reading lines of text, to which understanding the information being passed across is dependent on the knowledge level of the reader. Also, you find it easier remembering a scene from a movie, rather than remembering a line of text from a book, because, inasmuch as both are visual mediums of engaging information, one medium involves both visual and auditory engagements, which means audience and listeners have the opportunity of engaging the information being passed across via both visual and audio means, while the other is basically just written words. Taking advantage of this natural human tendency in the area of marketing, branding and advertisement for Cryptocurrency and DeFi based projects is what Disrupt Motion is all about. The Mission The primary mission of Disrupt Motion is focused on the expansion of Cryptocurrency adoption by helping projects scale through their Growth Process by utilizing creative visual animations to produce attention grabbing contents that'll foster mass adoption, which in turn increases the profit value of these projects to the general public. The Vision Like all visions are future-centered, the vision of Disrupt Motion is focused on becoming a creative giant in the future of DeFi and the Cryptocurrency, by setting a strong standard in the production of creative animations and video contents, as well as strategies for public engagement. Disrupt Motion aims to accomplish its Mission and Vision by; Creating attention catching visual animations and contents. Disrupt Motion takes advantage of this human tendency of preferring Motion Pictures to words by creating creative contents in form of animations and videos, that are visually appealing. Utilizing Modern video production techniques to help different project reach and adopt its target audience and users. Their Services Having had their services tested and trusted for over a decade, with more than a thousand clients and hundreds of projects satisfied in their products. Disrupt motion offers its quality services in 3 significant phases of projects; Pre-Launch & PreSale, Public Sale, Post Launch. Their video content creation also comes in 3 unique forms; Two dimensional [2D] Animations, Live Action stock footage videos and Live Action homemade videos, all perfectly crafted and tailored with creative contents suited for specific projects and its target audience at a particular phase in its growth. Disrupt Motion also ensures they stay ahead of competitors by possessing the following qualities; By providing interesting video contents, they aim to attract not only end users but also long term investors, creating a vibrant community engagement in the process. The standard pricing level to acquiring their services is competitive yet affordable to those who know the value of the High Quality Creative Video Contents being produced. Disrupt Motion keeps track of each services rendered from beginning to the end, in order to get feedbacks that will lead to more improvement on their part, which means they seek to continually improve with each project they undertake. In conclusion, Disrupt Motion is an innovative project that features a unique approach of utilizing creative video contents in the aspect of branding and marketing, in order to help projects attract their target audience and gain mass adoption. While ensuring that I was well informed about this project before giving my review, I discovered that their social media presence is not that satisfying at all, in fact I might call it disappointing. It doesn't have a specified community, the CEO only has 6 followers on Twitter and the Discord channel only has a little over 50 members, a symbol that contradictory with a project that claims to have a decade of experience and completed hundreds of projects, satisfying over a thousand clients in the process. Even the project's Vimeo account only has 26 videos uploaded in total. This shows lack of transparency in this aspect, or probably a deliberate attempt in misinforming the public in order to attract clients. I see Disrupt Motion becoming a project of great impact in the cryptocurrency space, just as stated in its Vision, because of its intriguing use-case, but only if it dots all necessary 'I's and cross all necessary 'T's. 전체 리뷰보기

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My first take on this project was not all too pleasing when I heard that there are KYC requirements to sign up on the platform because personally, I find KYC procedures a stressful one although the verification processes differs for all platforms, so some might not be as strenuous and time consuming as others. I visited the Roobee platform to know more about the services it provides and it's place in the cryptospace and I have to say that the interface was simple, well arranged and attractive so I was further motivated and interested to peruse the platform. I discovered that one of the aim of Roobee as a cryptocurrency project is to help build investment portfolios using cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Pre-IPOs and other events and aspect in the cryptospace. Roobee also features a wide array of investment products and one interesting part to this is that one can invest with as low as $10, which I find very helpful and considerate to people with low capital who wants to engage in the Roobee investment products. The payment system on the Roobee platform is very easy and simple. For anyone interested in any of the investment products and willing to participate, there's the means of payments through debit/credit cards using fiat currencies and also through cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and USDT. In my search on the platform, I found out that the Roobee project has its own native token which is the ROOBEE token. The ROOBEE token is meant to act as a fuel to the Roobee ecosystem and help in interacting easily with the platform. The ROOBEE token helps in participating in priority allocations, masternodes/staking/farming, it also gives the holders the advantages of reduced fees and the opportunities of getting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The Roobee project has partnerships with some popular cryptocurrency projects such as Chainlink, Trustwallet, Changelly, BitGo and others. These partnerships have helped improve the Roobee ecosystem and are still helping in further improving it. Finally, my take on the Roobee project is that I see it has one project that will change the way investments are made in general. 전체 리뷰보기

