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About Communitycoins

We are a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with different initiatives for different communities and this is a starting point for joining our forces and cooperate. We think communitycoins are a special class of cryptocoins that are/should be driven by a community and are typical grassroots organizations, as opposed to centralized ICO's and institutional initiatives.

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Communitycoins: An idea that is set up to truly make digital assets community-driven

The main fact that I firmly believe is that digital assets are not set up to acquire personal riches at the expense of others (poor), it is about the preservation and equal circulation of wealth to…See more

Community coin is not just meant for the community alone.

Putting up different unique ideas together to create a comfortable community where investors and even brokers can trust and perform trade environment from any point where the are living in with…See more

Building a secured, sustainable and adequate community for the Communitycoin Project

Ever since the introduction of the blockchain Technology to the world, many projects under it were decentralized, except for few. These decentralized projects doesn't depend on the government for…See more


The communitycoins project is one of the most ambitious that has been presented in the market because the coins are managed by the same users making the community currency As its name says, this…See more

Building A Great Community For The Communitycoin Project

Just as it's name implies, Communitycoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is dependent on a large community. Just like great companies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, their community is…See more

It would not be wrong to call the advertising company of the crypto world.

Like some projects, this project supports the blockchain world. Let's talk about this project now. When I entered the website, I came across complicated articles. Since I could not learn much from…See more

Rooty: The Server of a Great Community of Coins and Values

Rooty, as it is really called, is a company centered on a whole. It means it is a project that provides supportive assistance to different fields of the blockchain world, but it is not identified as…See more

Communitycoins: crypto currencies for communities

Community project whose objective is the use of cryptomonedas in local communities for multiple uses. The initiative seems to me very good and even more so in view of the exhaustion and weaknesses…See more

Project to end the globalization of cryptocurrencies

This crypto project is different from the others we currently encounter. This is an initiative to empower people and communities with community currencies that are different cryptocurrencies than…See more


Today I will talk about Communitycoins, a project from the projects section. I had the opportunity to use the project for about 3 days to talk about Communitycoins. So we can move on to my review…See more