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Review on MesChain by Robiul Islam

Availability of personnel and production facilities.

What we should know about Meschain?

It is a product of Genesis Crypto technology. It offers manufacturing companies the distinct advantages of blockchain technology while maintaining the highest level of security. It can help production companies document their activities in real-time, from one step to the beginning of the production process. Further, if it fully incorporated by manufacturing business, can use its blockchain technology to track stock records, materials and equipment wear, and tears, working hours, current numbers of staff more effectively with less human resources.

Your and my question is: Why MesChian?

It provides second-to-none operational operations in terms of execution execution systems, and serves as a trouble-solving avenue based on blockchain technology, which is what manufacturing companies need. Each member of this system has a unique access key that cannot even be accessed by platform managers. Thus, the reliability of the system has increased. It has an included guarantee system that allows any problem to be handled quickly. As a result, it aims to launch its service in the textile industry, but by the outstanding nature of allowing business owners to take full responsibility for their business and record their innovations in one place at a minimal cost, it will never be spread across the board for use in other industries.

Meschain Team.

There is a lot of misinformation about Meschain team, I personally checked the linkedin profile of each member of the team and I feel genuine. The team is one of the hardest working groups who cares about investors and maintains everything properly.

So far, some great successes of Meschain.

Partnering with some of the top companies like Perhalic, Bitrolounge. Listed on CMC, Vindax and Cointiger. It has been added to the blockfolio, which is one of the most popular portfolio trackers. They're developing its software for the Textile industry.

Overall, It's a great project I don't easily give a project 5 star I gave this project because after reading the whitepaper, I think this project can create a stir in the crypto space but I’d recommend following the project or at least keeping an eye on their development progress.

Pros & cons

  • Their main purpose is to minimize the cost of entrepreneurs to store and control all data by storing all data on the blockchain.
  • Their system allows rapid analysis and makes the right decisions at the right time.
  • They are trying to create fast and error free system where people can earn by reducing their costs.
  • This is a great and revolutionary project that will enable entrepreneurs to control and analyze their ventures in one place and at affordable cost.
  • It will provide huge benefits and information for investors and users with its initiation and advancement, creating a sophisticated product that will come to mind as the first choice in all industries using blockchain infrastructure.
  • It offers entrepreneurs the ability to operate much faster than other automation systems and with a 15 percent production increase offered by other automation software, besides entrepreneurs will be able to receive and send payment at more favorable prices.
  • It has begun to dominate the world and is providing benefits for users in many areas.
  • To be honest I have no real concern about Meschain right now, They are heading in the right direction. If I had to have a major concern, it wouldn’t be anything to do with the fundamentals of Meschain.