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StealthEX is an exchange platform, one with little popularity in the crypto space, I'm sure a lot of people don't know about this exchange, who knows maybe it's because the exchange I'd named Stealth 😅. So, first point of note is for the exchange to work on their popularity, advertise and market themselves and the services they provide to the public so that more users will be attracted to the platform. StealthEX popularity is really low for a project that wants to succeed and the fact that it is an exchange means it can't succeed without much usage of the platform, there has to be a level of daily inflow of capitals and transactions on any exchange for it to solidify its existence in the crypto space. It has a nice interface, simple design and very easy to navigate. Users only need to login or signup in the case of a new user, click a few buttons and exchange their preferred digital assets with other supported digital assets, just like we swap tokens with each other on prominent DEXs we use. Another point of note, is that most popular cryptocurrencies are supported on the exchange, including those you wouldn't expect from an exchange of its caliber. From the popular coins and tokens you and I are familiar with [BTC, USDT, ETH, TRX, DAI, XRP, etc], to Metaverse tokens, NFT project tokens and Fan Tokens [ ATM, ACM], including tokens of projects under different network chains, most of them are listed on the StealthEX platform, which is one of the positive points of note. Another very interesting feature I discovered is that the tokens supported on this platform can be exchanged to each other. For instance, I can exchange/swap a BSC token directly to an ETH token without first converting it into any stablecoin, which is technically not supposed to be possible because they're on 2 different network chains, and is only meant be possible through bridging. I also noticed that there are other Networks version of a token, for instance 1Inch is an ETH token, there's a token with 1InchBSC on the exchange with is the BSC variation of the 1Inch token. StealthEX platform has an affiliate program that rewards users who invite other users to the platform, which is another common means of publicity in the crypto space and a medium for users to earn rewards, by doing. A win-win situation for both the Exchange and its users. Not only can you Exchange cryptocurrencies with each other, you can also make purchases with fiat currencies, like the US Dollar, Euro, Turkish Lira, and others. In conclusion, StealthEX platform has innovative features, and even supposed solutions to the problems and stress of bridging from one Network to another Network. The only flaw is that the platform and itsy services are not popular and that's on the platform's marketing team. 전체 리뷰보기

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Wodo Network

Wodo Network is one of the countless other projects in the cryptocurrency space with the aim of making blockchain adoption simple and easy. Wodo Network is not a popular project so it's very likely that a lot of people don't know about it so I'll be doing justice to that, by shedding more light on the intricacies of the Wodo Network and the services it provides in the course of this review and sharing my honest subjective opinion on the project as a whole. First and foremost, the aim of the project, which is to accelerate adoption of Blockchain technology, the Metaverse, and NFTs for interested projects is fascinating although not all too unique because just like I mentioned earlier, there are other projects with similar aims. Having taken a look at Wodo Network's website in order to know more about the project, I discovered that most of the core sections of the project are still under development, although there's a timer that indicates the time these sections will be start functioning. This just goes to show that the project is not all that ready to make impact in the crypto space even with its fascinating goals and utilities, Wodo Network needs to be fully developed before it can begin to accelerate adoption of Blockchain technology and other proposed integrations, like its vision and mission states. The platform's interface is simple and very much easy for users to navigate, not all that attractive, but the simplicity of the interface in terms of design is very nice, which makes it easy to notice necessary informations about the platform without hassle. Below are some of sections and features of Wodo Network I believe makes this project fascinating, even though most are not fully functional. 1. The Wodo Platform: the platform itself is the main section of the essential pillars of the network. It serves as a Haven for other projects, products and services provided by Wodo Network. I discovered that the fact that the Wodo platform is built on a Cloud SaaS infrastructure is one of the factors that makes it easier for the project to accomplish its aim of easy blockchain adoption. 2. Next is Wodo Gaming: Just like it's been tagged, Wodo Gaming is a gaming section built on the Wodo Network, developed specifically for game developers. P2E [Play 2 Earn Games] is one of the latest trends in the crypto space, with Wodo Network, it will make it easier for NFTs and the Metaverse be integrated into any P2E Game. 3. Another important section is the Wodo Funding section: From what I've discovered, this section is mainly for any form of fundings, be it project fundings and seed fundings, it's the section that ensures that interested partners can easily provide support for Wodo Network. 4. We also have Wodo Labs: A section of in charge of the projects development and subsequent innovations. An essential pillar of the Wodo Network. I'm looking forward to more developments from this section when it becomes fully operational. 5. The Wodo Academy is one of the sections I find intriguing, because the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge cannot be overemphasized. The Academy section is all about teaching users the intricacies of the project, its products and services, and all about Blockchain technology, Metaverse and NFTs. Having listed the above sections, I believe you can all agree with me that Wodo Network is more than just a project but an Ecosystem with so much potential. Partnerships are essential to the development of any projects, and Wodo Network has not failed in that regards. Wodo is currently partnered with CoinsBit Exchange, Hawks Hunter, Lightening Network, Dama Dev. I believe more partnerships with stronger projects are bound to happen as Wodo Network develops. In conclusion, Wodo Network and it's usecases are unique in its aim to accelerate the adoption of Blockchain technology Metaverse and NFTs. Having gone through the platform, the Wodo Ecosystem has so much potential and its plans are much wider than primary aim of ensuring easy adoption. Currently, even with its high potential, this project is far from making a dent/impact in the crypto space, the developers still has a long way to go in ensuring that the utilities of this project are made into reality, and their proposed solutions a manifestation. 전체 리뷰보기

