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ROOBEE Crypto Project At A Glance

ROOBEE is an international blockchain based Digital asset investment platform that runs on artificial intelligence which is highly transparent. It is designed to aid people in making profitable investment choice with little token of 10 dollars, with multiple choices from Cryptos, IPOs, stocks, investment funds, real estate among others. ROOBEE is a bridge builder, allowing both private and less experienced investors have equal access with old timer investors by providing viable alternatives with threshold entries to traditional investment with this little capital I found ROOBEE to be multi-faceted interms of features, I will take each features one after the other 1. ROOBEE's network: it runs on blockchain technology with solid on ground structure and permissioned model blending both public and private network of ETH and Hyperleger fabric. 2. ROOBEE'S wallet : This is a non-custodial multi-signature tech with APIs designed to provide users with seamless Crypto 3. ROOBEE'S Network Actors: these contain it's investment Platform, users, investment providers, and it's auditors. These auditors are very crucial part of the chain because the serve as the last gate keeper validating the genuineness of every transactions. ROOBEE'S ID and Asset Digitization: this is an open source library that communicates with its chain without third party interference. It is a part of Hyper ledger Fabric KPI on which you store your private key which is secure and a much more simpler alternative to KYC/ AML complex procedures. Finally it's assets digitization which is done via user's private key and ROBEE users ID. Finally I believe ROOBEE will definitely aid newbies investors and save them the pain of learning through trial and errors  전체 리뷰보기

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hJABMO is a frontliner account centred marketing and tech advancement industries with cut edge approach to developing key accounts. B2B solutions providing is JABMO stock in trade, solving evolving Challenges that come with the domain. Due to current trend and quest to bounce back from global pandemic, JABMO has developed technology and services with over 100 companies which include BD, Siemens and Millipore Sigma among others relys on JABMO to run their digital B2B marketing. Its unique feature that separates it from the pack is JABMO's depth of knowledge of the marketing challenges with Omni channel solution to ABM that is globally managed. With JAMBO you can select key accounts for ABM based on 1st party intent. It fast tracks your prioritizing key account with information on your buying research activity on your website. Also providing solutions like advertising retargeting, LinkedIn ad solutions and email. To set up my account on it for my more web was piece of cake all you will be required to provide are: your first name, last name, Business Email, Phone number, company name and website, there is a demo on this page to guide you further. JABMO will help me with my music web to generate traffic and provide me new audience across the globe. It is an award winning company which is time tested and trusted. 전체 리뷰보기

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TON Swap is a community based network also engineered by Broxus as a decentralized exchange that comes bearing convenience, satisfaction while serving as an earning platform that accommodates both expert and novice traders. To access the many benefits offered by Ton swap you will need a TON Crystal wallet which is readily available on Google chrome with your 12 seed phrase for secured log in. If you are not a new user like me all you need do is to use the WalletV3type, seed phrase and choose your owned assets and you can frictionlessly upgrade your coins matching it with the current version of smart contracts. Note that you can't do farming and liquidity provision with your regular TON, you will need to swap it for WTON. This is actually a simple process that costs you just 1 TON as transaction fee, this can also be done for your ETH tokens to TON via ETH TON Bridge. To put your WTON to good use you can choose to provide liquidity to paired token or engage in yield farming the choice is yours. My own highpoint while using TON Swap is the ease of liquidity provision, not matter your experience level with blockchain technology you can do it without breaking a sweat. As of now it has wel over 8 authenticated farming pools to stake in with over 20 million dollars locked in the pools that are steadily raising by the minute,with actrative ADYs selecting the pool and imputing your LP token through your crystal wallet happen in the speed of thought. It is also good to know that TON Swap shares reward on daily basis which is very good for me and a motivation to step up my staking volume regularly. Now! Is your own turn to get farming or provide liquidity with TON Swap. 전체 리뷰보기