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NXT is one of the very first project developed by the Jelurida company. Launched in 2013, NXT is an open source blockchain platform and also the first cryptocurrency project to solely depend on the proof-of-stake algorithm in its operations. This I see as a landmark achieved in the cryptocurrency world as this has paved way for other projects to follow in making use of the proof-of-stake consensus. Being a Jelurida project, the success of the NXT project inspired other projects like Ardor to be developed and such projects were then built on the NXT blockchain to show and further prove the success of the project. The existence of the NXT project has shown that the technology of the blockchain network is embedded with the potential to change and transform important aspects of our day to day lives with the various projects and other decentralized applications that can be built on the blockchain network. The NXT platform has remained one of the most tested and reliable platforms in the cryptocurrency industry, With its proof-of-stake algorithm ensuring that the project is secured which has been proven over the years since its launch because the platform has never been breached, and other easy to use features available on the platform. This shows that the NXT blockchain is perfectly suitable for implementation by other projects.전체 리뷰보기

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IGNIS is the first Child-chain of the Ardor platform and since it's launch in 2018, it has played an essential part in the transactions and is responsible for every type of transaction done on the platform. The security of these transactions are ensured of by the Main-chain (Ardor) To ensure utmost privacy in its day to day operations, messages on IGNIS are secured through encryption. The transparency of IGNIS can be attested to, given the fact that all transactions are stored in a public ledger that is available for all to see. While IGNIS ensures security of its operations, it also makes sure that transactions are transparent. This proves that IGNIS is a secured and transparent project. IGNIS is not only responsible for the transactions on the Ardor platform but it is also equipped with sophisticated and advanced features such as the light weight contracts which are much more secured than the general smart contracts and privacy mechanisms as stated earlier that allows the encryption of messages. The IGNIS is also built on the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm which is more advanced than the proof-of-work algorithm and rather than mining devices, it consists of validators making this project a tokenized one. Given the fact that it also features multi signature control, it can be utilized both in the private and public. And the existence of the light weight contracts also paves way for other child-chains to be created to support the Ardor platform. IGNIS applications are accessible both on mobile devices and desktop devices, this makes the project available to the public.전체 리뷰보기

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Ardor is a multichain blockchain platform that was designed and developed by the Jelurida company to help create smaller blockchains that help in building products and services essential for growth and success of companies. These smaller blockchains are referred to as Child-chains and an example is IGNIS. Ardor platform allows both the Child-chain and Main-chain to exhibit some similar functions such as trading and voting while other functions are diversified. Jelurida, the developer of Ardor project aims to develop other open source blockchain platforms like their first project the NXT project. Ardor is expected to be the upgraded and updated version of the NXT project, the NXT 2.0 for it is based on NXT technology. And with the success of the NXT project, I see the Ardor project becoming a successful one. With the existence of both the Main-chain and Child-chain on the Ardor platform, functions and tasks are diversified. With the security of the platform solely provided by the Main-chain, while other services as regards to productions are performed by the Child-chains. Decentralization is not a new word nor is it a rare occurrence in the world of cryptocurrency, in fact decentralization is what cryptocurrency is all about and the Ardor project is not left behind in this aspect because it is a decentralized project and control is not centered in one place but decentralized. ARDR coin which is the native digital currency of the Ardor platform currently ranks 132nd on coinmarketcap. It has a circulating supply of 998,999,495 ARDR and a maximum supply 998,999,495 ARDR the same amount as its circulating supply. As at the time of this review, ARDR is priced at $0.047355 USD. ARDR is listed for trading on popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as the Binance, Okex, Huobi Global and other exchanges alike. Ardor platform operates completely on the proof-of-stake algorithm. This feature ensures that Ardor is not solely dependent on hardwares and also makes its energy efficiency indisputably high. The Ardor project has provided a road map that will guide the development of the project and also allow the public to have a clue into what the project has accomplished and what it still aims to accomplish. So far, I can say that the project is on its way to stardom since it is fulfilling everything on its road map.전체 리뷰보기

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BlueHelix Exchange (BHEX)

Firstly, I would like to say that I have visited and used other cryptocurrency exchanges and I can say that a lot of them have similar features and provide almost the same services, the only thing that stands some of these exchanges out from the rest is popularity and the confidence and trust that they've given their users overtime with the services they provide them. HBTC is one those cryptocurrency exchange we've been blessed with in the cryptospace. Generally, we know crypto exchanges as a platform that specializes in the sale, exchange and transaction of digital currencies and the services the HBTC provide is no different. Although, there are other means by which you can exchange cryptocurrencies like via wallets and swapping platforms but still I'd say from experience that there's nothing better than using a cryptocurrency exchange because it is still the primary platform for exchanging digital currencies onlike wallets that just have mini exchanges integrated into them. A visit to the HBTC exchange platform proved necessary so as to know more about the platform and hopefully become a regular user. First encounter was with the platform's interface, which I would give a 5/10 rating in terms of attractiveness but in terms of simplicity, I'll give it a 9/10. The exchange is not that attractive when you look at it compared to the other exchanges I've visited although one can say that the simplicity of the interface design goes hand in hand with the simplicity of the exchange itself, considering how simple the exchange is to use and how easy it is to navigate. On the path to hopefully becoming a regular user of the HBTC exchange, it is of neccessity that I become a registered user first. And after a successful registration, I can say that the registration process is a simple one as you only need your email address to sign up and become a registered user. The front page of the HBTC platform interface is listed with the popular cryptocurrency pairs and their current price, this will allow you to keep track of their value, so as to know when to purchase or sell off. And also trading pairs that have gained the most in 24hrs are also listed. Further navigating on the exchange, I discovered that the HBTC platform features both Spot trading, a type of trading/exchange that you can perform in regard to the market price or a specific price chosen by you and Contract trading, which is different from the spot trading in that you place a trade on a particular pair at a price and as the price increases you make profits and vice versa. I also found out that the HBTC exchange has its own native currency. Well, this isn't a shock to me, infact I'd expect nothing less because most exchanges out there also have their own native currency and I'm glad that the HBTC exchange is not exempted in this aspect. The native currency of the HBTC exchange is HBC(HBTC Captain Token). The advantage of a platform having its own native currency is that, it will be a source of revenue because as transactions are performed with the token, revenues are bound to be generated for the platform. It will also allow hodlers of the token take part in the sharing of the platform's profit thus, giving them more reasons to continually use the exchange, cementing their trust. I also noticed that there's a fiat trading section on the exchange where one can make crypto transactions with Fiat currencies but it's not working maybe it's only restricted to the mobile app users. The mobile app of the HBTC exchange is available for both Android and iOS devices on Google playstore and apple store. Also, scrolling through the exchange platform I discovered that the list of digital currencies listed on the exchange was quite numerous, ranging from the popular ones to the less popular ones. The HBTC exchange also supports the freezing of assets, should any user want to do so. In addition, I noticed that the exchange also features airdrop programs because I saw that an airdrop of a particular cryptocurrency is about to be featured on the platform. Overall, the HBTC exchange meets the requirements any user, trader want in an exchange except for the popularity though because not much people know about it, though I'm guessing this competition is an attempt to publicize the exchange. And when I'm sure when the public learns about it, they won't hesitate to try it out. I believe that the HBTC exchange has what it takes to be more if it will improve on the services it provides.전체 리뷰보기

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KuCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2017 KuCoin exchange has its own token the KCS token. Holders and users of this token are opportuned to the benefits available on this exchange platform and other various advantages. The security aspect of Kucoin exchange is not left behind, for its security system is backed up by modern innovative technologies. One of the very things that drew me to be a user of Kucoin exchange is the fact that it supports both ERC 20 tokens and TRC 20 tokens. In addition to this, I was also amazed by the user interface because it is very attractive and appealing to users. Also, I was surprised by the platform's categorization of sections for beginners and expert traders, I was very interested because this shows that the platform carries every user along. And also make it easy for beginners to learn, trade and find their feet in the Crypto space. Among all other benefits derived from this platform, there are also rewards for referrals. This means that users are rewarded for inviting people to also be a KuCoin exchange user.전체 리뷰보기

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