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Octus Bridge

TON Bridge is designed by Broxus to link protocols of the Ethereum blockchain with that of free TON. This linkage as given Crypto currency investors the opportunity to manage and store their funds making use of Free TON Bridge while transferring their funds from one network to another. To make this frictionless, a Bridge token is in place that will run the administrative decentralized autonomous organization. Another major advantage with bridge is voting right granted to users for certain administrative decisions as it concerns the Free TON Bridge. Your amount own will determine your influence in such decision, However users with at least 2 percent of the available unit in the market and in circulation are empowered to make suggestion for change. Aside been part of the decision makers Bridge token allows users to become an active part of the network with 100 thousand Bridge can bridge validator that is a node of the Network the gives the needed liquidity for operation to function. A decentralized TON Bridge could also be seen as an analogue of a decentralized bank from the business model approach on the Free TON ecosystem. My personal experience with the Free TON Crystal Wallet has given me the audacity to encourage everyone to use it and it's other features like TON Bridge. 전체 리뷰보기

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EVER Wallet

The unique make ups of an outstanding Crypto wallet are: security, affordability, interoperability and speed. TON crystal wallet offers you all the aforementioned and many more. Here's why I said so. TON crystal wallet is a google chrome browser extension, which gives you a platform to access your seed phrases, wallet and both private and public keys without having to exit your browser. Not just these It also allows users import thier existing keys, creation of new ones and puts you also in charge of how you fraternise with dApps, Dexes, multisignatures and bridges. TON crystal wallet is a fully ungraded fashion of the famous desktop crystal wallet but with a more user friendly interface with speed of thought speed and security that top notch. It connects you without breaking a sweat via its Free TON API, into all Web DOM, blockchain and smart contracts. On TON wallet your privacy and sensitive information security is guaranteed this is simply because the website doesn't require from you any data and your permission is sought to read or write on any webpage. You can get started by accessing It on chrome web store, and it is also available for windows, Linux, Marcos while fastracking fast and safe blockchain ecosystem without any need for middlemen. Creating my account on Ton Crystal wallet was the fastest and easiest in all my experiences with cryptocurrency wallets, all you need do to get started is the click the create my wallet prompt, then you will see a 24 recovery phrase, do well to keep in a place only you can access, then you input your desired password and you are good to go just click receive, to view your wallet address. It is that easy. A trail will definitely convince you.전체 리뷰보기

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Free TON Network is a people interaction driven blockchain DeFi governance Tech, it was lunched in May 2020. On it users can connect,grow,earn and make contribution through its diverse offers presented on its web. NFT projects and transact you can get linked to Grand Bazar, Crypto numiz and Nifi all just a click away from its web. Through its wallet you can send, receive exchange crypto with links to TON surf,kilox and Extra TON. Tonlive and explore aids your monitoring of transactions statistics,plus data in real time and from anywhere so long there is internet access. Developers and programmers are not left out from its packages and benefits: because it offers an ecosystem to learn,grow, improve and share with its open source tools like ZKP solutions,Fast integration, TON OS, TON lab repositioning, Developers site and through its telegram platforms like SDF community among others. Free TON also provides analytics and news about contest and partnership and you can without stress follow latest news and announcement via its multifarious resources. Free TON has helped me meet my cryptocurrencies needs like information about the market and evolving trends in the Crypto community. I will equally suggest to the Free TON Developer to make very visible the signup feature on its website전체 리뷰보기

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Ethereum the next big thing after Bitcoin

when talking about a cryptocurrency that has carve a niche for itself and built a reputation in the crypto world, Ethereum ranks high among the perk It is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and second only to Bitcoin. Ethereum is a decentralized open block chain with smart contract functionality feature Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain world over which operates on cross platform OS proposed in 2013 and went live on 30 July 2015, with 72 million coins premiered The Ethereum Virtual Machine( EVM) as the capacity to execute Turing complete scripts and runs decentalized application With Ethereum's current rising market value your next investment stop should be it because I am not going to miss this gold mine.전체 리뷰보기

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Ignis was lunched by developers 4 years back as a child chain on Ardor blockchain platform which is absolutely a PoS and highly scalable that is unuseful data are automatically esponged. With Ignis you can make account settings, issue Assets globally,issue stateless lightweight contracts and seamlessly swap tokens, digital Assets and coins. Best part for me on Ignis is that it is permissionless,so everyone can use it without limitations. Ignis fastracks payments prescheduling, polls setup, issuing tokens, crowd funding and trading on decentralized Exchange, you need to know that decentralized Exchanges are secure and are time tested to be hack Your wheeling and dealing via digital market Platform, exchanging messages on a secure ecosystem and payment of dividend are just a click away on Ignis via API or through your wallet. In terms of security, Ignis affords you the opportunity to add a layer of protection to your customized Ardor account which automatically approve all outgoing transactions it is quite similar to 2Factor Authentication protocol but it only runs on blockchain also you issues are done with speed of thought and singleton assets are built in right on it. You can access Ignis's services on mobile devices both Android and iOS devices alike. I strongly recommend Ignis to you and yours. 전체 리뷰보기

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Ardor is the baby of NXT and it runs on its Security protocol and Tech. It is a scalable blockchain service and business facilitator developed by Jelurida and was founded some four years ago. It has a unique architecture that provides an ecosystem that allows company to build their apps, products and services via its child chain Ardor like Nxt makes use of proof consensus Algorithm that has removed mining competition and nodes using amazingly low energy and economical gears. I believe it is designed to provide solutions to bottle necks in the industry currently like blockchain bloat, one token dependency and desire for seamless and uniquely adaptible blockchain solutions Its PoS is 100 percent functional useful to both private and public implementation and the best part is you get to use on desktop and mobile devices. It also runs an ecosystem that stands out and operates independently, its child chain for instance has its own token and all its built in features allowing addition of permissioning if you so like it. I liked the fact that all its child chain are interlinked while their token can be seamlessly traded on decentralized coExchanges which from my experience are safe and hack proof, hence other objects like currencies,properties accounts and assets can be accessed frictionlessly from any child chain. Its scalability aids easy pruning of no longer needed child chain transactions while their hash are embedded in the parent chain. The following companies have proven the viabilities of Ardor namely: Ignis,Ardorgate, BitSwift, Max Property Groups, Traffic among others. A trail will definitely get you hooked to Ardor. 전체 리뷰보기

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I have always had my reservations for Exchanges coming from Turkey. My bias is stemed from no other point but from my experience most Exchanges from this place are fake. However BITEXCLUSIVE is different. It won't really surprise you as credence to this fact is that REV Token Is listed on this platform. Bitexclusive is an exchange that provides order books that is highly liquid facilitating Seamless exchange of BTC, ETH, Tether, Litecoin, Ripple among others at minimum slippage. It has on it 16 coins and over 30 trading pairs and the most active pairs on it are BTC/USDT. It is a Turkey based digital assets exchange lunched in 2018, a multi-lingual platform supporting English, Turkish and Deutsch Bitexclusive has a reported 24hrs volume of 4268220 dollars with 0 dollar estimated real volume. You need to equally know is a centralized exchange, well I prefer decentralized ones because they are more secure and privacy guaranteed. Premised on Expertseport and Algorithm facts it has low rating interms of confidence. US residents can equally trade on this PLATFORM.  SECURITY All Its data are transmitted via an encrypted transport layer of security (TLS) on Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It claims to secure users fund in cold storage with a multi-signature tech. Well from my experience cold storage is better because it is offline and hack proof. You will need to go through the two factor authentication protocol for your withdrawal or any change initiated in your account settings. FEES  It charges a flat fee of 0.20 percent per trade which is slightly lower than global industry average. There is also a speculated zero- free trading on BTC, ETH, and USDT. For withdrawal it is fixed and varies from Crypto to Crypto. DEPOSIT METHOD It accepts wire deposit but not through credit cards. New commer trader can equally use this platform via wire transfer please note. Support It's is web-based and available round SIGNUP BITEXCLUSIVE exchange sign up process is quite easy, I was only required to present my email address, desired password that you need to repeat, then click the terms and conditions box then you are good to go. RECOMMENDATION YOU SHOULD DO A THOROUGH RESEARCH BEFORE TRADING ON THIS EXCHANGE 전체 리뷰보기

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